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Posted: July 26, 2014 at 9:49 pm

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It happens every year as Doubting Thomas makes his Easter appearance. Its a kind of resurrection of a glimmer of the faith that I long to recall in my flesh. I harken back to the time when I could embrace those wounds as proof. Oh how that faith comforted me. Resurrecting the memory of Thomas, who for years functioned as a trustedhero in my scant faith, now sends me into the dream of belief as the answer in and of itself; a kind of innocence that once gone is never forgotten. My nostalgia for my faith in belief will pass. But for just a moment or two, I pause to embrace the wounds, waiting for my doubts to open me to the evolving reality of now. Jump!!!

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Evolutionary theologianMichael Dowd insists that any understanding of God that is not synonymous with the all, reality, ultimacy, or nature is a trivial and inconsequential notion of God. He warns that how we think about God matters because our attitudes about reality lead to real-world problems.

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All the most renowned and revered mystics from the worlds great wisdom traditions all tell us the same thing. They all boldly declare that the ultimate nature of reality is that there is only one and not two. Time space and the entire creative process emerge from primordial emptiness or nothingness. Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen is a self-described spiritual teacher, cultural visionary, and founder of EnlightenmentNext and author of Evolutionary Enlightenment: A New Path to Spiritual Awakening.In his attempt to integrate science and spirituality,Cohen moves beyond into traditional enlightenment mystics and calls for us to align ourselves with the evolutionary impulse so that we might embrace the ever evolving creativity of which we are a part.

Cohen suggests that, Traditionally, spiritual teachings pointed to a static attainment. The aspiration for enlightenment was the aspiration to come to rest in a steady statein nirvana, in heaven. But when spirituality is reinterpreted from an evolutionary perspective, it is the aspiration for infinite becoming. The evolutionary impulse is an infinite reaching towards the future that affects the way we think about everything. Now we are no longer looking for spiritual liberation and release beyond the world, or after we die. We realize that the spiritual release is found in unconditionally, radically, and totally embracing the creative process of infinite becoming, as ourselves. Its a very different orientation to spiritual liberation.

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This weekend, Holy Cross partnered with the Trinity Institute in Manhattan to host a live webinar featuring Sister Joan Chittister. Sister Joan challenged traditional images of God and opened us to new evolutionary images of God which empower us to engage reality. It was an amazing program and you can view the keynote by clicking the link below.

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