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We hired Dan Pena to retexture our ceilings after we had asbestos removed. We had two other offers and chose Dan because he was recommended by our asbestos removal company and his availability fitted our schedule. Price was good too! Jim did most of the work and he was very friendly and hard working. We are very happy with the results! Dan was most of the time very responsive, either by mail, text, or phone. They were also clear and cooperative when it came to extra things we added along the way (patch an extra hole here and there, adding another ceiling etc), which I very much appreciated. Thank you Jim and Dan!

I highly recommend Dan Pena for any drywall work. He took on a large project that other people in the business couldn't figure out. Dan has a very keen attention to detail and he took a lot of time to do certain parts of the job to make sure it looked right instead of rushing it. Danny is truly a perfectionist.Also he's careful to keep the whole place clean and covered with drop cloths and plastic. He even helped with more smaller projects months later and was very accommodating of my work schedule. Thanks for all the work, my place looks awesome now!

Asked for a quote and received one in a couple of days which was great but Dan sent over a couple of guys that don't appear to normally work for him. The drywall install left areas that were uneven and shows very poor workmanship. I was thoroughly disappointed. Texturing was sloppy. I called and asked them to resolve these issues and they never returned. I texted Dan about these issues and he disregarded my texts. I would suggest using Dan's brother, Jim Pena Drywall instead...In response to your comment to dodge your responsibility. It was you Dan, you were on vacation and I had only wish you had taken the time to resolve these issues. Take responsibility for your workers.

very satisfied and happy with Danny's work on both the drywall and baseboard fix. had called him yesterday and he was able to come help fix those items today. highly recommended and will look out for Danny again with any fixes in the future!

Danny did an amazing job finishing my garage. His price is reasonable and he is fun to be with. He added insulation to the wall, strengthened the ceiling jolts, added a pull-down ladder to the attic, dry walled and painted it professionally. He even added a wooden step which the inspector found to be a little too high and installed trims to the side doors at costs. He turned a completely run down garage into a highly desirable and usable space.

We are highly recommend Dan who just finished project with removal of popcorn Textured ceiling and application of smooth finish. Super clean, efficient and very professional work! The project was completed as Dan had estimated even though he had to fix some extra things that were revealed throughout the process. His pricing is very reasonable for the high quality of work he is doing. We are Very happy with the outcome. Great job!

Danny was very helpful and nice from the beginning til the end.He was very communicative and very calm and friendly throughout the entire process.I needed a job done urgently, and he was able to have it done.It was a new garage that needed painting. It was just dry wall with tape and texturing, and I needed it painted an off-white color. All the walls and the ceiling were painted. Danny suggested the color, and when I told him I wanted it to be wipeable, he suggested the paint finish (we went with eggshell). I compared several places and his price was the best by far!When I saw the finished product, I thought it needed another coat. I called Danny and told him and he said he would have the painter come and check the work to see if it was my opinion, or painter error as far as paint coverage. Danny had the painter come back the same day I called, which was the day before we were moving into our new home. The painter came and concluded that it did need another coat. Neither the Danny nor the painter got upset, or annoyed, nor defensive at my criticism, which was refreshing, and so nice to work with! Because they stand behind their work, they DID NOT charge me for the final coat of paint.In the end, the painter added the last coat of paint the evening before we moved in, even though he had just finished a long day of work himself!The garage looks amazing, but the best part of this experience was encountering this great customer service! Thank you Danny and Venancio!

Thank you Danny and Sal! Very professional and quick to respond all the way from the estimate to completion. I had my hall bathroom re-textured with Dan Pena Drywall. Prior to the project, half my bathroom was new drywall, half the old smooth wall. I needed all bathroom walls including the ceiling to be floated and retextured to a be an even smooth finish throughout. Danny provided the estimate and scheduled the project with me. He was really easy to work with and stayed in communication regularly. Sal came out to work on the walls and did an awesome job. The bathroom looks like new and I love it! He also was very clean and made sure to use drop cloth everywhere so as to keep the surrounding areas clean. That was sooo appreciated. I couldn't be happier with the result. So glad I chose Dan Pena Drywall! I will definitely be using them again in the near future to retexture additional walls in my home. Thanks again guys!

Experience was perfect in just about every way. I knock off a star because a call back took a day or two, but that's to be expected when you're the drywall rockstar. 🙂 Thanks, Dan.

I called around for a Drywall Expert and decided on Danny because he seemed the most professional. His cost was comparable to the other guys but his professionalism was beyond the others. I had a door removed and wall put up in replacement. In addition, I had a brick fireplace that needed drywall as well as a kitchen that needed drywall.Here's why Danny is great to work with:1) He is straight to the point. No unrelated questions. Everything he asked was about the project and what needed to be done. I'm pressed for time so I appreciated that a lot. He was in and out - didn't linger around like the other Dry Wall guys who wasted my time and asked irrelevant questions.2) On-Time: If he says he will arrive at 11:00AM - he arrives at 11:00 AM. Even if he'll be 10 minutes late, he gives a call.3) He responds to e-mail. OMG - Danny responds to e-mails! So many other guys have issues with responding to e-mail. Danny responds within 24 hours. Now that's customer service.4) Drywall: The drywall he put up was great. What makes his work different is Drywall is an art form to Danny. He just doesn't put up the drywall, he makes sure that all the cuts and vents are in a location that would the final product beautiful.5) Trust: He is that cool relative you wish you had. Totally trustworthy and doesn't seem shady at all. He just wants to do a good job.6) Spackle Guy: After the drywall was put up, the spackle guy came. This guy is like the Mudding King. The walls were so smooth and the texture by the brick fireplace matched (I didn't even know there was texture by the fireplace and told him to make it smooth. He double checked with me and pointed out that the ceiling had texture so it wouldn't look nice if he smoothed the wall. That's attention to detail). I also appreciated that he put up plastic coverings to keep the dust from flying all over the place - major points on this since I had a Little One in the house. My husband commented how professional the Spack Guy was since he had seen other Drywall Guys work on his Parents home in Southern California who didn't do that. I am definitely calling Danny back for my bathrooms and other bedrooms.

I had Danny come out to tear out the sheet rock of a bathroom ceiling (approx 9' x 5') as I had a new Panasonic exhaust fan installed by another contractor. Danny covered the area to keep it dust free and had the sheet rock removed in about 1.5 hours. He also brought over his son who helped out. He then put up the 1/2" new sheet rock, taped the seems and covered with all purpose compound. Danny does texture in stages to let it dry and then cover so it does not crack. He came back later in the day for another thin layer, then back the following day to finish texture (hand trowel). Very happy with his work, he is personable and easy to talk to. I also had him patch a few pieces in another bathroom and kitchen at additional cost.He charged $360 to tear down and put up new sheet rock on 9' x 5' bathroom ceiling and texture which I feel is a fair rate.5 stars, highly recommended.

Danny came to my house today to do some drywall repair in our living room, and patch a hole in the bathroom. He was very clean, which is super important as anyone who has had any type of construction work can attest to, he was on time for multiple appointments, and he was a friendly guy. I would highly recommend Dan to take care of all your drywall needs, and I will absolutely be using him for future projects and repairs. Thanks Dan appreciate all your hard work!

Had a bullnose corner that had to be repaired. Danny did an estimate via photos/email and came two days later to fix it. He took a look around and also fixed a few other cracks in the wall for free. He was professional, courteous, friendly and once we paint over the new plaster, we won't be able to tell he was there.

I called him and left a voice mail two weeks ago, but he never called me back. I also sent him an email, but the mail was returned as undeliverable. Then I called him again two weeks later, and he said he would come to my home in 20 minutes, but he never showed up.No call back because he may have been swamped with too many calls ... fine. Dead email address because something may have gone wrong with his domain ... fine. No show ... not fine. No matter how good job he may do (like all others say here), I don't trust professionals who don't keep their words.I give him four stars instead of one because I've never done business with him ... and I would never do.

I recommend Pea Drywall. I was impressed with the workers Jovanny, Johnny and Scott. They were prompt, provided quality work and were respectful of my home. In the future, I would use their services again.

I needed to get my kitchen ceiling patched after it was opened up for moisture remediation (flood in upstairs bath). Although Dan was on travel, he took my call and assessed the job I had to see if he could fit me in the schedule. I lucked out and got a slot two days later.He has a guy that does the hanging of the dry wall and another guy that does the taping and texturing. Both are masters of their trade. Both are efficient and clean. And they showed up when they said they would.The texture-guy was particularly a treat to watch work his spackle knife. The seams were not detectable and his texture job was a spot on match with my existing texture. I can't even tell that there were any repairs done.Dan Pena is my guy anytime I need drywall work and I highly recommend him and his team.

Incredibly unprofessional. Asked for a price that included the replacement of two drywalls in my garage. Received price and scheduled the work to start today, 8/18/14. They didn't show on time and when I called to get an update Dan Pena said that his price did NOT include the replacement of those drywalls, and that I would need to pay extra. Complete bait and switch. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Look at Tom Flores Drywall instead.

Had a plumbing repair in kitchen ceiling, and need to repair the drywall. After interviewed with a couple contractors, decided to work with Danny. He responded to estimate request very quick even he was away for vacation with very reasonable explanation on the estimate, the work he will put on, and the work schedule. They come on site on time as scheduled, work very professional, and kept the working area quite clean. Certainly, would highly recommend his works.

Anyone doing remodelling knows that it isn't easy, timely, and a mess.Recently we had a flooding issue and floors, ceilings and drywall were all torn up to dry everything out. I needed someone to come quickly and start work ASAP on patching it up and after many frustrating calls, emails and bid requests, I found Danny on Yelp. He responded to my email the next day and despite his busy schedule, he came to check out the place, sent an estimate the next day, and started work 2 days after that. After 6 days of work everything (except floors) has even restored and I am very happy with the results. Danny is honest and will not give you the run-around. He even fixed a door pro-bono just because he noticed that the handle was not on right. If you have any issues with the work, he is reasonable and does what needs to be done to get the job done right. He takes pride in what he does but more importantly he is trying to be a good "neighbour" and I really appreciated that.

Dan is your guy for dry wall patch! I texted him the photos of two holes and the texture of the matching wall, and he gave an accurate quote, and he came out the very next day to work on it, he even came out earlier than scheduled time. The work was fast and clean. It took three visits to finish, 1st, Dan came out to patch up the holes, 2nd, he had his guys came to texture the wall, 3rd, he himself came to paint. Dan followed up with us right after his guy's visit. What happened was his guy sat the compressor tire on our carpet and left a mark. He apologized to us and reduced $50 from total cost. Now you can't see where were the two holes. He did a perfect job! He's such a nice guy! The best I've ever done business with.Thanks a lot Dan!

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Dan Pena Drywall - 14 Photos & 49 Reviews - Painters ...

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