My Natural PCOS Fertility Journal #4 – Video

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My Natural PCOS Fertility Journal #4 I #39;ve got PCOS but I #39;m a health nut! I #39;ve spent many loving years on a health quest -- losing over half my body weight, ditching all forms of drugs, perfecting my diet and lifestyle to be the best it can be. Now the only PCOS symptom that #39;s left is amenorrhea. I would love to have a family, but I don #39;t want to take drugs (I haven #39;t taken as much as an aspirin for at least 3 years, goddammit!). Hence I #39;ve committed to bringing my fertility and femininity back naturally. Watch my third video diary for info on moon cycles, raising body temperature and yoga.From:NurturingtheFeminineViews:1 0ratingsTime:04:11More inEducation

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My Natural PCOS Fertility Journal #4 - Video

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