New yoga studio is a place to find peace in Troy

Posted: December 30, 2012 at 6:47 pm

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With a stressful job as a mental health therapist, Marty Lintvedt was looking for a peaceful environment where she could renew her mind, body and spirit.

And she says that's what she found by taking yoga classes at Zen Mind Body Studio, which opened about six months ago.

I work with a lot of difficult circumstances, Lintvedt said. (Yoga) gives you a chance to take a breath and stay healthy. This is a good place to step away from all that and not think.

With soft lighting, calming music and pleasant aromas wafting through the air, Zen Mind Body Studioin Troyis a welcoming place for people looking for the benefits of yoga, an ancient system of physical exercises designed to alleviate health problems and reduce stress.

While some like Lintvedt are looking to de-stress through breathing and relaxation exercises, others like Gary Hughey are looking for the physical advantages of yoga. Hughey, a retired Marine, said taking yoga two times a week at the studio helps him improve his flexibility, balance and agility.

I was looking for something low impact, said the 65-year-old grandfather. I used to run but that's not so good for me anymore. This helps me move around better. I can bend over now without putting a crick in my back.

Zen Mind Body Studio is located at 103 E. Market St. in Downtown Troy. It is owned by Michelle Malter, who also owns the business next door, Zen, which provides massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Malter, a massage therapist, said opening the yoga studio next door seemed like a natural extension.

We takes care of the body, said Malter of her massage therapy business. And next door, the mind and body work hand-in-hand.

Zen Mind Body Studio offers 45 classes a month, said business manager Mel Bauer. Those classes include power yoga, hot yoga, vinyasa (flow) yoga, zen yoga, restorative yoga and even candlelit yoga. At a session last week, about a dozen students performed breathing and relaxation techniques before getting into sometimes-challenging positions.

Yoga instructors Matthew Allison and Kim Smith were on hand to provide individual help. They gently guided students as they extended their limbs or twisted their torsos to perform myriad yoga poses such as the downward dog or the baby cobra.

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New yoga studio is a place to find peace in Troy

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