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I'd like to ask experienced members for their opinion.I haven't been to the castle seminar, I'm just a broke astrophysics students with two small companies and a 35% yoy stock market return which amounts to nothing in total with my capital. But since I understand the method, enjoy building businesses, and practice magick rituals to ingrain affirmations like even Dan Pena wouldn't believe, my ears are now wide open to any opportunity. I offered a 50/50 deal to my primary fuckbuddy that is going into a medical therapy based trade right now and has the ability to buy existing practices for 0,- bucks due to no succession at no risk. I'm also starting a marketing business with a partner who is a well established marketing specialist and I'm keeping him as a CMO to work toward the opportunity of buying several small marketing agencies. I'll also be using the marketing agency to severely boost any business I have a stake in at ridiculously low prices with outsourcing. But that's just chump change and now something else popped up.

So here I am manipulating a hot girl on a dating app into wanting me to stuff her face. I ask her where she wants to be in five years to see if I can dodge the serious relationship bullet, she mentions that the company she works for will hopefully be sold and she started her own business in facial creams. Turns out she's a shareholder and "right-hand" of her fathers vertical B2B company making over 7 figures that he wants to sell because he wants to retire and she doesn't think the business is interesting enough for her. So I ask the cunt that told me she was responsible for finance for three numbers; valuation, earnings after tax, percentage growth over the last five years (life of the company). She suddenly turns around and says; "Haha I'm not going to tell you that, you can find it online but it's 7 figures revenue, we won several 30% growth awards." So obviously I have nothing more to discuss with her. An hour later she said the weirdest thing just happened, there was a wasp in her bed. Told her she deserved it.

Is there any advantage I can gain from my contact with this daughter or should I just forget her now and go straight to the company owner? Can I perhaps pull her tongue a little to let go of any weaknesses in the firm?

there must be good reasons for them not to show just any fucker off the street their financials and how can I make it as easy as possible for them to let me take a look in their financials? i.e Do I need to have my industry specific board before approaching them or can I first on my own inquire as to the financials and assemble a board afterwards?

They have a competitor down the the block that the current owner used to be a CEO in from 1993 till 2013. Ideally, should they also be acquired and merged into the deal? Both companies serve about three small western countries.

I'm very interested in your thoughts. I'll be researching this particular nerd market and all its aspects and I'll start looking for competent directors. I will do what is necessary to please both the father and the daughter in different ways if the father turns out to be motivated enough to be worth while.


Dan Pena r/DanPena - reddit

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