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Who isDan Pena and what is his net worth 2018? Dan Pena is American based businessman, philanthropist, as well as high-performance kind of business coach. This celebrity is popular for his eight-day based Castle Seminar held on his Quantum Leap Advantage (briefly as QLA) practice, as well as asserts to have yields $50 billion in terms of equity and even in value. Net worth of Dan Pena is high even at this old-age, get more details below:

After working in US Army, the one in which he resigned as officer in year 1969, he obtained BS degree in Business Administration in year 1971. After leaving college, he served in some real estate, as well as appeared in Webber, Paine, Jackson & Curtis as well as consequently Bear Stearns. After this, he stayed as President as well as CEO of Kennedy Industries Inc., after that worked as Chairperson of JPK Industries.

In year 1982, he established Great Western Resources Inc. (briefly known as GWRI) through $820, and this company is recognised as a Houston-based natural resource firm. After he left the firm in year 1992, that company owned a public market based capitalisation of more than $450 million. This celebrity possessed approximately 10 percent shares of company-GWRI during the time he resigned it in year 1992 and then he had 4.5% in year 1994.

This businessman was exiled by the board of directors of company, which this person afterwards charged as well as got $3.3 million in compensations for rejecting to fund his employment deal. In year 2003, this celeb let Guthrie Castle accessible for public based bookings after around twenty years of job. It is known that the grounds too include one golf course which Pena wished to be extremely hard to play.

Apart from this, Pena is recognised as a founder as well as a chairman of The Guthrie Group, which is basically one investment group, combined on Channel Islands in year 2002 and entitled after Guthrie Castle. Moreover, he too possessed business interests in Philippines, where this person stayed as a founder as well as a head of iZone Technologies. He is too one American based philanthropist as he had supported many charities like the Missionaries of Charity and Holy Family Foundation.

In year 1997, Pena worked to self-publish an autobiographical based book entitled as Build Your Own Guthrie. This was accompanied by his company named as Great Wisdom Publishing, recognised as a prior secondary of International Media Holdings, Inc. (briefly as IMH, prior known as Success Development International, i.e. SDI), in which he stayed as a leading shareholder. In year 2014, he worked to publish Dan Penas $50 Billion QLA eBook, recognised as a free ebook, in which he depicts how he by his members made $50 billion in equity as well as value, since year 1993.

This old-age celebrity known by famous name- Dan Pena claims to have net worth of $50 billion. Residing in 550 year old castle named Guthrie Castle, located in Scotland; this celebrity was formerly acknowledged for spinning $820 to $450 million in oil business in era of 1980s. After that, he has accepted short break from business world in order to concentrate on managing elite managers hence also adds up to his income.

Dan Pena is globally recognised as businessman as well as a philanthropist with net worth in billions. This celeb has high contribution towards equity as well as value that adds up to his fame.

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Dan Pena Net Worth 2018 | The Net Worth Portal

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