Even Though He Hasn’t Visited Ohio State, TreVeyon Henderson Has Become One of the Top Leaders in the Buckeyes – Eleven Warriors

Posted: July 4, 2020 at 4:52 pm

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While the rest of us are sitting around binge-watching movies, Netflix shows and old games, TreVeyon Henderson hasnt had much time or interest for that.

Instead, the Ohio State running back commit has been diving nose-first into the written word.

When he hasnt beenbusy with his three-times-a-day workout load, Henderson hasread several books over the past few months. On Tuesday afternoon, the five-star prospects latest page-turner was Grant Cardones Be Obsessed or Be Average, a motivational book recommended to him by Hopewell (Va.) assistant coach Greg Taylor about how the self-made millionaire Cardone created a better life for himself.

It teaches you to be your best and how to set your goals and achieve those goals of what you wanna do and what you wanna be like dont let anybody get in the way of that, Henderson told Eleven Warriors.

Henderson is already a forward-thinking and motivated person one who has worked his way into becoming the top dog among 2021 running backs, one who is continually putting in work to maintain that status and one who wants to winthree national championships when he gets to Ohio State.

Those types of goals and the motivation to work for them are a couple traits that Henderson says the Buckeyes look for in their players.

Its hard to explain it but its essentially being elite and not being average, said Henderson when asked what the coaching staff wants in its players. Thats basically the message. Ohio State wants elite people that wanna be great. They dont want average. They want people who wanna be great and who wanna be leaders and wanna show other people the way.

That message from Ryan Day, Tony Alford and Co. falls perfectly in line with the message from Hendersons latest reading expedition.

And a leader isprecisely what Hendersonsbecome.

Ever since his commitment in March, the Virginia star almost instantly thrust himself into the upper echelon group with Jack Sawyer, Kyle McCord and Ben Christman as one of the top leaders of the Buckeyes 2021 recruiting class, making pitch after pitch to some of Ohio States top-tier remaining targets while building and maintaining relationships with many of them. That includes guys like Jordan Hancock, J.T. Tuimoloau, Emeka Egbuka and Derrick Davis Jr.

I look at myself as a leader, Henderson said. I always talk about how great we can be and that theres so much we can accomplish together. Because I feel like theres so much we can accomplish, just with how tight and how close we are.

Added McCord: As soon as he committed, he dove in 100 percent, and hes been recruiting everyone that weve been going after. Its been great to have him on board since March. To have him on board is something thats definitely helped us and given us momentum recruiting-wise.

Its not just that Henderson is a class leader. Of course the second-highest-ranked player of the entire 18-man group should be, the program would hope, one of the key faces and voices recruiting others.

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Its that hes doing this without ever having been to the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, breathed in the Shoes atmosphere, taken a tour around the Oval or walked the sidewalk up and down High Street.

It might be unique or out of the ordinary that hes been such a strong advocate for Ohio State without ever having visited. But it might actually be giving the Buckeyes an extra pitch on the recruiting trail.

Having TreVeyon committed without visiting is something we can almost use to our advantage, McCord told Eleven Warriors. If we can get a five-star running back to commit to us and be the second running back in the class, withEvan (Pryor)already being committed, I think that says a lot about the coaching staff and how confident one of the best players in America is.

TreVeyon couldve easily gone to a school he already visited, and he couldve been the guy at that school not that he wont be the guy at Ohio State; he definitely will as the only running back they took in that class. But for him to commit without ever visiting us, says a lot about TreVeyon as a person.

McCords last words there are where we can dig further into why and how Henderson has been at the forefront of the Buckeyes recruits-recruiting-recruits effort.

Henderson has been playing football since he was 6 years old. Hes rushed for more than 20 touchdowns and 1,000-plus yards every year since he started playing, he says, and that on-field production has brought with it almost an obligation to lead.

But that hasnt been an issue for him.

Ive always been a leader, to be honest, Henderson said. Not just in this class but on my team, also. In nearly everything I do, Ive always been a leader. I always think about what I feel is right since I was younger, since Ive been playing football.

As soon as he committed, he dove in 100 percent, and hes been recruiting everyone that weve been going after. Its been great to have him on board since March. kyle mccord on fellow ohio state commit treveyon henderson

Day and director of player personnel Mark Pantoni dont have to tell Henderson or any other commit to go out and recruit another player. It just happens organically.

When Coach Day checks on you, hell ask, How does such-and-such feel about us? Henderson said. And then Ill tell him, I think weve got a great chance of landing him. Hell just tell me to stay on him and things like that. We mainly hit them up ourselves. Nobody has to tell us.

As it stands today, their efforts have helped the Buckeyes piece together the countrys top-ranked class with six months to go before the early signing period. Theres still a lot of work left to do, but they remain the frontrunner to signthe programs first No. 1-ranked recruiting class in the composite ranking era.

The recruits dont care about winning that championship, though. Theyve got their sights on getting the right players into the class to help them win actual titles at Ohio State.

Were not really looking forward to having the No. 1 class, Henderson said.We just want people who are gonna be part of something special and who wanna help us win games. People who just wanna come be great at The Ohio State University.

TreVeyon Henderson photo: Andrew Ivins/247Sports

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Even Though He Hasn't Visited Ohio State, TreVeyon Henderson Has Become One of the Top Leaders in the Buckeyes - Eleven Warriors

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