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How do you become a billionaire? My mentor, Dan Pea, known as The 50 Billion Dollar Man, tells us to stop blaming family, economics, and circumstances. If you want to become a billionaire, Dan Pena says its easier now than 50 years ago, but our snowflake generation must do the one thing that prevents success.

By snowflake, were not talking about the stuff that falls from the sky and melts in your hand in the winter. What were talking about is mental toughness. To give you some perspective, Dan Pea was the kid at school who got beat up and who beat other people up. That molded him into the high achiever he is today which the missing trait from most people.

Now, as a high performance coach who can take a mentees income from seven figures to eleven, hell cut straight to the point with brutal honesty about why youre not successful, and he wont hold back from calling you names. Its how he shows tough love, believe it or not.

Dan once told fans at a show, If I leave here with anybody liking me, Ive failed. He truly believes in helping people, and hell drag you across the finish line. He believes you have the potential to be a millionaire or a billionaire. But he wont be your friend.

It was my deep respect for him when I was a young kid in my twenties that motivated me to seek him out as my mentor, to take my business to the next level. When you choose someone to be your mentor, you want someone much more successful than yourself.

He was high-performance, but he believes most people these days are not high-performance. Its why they fall short of their own expectations, and why he overcame a violent and tough past to become a highly sought after mentor.

Ive only had three mentors in my whole life, and hes only the second, because Im very selective about who I choose as mentors. However, asking him to become my mentor wasnt easy.

Dan Pena wasnt someone you could just call up, book an appointment, and pay to coach you about business. He was the recipient of many awards. The ll wrd, hn Rgn wrd, n f th Yr wrd and nrtnl Ldrh wrd.

He has names like The 50 Billion Dollar Man and The Trillion Dollar Man. Many people wonder about his net worth.

Its believed hes worth 50 billion because of his business ventures, position as CEO of various corporations, book sales, and the Quantum Leap Advantage coaching program that creates billions of dollars in revenue for his mentees. Many say his 50 Billion Dollar name is from the 50 billion dollar value he gives to his mentees.

Learning from Dan Pena is not the usual experience where you go to training at a hotel or conference centre. He lives in, and teaches his mentees in a 15th century castle, called Guthrie Castle.

He was the founder and CEO of various companies including Great Western Resources Inc and Guthrie Group, named after the castle. Before that, he worked in real estate, and before that, he was in the military to reset the disastrous path he was on in his youth.

He grew up with a father who set the bar low, and just wanted his son to stay alive. Dan exceeded those expectations, but in a different way. He threatened to kill a teacher and was expelled not just from the school, but from the entire school district.

Over the years, he was the one being beaten up and beating up others. He ended up in jail five times before he finally changed the direction of his life and served in the US Army before going to college.

When you compare these two phases of his life, you wouldnt have expected a ex-jailbird to become a mentor of billionaires. His past shaped him as a person and hardened him to set a high bar for performance. And if you challenge him, expect an answer like a battle cry.

Dan Pena doesnt know what fear is. The discipline he learned in the military, and his experience in real estate and business became the foundation for the Quantum Leap Advantage.

Its a methodology to teach people to develop that level of toughness that creates massive profits. His mentees include Brian Rose of London Real and dating coach Jason Capital, who describe their QLA experience as shock and awe and brutal.

The Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA) is a system to increase wealth that is for everyone and also not for everyone. What does this mean, and what do you learn in the QLA exactly? Its been called the week long extravaganza at Guthrie Castle, and people who have taken the seminar have grown from 7 to 11 figures in their business.

The system is about geometrically growing your wealth, starting with no money. Dan Pea developed this proven formula that has 40 years of success. Since 1993, Dan has coached and mentored thousands and created multi-millionaires.

The QLA is not for everyone in the sense that not everyone can afford the price tag to learn from Dan Pena in person. But its also a system open to anyone who wants to learn all the video presentations from the seminar are available free and online.

So whats the catch? If you can watch episodes of the Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA) seminars at Guthrie Castle and read information about the seminar on his website for free, why arent most of us billionaires already?

First, to be successful, you need to change your expectations, realign your goals and redefine your comfort zone. Not everyone likes to stare into the abyss and face their darkest fears about themselves. Not everyone wants to get uncomfortable and change old habits, even if those changes will raise them to a whole new income level.

Second, they need to empty their cup and commit to learning a new way of thinking. The QLA, the one you find on Dans website, showcases several audio and video presentations. The issues that Dan addresses in these seminars are the most critical issues in the business community.

Some of the topics covered in Dans QLA are the myths, lies and misinformation fed to us for years from success gurus; the importance of hanging out with like-minded people who are also high-performance; and how you can maintain a laser-beam like focus. He also talks about high self-esteem and its role in how much wealth you accumulate.

To achieve success, there are seven steps to follow:

The QLA methodology (7 Steps to Super Success)

Third, people who really do want to change their lives and reach a new income level, will. Dans business advice about how to dominate your industry, and create winning leverage and massive profits, show his mentees how to set up their business to achieve the results they need.

Dan Penas own story is proof that what he teaches can be achieved. He started the company Great Western Resources Inc with $820, a phone, and a leased fax machine in the spare bedroom of his home. In eight years, he turned it into a $450,000,000 empire ($1,000,000,000 in todays dollars).

This level of success was why I wanted Dan Pena as my mentor, but he didnt want me as his mentee. Not at first. I called his receptionist on a daily basis, not giving up, until she knew me by my voice and until Dan finally agreed to meet with me.

It was 2003 when Dan Pea said No to mentoring me. But I was persistent, calling his office daily until he finally agreed to meet with me in L.A. and have breakfast there. That was the beginning of my transformation.

I wasnt the TEDx speaker in the trademark red suit back then. At the time, I was a young kid with glasses, wearing an oversized, cheap suit. Dan met with me for two hours, asking me many questions as if I were the VIP because I was doing most of the talking. Then I gave him a gift that he has treasured for 15 years.

It was symbolic. The frog on a stone was a symbol from QLA training meaning that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. Its an allusion to the fairytale, The Frog Prince, about a princesss kiss transforming a frog into a prince. My life was transformed from my experience at Guthrie Castle.

Dan Penas QLA seminar was not like the motivational, business, or marketing seminars that I had attended in the past. None of those came close to my week long Castle Experience. I called it the Quantum Leap in my personal and business life.

To start with, I felt very uncomfortable in that environment. At the time, I was still sharing a one bedroom apartment with my mom in Canada. I could barely afford the price tag for the flight to the castle and the training. But I could see how the environment was crucial for the transformation to occur.

When you are at the castle, you are surrounded by wealth triggers. There were antiques. Crystal glasses. Large, beautifully furnished rooms. When you are surrounded by wealth, it triggers wealth. And thats what made me uncomfortable.

I wasnt used to living in such extravagance. But it was there that I learned many valuable lessons, including why some people who study the QLA dont become billionaires. It depends on each persons desire to achieve what they want.

I used to think I was working hard by putting in 10 to 14 hour days, but I realized after QLA that I wasnt. After a seminar day that ended at around 6 or 7 pm, I found my mentor working in his office. He told me, kids these days arent high-performance. Kids cant even spell high performance.

One of the reasons the kids in the current generation (at 71, Dan Pena is old enough to be a father or grandfather to most people), wont become millionaires or billionaires is they arent raised the way they used to be.

Dan Pea says that we have a snowflake generation, and he isnt referring to how every snowflake is unique. It means the new generation melts under pressure.

They arent used to being held accountable. In fact, they now have safe spaces where they can go to chill out if they are feeling stressed. This high degree of protection wont help them to become stronger when under stress.

They dont realize that the more you suffer, the more stress, and the more stress, the more success. Nothing great is ever achieved with little effort.

We have changed from Dans generation. For example, in a soccer game for kids today, there are no winners. Its about participation in sports. But thats not realistic. When you have a job at a car dealership or at a bank, you dont get rewarded just for showing up.

The problem is, the parents of these kids werent conditioned for high-performance, and now we have a generation of people who are also not trained for high-performance. The exception would be kids of world class, gold medalist athletes, or children of parents from a military background.

A snowflake is a kid that melts under pressure, not because they lack education. They lack leadership. Dan Pena remembers being shut into a closet when he misbehaved, and he was left there until the school day was over. He doesnt regret the experience. He says it made him tougher.

If youre wondering if youre a snowflake, there is a snowflake test on Dan Penas website. The original snowflake test asks questions such as

Some of these questions are meant to make you uncomfortable. Dan Pena was never uncomfortable with making people uncomfortable. He once said, If you like me at the end of this talk, then I did something wrong. Love is great, but I dont need it. Respect will do.

He is a firm believer in the saying, What gets measured gets accomplished. If were uncomfortable with change, if we melt under stress, we wont be able to set goals and accomplish them.

Also, we must set our goals higher than our goals. If our goal is to become a millionaire, then well never become millionaires. If our goal is to become billionaires, we will never become billionaires, and next, Ill explain why.

We only change for two reasons. Desperation or inspiration. If we want to be high performance, then we must have high self esteem. High self esteem will get you to your first million if your goal is to make 100 million. Self esteem will get you to your first 100 million if your end goal is to make a billion.

Heres why. Many people teach you how to become a successful entrepreneur. Youll find books in bookstores about the mechanics of starting and selling a business. Youll even find books about the drier aspects of a business, such as tax issues, business plans, and writing letters of intent. Good how to information thats also useful if youre having trouble falling asleep.

Dan Pea wrote Your First 100 Million because he noticed when he was teaching the Quantum Leap Advantage seminars that key points were missing in most books that teach you how to grow your wealth.

None of these other books teach you how to prepare your mind for becoming super successful. They dont teach you how to adjust your perspective just slightly to make the Quantum Leap to make millions of dollars over and over again.

If you want to make your first 100 million, you need to make some sacrifices. The price for super success means long hours, waking up early, not spending time with friends and family, missing their birthdays, and taking risks because youre willing to aim for bigger goals.

A high performance person is prepared to deal with failure and the lessons that come with it. They cant anticipate everything that will happen, and if they think they can, then they wont be. The best plans dont follow a script.

Dan Pena says that, The truly successful high performer understands that the strategies and skills which he marshaled to generate the first Quantum Leap can be called upon to repeat that success over and over. Thats why he doesnt hang onto this first venture like some sort of corporate teddy bear. He is secure enough in his abilities to build it up,then sell it off for a bundle. And start the process over again.

Watch this video on making your first billion.

Whats the difference between making a million dollars and making a billion dollars? When youre thinking about becoming a millionaire, youre focused on the dollar amount. You will never succeed beyond your highest expectations.

Parents want their kids to be better than them. If they are one level above poverty, that means their kids will be two levels above poverty. If they want their kids to be millionaires, then the kids must desire to become multi-millionaires. Dan says he now seen teenagers who have studied the QLA methodology who are now millionaires flying around in jet planes.

Becoming a millionaire is a high possibility, even for teens. But how do you become a billionaire? Statistics show that there are over 2000 billionaires in the world today, with self-made billionaires making up 67 percent of them. There are now more billionaires than at any time in history.

One billion dollars is a significant number. People have asked, if you have that much money, what can you buy for a billion dollars?

You can buy the L.A. Lakers or the Chicago Cubs if you like sports. Or, if you like cars, you can get a 1963 Ferrari GTO and still have a bit left over. And if you like to travel, you can buy the Solomon Islands, or a round trip to the moon.

I once asked my mentor why some people take QLA and see tremendous results and others dont improve. Ive seen this happen with my own mentees. Dan Pea says the answer is implementation. If you dont implement what you learn, if you dont take action, you wont become a millionaire or a billionaire.

So if you want to make a billion dollars, the main difference to go from millionaire to billionaire is to be passionate about what you do.

Dan Pena says, Find something that you love. Find something that can change a billion lives you make a billion lives betterand the odds have become geometrically better for you to become a billionaire.

Dan Pena is an accomplished high-performance business coach who has moved his mentees from 7 to 11 figures in their businesses. His tough upbringing and time in the U.S. Army gave him the discipline to reach billionaire status.

The Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA) is a business system that he developed from his own business experience. Unlike other methodology, it also teaches you the mindset and focus you need for a high level of success.

The Snowflake Generation is the new generation of people who melt under pressure. They werent brought up with expectations of high performance and they cant handle stress.

Making Your First 100 Million teaches you about the price for success and is based on the seminars from QLA.

How To Make A Billion Dollars is a question many ask themselves because it is easier now than 50 years ago to become a billionaire. The goal is achievable if you set your goal higher than your goal, and you are passionate about helping billions of people.


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