2012 Recap – Video

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2012 Recap
http://www.melissawest.com lrm; As we reach the end of 2012 I thought I would reflect back on 2012 of Namaste Yoga and share my insights. We began 2012 with what was going to be a deep exploration into the ayurvedic doshas but because of an unexpected health challenge that really asked me to question everything this year we toddled along with some beginner classes and even some of my favourite recycled classes from prior to starting filming Namaste Yoga over three years ago. Being hit with migraines at the beginning of 2012 required me to stop and rethink everything, especially my teaching and teaching philosophy. I think my teaching improved because of it. I got really clear on what I wanted to teach and why. I got really clear on what was important to me. And one of the most important classes of my teaching career came out of me this year, episode 120: Breathe, Love, and Let Go. I think I learned to teach even more from my heart this year. By the end of March, beginning of April I had recovered enough to the point that I was able to start offering series again and so I returned to my love and Hindu Mythology and perhaps not surprisingly as I look back with hindsight to the remover of obstacles, Ganesh and we did a Ganesh series. It was a beautifully warm spring here in Canada and we filmed most of those classes outside. Ganesh taught us about family, honouring parents, discernment, interconnection, cooling, humility and letting go of ego. This year I got really clear about how I ...From:LivingYourYogaTVViews:1 0ratingsTime:06:21More inPeople Blogs

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2012 Recap - Video

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