Yoga Teacher at Age 12: A Fan's Reaction

Posted: April 24, 2012 at 11:14 am

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Ram Das 'Brahmachari', A 12-year-old boy, has landed a position as a yoga instructor at St Peter's College in Agra, India. Ram Das is proficient at and able to perform 300 different yoga poses (asanas).

"Students would be more at ease learning the yoga asanas from somebody of their own age. He will formally join the school from July this year," said Ram Das's father and principal at St Peter's Coolege, John Ferreira.

I think having a yoga teacher the same age as the students is an excellent idea, and agree with Mr. Ferreira. I believe the students will look at yoga in a better light with a peer teaching yoga rather than someone older who is looked at as merely an instructor. Besides, with the skills this 12-year-old has, he has earned every right to teach others to perform yoga.

Yoga is a great practice that everyone of every age can acquire benefits from. Perhaps this will set a new trend worldwide and not just in India. It would be great to see P.E. classes in the United States and elsewhere lead or co-hosted by students skilled in yoga.

Of course, here in the U.S. we complain about so much when it comes to the public school systems. In fact, in 2008 a pair of high school teachers in N.Y. taught yoga to their students to aid in alleviating stress and a number of religious leaders and parents showed their discontentment with this being done by stating that yoga breaks the barrier between church and state. I disagree highly with this mindset as yoga is not a religion so long as it is taught in a manner that does not bring religion into the picture. Yoga consists of performing poses that help to relax, stretch and strengthen muscles. One may as well say that it is wrong to have children warm up before physical education if they are that narrow minded to believe such a thing.

To sum it up, what an accomplishment to be a yoga instructor at the age of 12. This young boy is an inspiration for others to reach for the stars and go after their dreams. I wish more young people would set such high goals in life. Too many are more concerned with video games, dating and hanging out with friends. Not to say those things are bad in and of themselves, but children, especially teenagers should start thinking about their future and deciding what they want to do with their lives when they reach adulthood.

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Yoga Teacher at Age 12: A Fan's Reaction

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