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Integral Enlightenment: Awakening to an Evolutionary Relationship to Life

Over 9 consecutive weeks, this course is designed to push the leading edge of our individual and collective potential. You can own and participate in an intensive program that has guided over 6,000 people in more than 50 countries around the world in discovering the profound meaning and purpose of a life aligned with the impulse of evolution. Youll learn how to tap into the limitless energy and creativity of the evolutionary self, meet the essential challenge of evolving beyond ego, and become the human youve longed to beand the world needs you to be.

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Learn about the revolutionary approach to spiritual practice that is bringing enlightenment out of the Dark Ages

Download our 30-minute guided meditation audio and learn to abide as the perfection at the heart of the cosmos.

Founded by evolutionary pioneer Craig Hamilton, Integral Enlightenment seeks to revitalize and update the spiritual path to meet the evolutionary needs of humanity in the 21st century. It was born out of the recognition that, although there is much about Truth that is timeless, the world has changed in the millennia since the birth of the great religions. And human beings have changed, too. Integral Enlightenment is an approach to spiritual practice that aspires to meet this need by leveraging our unique, 21st century human capacities to meet our 21st century individual and collective challenges. It embraces the wisdom of the great meditative traditions, but also reaches forward to unleash the profound spiritual potential inherent in our recently evolved capacities for self-awareness, introspection, self-authorship and relational intimacy.

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Integral Enlightenment | Evolutionary Spirituality with ...

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