Yoga as an Olympic sport?

Posted: May 27, 2012 at 3:11 am

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Some yogis want their "warrior two" to do actual battle, saying they should be able to get their Zen on - in Olympic competition.

It's more than just mind body and spirit, now, a downward dog could one day lead to an Olympic gold.

For Jared McCann, and Amanda Baisinger, their poses aren't just for practice, they're for points.

Both are competitive yoga athletes, two of the best in the country.

"Well basically what it is, you pick a routine that's 7 postures, a 3 minute routine and there's a panel of judges and they judge you on strength, flexibility balance, and grace, McCann said.

"Practicing yoga asana requires athletic ability, concentration, determination, agility, all of the things that are required athletes, Baisinger said.

But making the exercise competitive may seem to go against everything yoga stands for.

"It's just a new concept in the west because yoga and competition are two conflicting ideas, most people don't ... they do their yoga to get away from competing other people, McCann said.

But competitions are gaining more acceptance. There's a big push to make the sport competitive internationally.

"I think it would be awesome to have yoga in the Olympics. I think it would be really fun to watch because some of the yoga postures are really beautiful and difficult to do, Baisinger said.

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Yoga as an Olympic sport?

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