The spiritual evolution of consciousness from quantum …

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On the basis of quantum physics theories is Michael Knig in his speech before the vivid models of elementary particles with which their physical and mental qualities describe. The electromagnetic interaction plays a special role. Elementary conscious processes, such as information storage, can be already at the level of certain elementary particles - the electrons and positrons - locate. In order to confirm the results of the biophysical basis of modern science, namely that coherent electromagnetic fields - Biophotons - control the biological metabolism. Michael Knig supports his theories with experimental results and also introduced new technological applications that are used to increase our vitality, which currently leads to the development of novel products in the areas of wellness, treatment and preventive medicine. The speaker completes his speech with a philosophical digression in which he points out the potential consequences of the presented models of explanation of quantum physics for the humanities, in particular, exert their impact on the consciousness research, psychology and theology.

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The spiritual evolution of consciousness from quantum ...

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July 2nd, 2015 at 4:46 pm