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Guest post by Amy Edelstein OUnI. Amy is cofounder of Emergence Education, is a gifted spiritual teacher, educator, and author committed to individual transformation and the evolution of our shared values. A Cornell University College Scholar, Amy has a background in Judaic philosophy as well as in Eastern thought. She studied with a number of preeminent Vedantic and Buddhist teachers in the early 1980s then began practicing evolutionary enlightenment with Andrew Cohen in 1986. Passionate about human development and the unfolding of our mystical stirrings within, Amy teaches a variety of transformational programs in the US and abroad. She is author of Love, Marriage & Evolution and loves taking long walks with her husband by their home in historic Philadelphia exploring life, liberty, and the pursuit of true happiness.

Presented at the Big I Conference, March, 2014

Evolutionary Spirituality: empowering our practice with the energy of the universe.

Shaping and reshaping, in wonder I am here! ~Goethe

Over the last decade, evolutionary spirituality has spread its canopy over many of our beliefs, mystical intuitions, and the quality of our relatedness. A marriage of science and spirit, some argue this path is as old as Jakob Boehm or as new as Barbara Marx Hubbard. Some circles credit Plotinus and in others Vedic scholars even lay claim to the origins of evolutionary sensitivities.

While the origin is debatable, and discerning where to place the marker on the stretch of historys timeline raises a number of fascinating and subtle metaphysical debates, for many practitioners now, without even knowing it, the sensibilities of an evolutionary worldview, and the exploration of the ultimately nondual nature between matter and consciousness, form and formlessness, emptiness and that which pervades and therefore contains all, shapes the contours of our spiritual path.

A Quick Peek at the Evolutionary Spirituality Pioneers:

The Grandfathers of the Evolutionary Spirituality Movement: Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo Ghose

The Pioneers of Evolution & Evolutionarily Inspired Mysticism: Alfred North Whitehead, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Charles Sanders Pierce, John Dewey, Charles Hartshorne

Contemporary Eco-Evolutionary Christian-Inspired Mystics: Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Beatrice Bruteau

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Evolutionary Spirituality - Order of Universal Interfaith

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