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Posted: September 27, 2019 at 1:45 pm

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Diet and exercises can do their part, but here are some simple tips and tricks that can prove to be helpful if you are working towards getting a flat stomach. Check it out.

A flat stomach is what everyone wants. Many people have a problem with their belly area when it comes down to fat loss. In addition to weight loss, fat around your belly can make you look bloated stopping you from wearing your favourite shirts and sweaters. While exercise is the best way to reduce that fat, going to the gym becomes a tedious task; especially when you have a hectic schedule. So here are 5 easy tips and tricks you can follow to get a flat stomach without going to the gym.

Cut down on those sweeteners

Sugar has the most amount of calories which can directly create a problem in the stomach area. Not just sugar but sweetened drinks, sodas, coffee and smoothies can all be the culprit for it. If you are tired of just drinking water, you can be choosy with your drinks by ditching the regular whipped cream with almond or coconut milk. Fruit or vegetable juices can also give the same rush while also limiting the sugar intake.


The fat around your abdomen could also be bloating. A sedentary lifestyle and airy foods can cause food and air to get trapped in the intestines. It can often cause discomfort and the feeling of being stuffed all the time. So just stretch out the abdomen area to release all the toxins from the digestive system.

Go Vegetarian for Dinner

Eating meat and heavy foods can take a longer time to digest which causes all the fat to get accumulated around the waist. This can get worse when you are sleeping and getting no exercise whatsoever. So go vegetarian or vegan for dinner so that the food can be digested easily leaving no room for accumulation of fat.

Reduce the stress level

We know that it is easy said than done and only telling someone to reduce stress is not automatically going to do the drill. But, stress can actually release a hormone called cortisol that is responsible for the increase in appetite which could be the reason behind your large waist.

What do you do to get that waist in control? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Weight Loss: 4 ways to get a flat stomach without stepping foot in the gym - PINKVILLA

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