Book about yoga by Charlotte Bell supports meditation

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"YOGA FOR MEDIATORS," by Charlotte Bell, Rodmell Press, $14.95, 128 pages (nf)

Charlotte Bells most recent book, Yoga for Meditators, focuses specifically on the physical aspects of practicing meditation.

Asana practice, by its very nature, is about preparing the body for meditation, Bell says in the books introduction. So a book on yoga for meditators may seem redundant.

However, the book offers a collection of poses (asanas) that Bell says I have found to be optimal in addressing the specific physical challenges that arise during meditation.

The 128-page book is packed with useful information. Bells writing style is straightforward and easy to follow.

A brief introduction gives some background on yoga and shares the reasons for writing the book.

In the first of four main sections, Taking a Seat: Steady and Comfortable, Bell describes the physical requirements for practicing effective meditation, ending with a few paragraphs on how intention and action affect the meditators experience.

Section two, Yoga Poses for Sitting Meditation, offers a detailed description of how to assume each pose. Bell summarizes the benefits of each and points out cautions and suggestions for helpful props to get the most benefit from the poses. The illustrations of each pose are helpful.

Some yoga FAQ and sequences for specific purposes, such as for calming agitation, comprise section three, Practicing Yoga.

The last section, Alternate Meditation Postures, shares ideas for meditating while walking, standing or lying down. A list of resources and an index are included.

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Book about yoga by Charlotte Bell supports meditation

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