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Krista Woods: Here Are 5 Important Business Lessons I Learned While Being On Shark Tank – Thrive Global

Posted: December 24, 2019 at 2:49 pm

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Confidence: Confidence is earned and created by doing hard things. Start somewhere and believe in yourself. When issues arise, face them, make a decision, fix them, learn from them and move on. Continue to challenge yourself in the process and you will earn the faith you need to have inyou.

As a part of my series about the 5 Important Business Lessons I Learned While Being On The Shark Tank I had the pleasure of interviewing Krista Woods. Krista was in the Sales, Training & Management Industry for 27 years. While raising three kids, she was promoted from sales to management quickly. Although being a female in a male dominated field wasnt always easy, she found repeated success in her ability to effectively communicate with her coworkers and customers. Krista wanted to grow as a leader and positive role model, so she invested in herself by taking a course to become a Certified Color Code Instructor and in 2016 she added award winning inventor to her resume with her company GloveStix. Krista and her company GloveStix have been honored to receive over 15 awards the last 3 years including The Today Shows Next Big Thing and this past year her Shark Tank episode aired where she pitched her product to some of Americas toughest Investors and closed a deal with not one, but two of the Sharks, on National Television.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Our readers would love to get to know you a bit more. Can you tell us a bit of the backstory about how you grew up?

I grew up in a very successful family, my father was a business owner and always made sure we knew that you dont get anything in life without hard work. I am the youngest of 4 so when I was in High School my older siblings were already off and gone to college, but I had no clue what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. All I knew at the time, is that I could make people laugh so I usually got into trouble doing a bunch of silly stuff and I had a hard time following the rules. I ended up going to Community College to try and figure things out but during my first year I became a single mom, so I ended up dropping out. Needless to say, when I held my beautiful daughter in my arms, I knew it was time to finally get my act together.

Can you share with us the story of the aha moment that gave you the idea to start your company?

Fast Forward 21 years,a husband and 2 more kids later, as a working mother of 3 I was always very busy especially during their sports seasons. I spent more time in the car running from event to event and I had less time at home. I had spent years trying different products to help with the odor in their gear and wasted so much money, time and effort trying to get the odor out. Especially from those athletic gloves and cleats. It wasnt only my problem, every parent of an athlete I knew also had the same odor issues.

So 5 years ago, on the way home from a Lacrosse Tournament, my youngest sons gear bag was making me want to puke again and I looked at my husband and said, Thats it! I am going to invent something! With absolutely no experience in manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics or marketing, or actually anything I do now, and with the help of my husband and friends I went from idea to prototype then to having an actual product for sale in 1 year.

The actual design of the Stix just popped in my head. I wanted to create a product that not only was cool looking, so the athlete would actually want to use it, but after several months of research I also knew

-They HAD to work

-They HAD to be affordable

-They HAD to be non-toxic

-They HAD to be easy to use, to help out us moms always on the go

Thats when GloveStix and StankStix were born!

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you began leading your company?

Thankfully I have a lot of stories, it sure has been an incredible few years and I have managed to do so many things I never thought possible. Everyone knows I have been on different TV Shows, but I think one of the most gratifying and interesting things I have done was not publicized. I have been volunteering in my local schools for a few years, speaking to students in the classroom as well as their Marketing and Deca Departments and because of that, I was recommended to VAME (Virginia Association of Marketing Educators) to be a closing speaker for their summer conference last year. I was extremely nervous, here I was going to speak to my state of Virginias Marketing Teachers, yet I had never taken a Marketing class so I wasnt sure how well I would be received. It went awesome, more than awesome actually and because of that I was invited to be part of the Virginia Department of Educations Marketing and Entrepreneurship Curriculum Team. That means, I sat on a board with only 14 others including some Middle School Teachers, High School Teachers, College Professors and another Business Owner and we spent the entire day rewriting the curriculum for the State of Virginia and changed what they will teach in our Schools.

I found it so interesting watching all the different perspectives coming together at one table to work together, unify and solve real world teaching strategies. I love how they had a few of us from each category. Teachers shared what they currently taught, the College Professors shared what they currently taught (which was surprisingly different from the Teachers) and us Entrepreneurs, we shared what actually happens. Despite our initial differences in opinion, we learned from each other and came together to create some awesome new curriculum for our young marketing students.

When you have an open mind, and say yes to yourself, you can do and learn some amazing things that will create change for years to come.

Can you share a story about the most humorous mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson or take away you learned from that?

One of the funniest things from the beginning days was when I was trying to find a manufacturer. After months of calling plastic factories within 300 miles of my house, getting hung up on, leaving messages over and over again and never getting any return calls or emails, one day I finally got this guy on the phone to listen to what I wanted to make. I was probably talking 100 miles per hour (I was just so excited I actually got someone to listen to me) and when I was done he said, I am sorry mam, we dont work with Entrepreneurs well I wasnt sure who he was talking to because I responded, Excuse me, I am NOT an Entrepreneur; I am just a mom trying to invent something!

I still laugh at that and share that story. It just goes to show you that I really knew NOTHING. I didnt even know that I was trying to be an Entrepreneur and I definitely did not think I was capable of being one. I learned that Entrepreneurship is one of the hardest but most rewarding professions and any one is capable of it if you have a drive and passion to see it through. There are a lot of ups and downs, its like a roller coaster ride that is never ending so it takes a certain mindset to keep convincing yourself to keep pushing forward.

Are you working on any exciting new projects now? How do you think that will help people?

Prior to GloveStix, I ran Color Code Team Building Workshops for Companies, so I got my people fix doing that and I absolutely loved it. Making the transition over the last few years to full time GloveStix, one of the hardest challenges for me is all the time I now have to spend in my office by myself. However, starting GloveStix has opened up a lot of doors in other areas I wasnt expecting, and I also have been doing a lot of public speaking. Giving my time to help inspire others is actually what fuels me so I have been doing a lot of it on the side. There is nothing better than being inspired, by inspiring someone else. The feedback I get from the audience, and the messages sent to me after I speak are what I carry with me through my hard days and I am so grateful that my story, can make someone else feel like they can do anything. Thats the point I try to make, if I can do it, so can YOU! There will be a lot more of that in my future, the more I speak, the more I get asked to speak and I absolutely love it!

Ok, thank you for all that. Lets now move to the main part of our interview. Many of us have no idea about the backend process of how to apply and get accepted to be on the Shark Tank. Can you tell us the story about how you applied and got accepted. What hoops did you have to go through to get there? How did it feel to be accepted?

I applied for Shark Tank at an open casting call in April 2017 in NYC. The crazy thing was, I actually really did not want to go on Shark Tank, I was way too scared but everywhere I went and everyone I talked to would always ask if I was going to try. I got asked by The Today Show to come back for a one year follow up of The Today Shows Next Big Thing Contest I won and this little birdy in my head kept telling me to check when a Shark Tank Casting Call was so I finally listened to the voice in my head and I hopped on their website. That is when I found out that the open casting call date was the day after I was going on the Today Show and only 2 blocks from where I was going to be in NYC. All I had to do was stay one more night. All the stars were aligning, and I no longer had any excuses, so I decided to go for it! I had about 2 weeks to prepare my pitch and I practiced every day. When I did my pitch I thought it was Ok so I really wasnt sure if I was going to make it past that round or not but it wasnt too long after that I received a call from a Producer telling me that I made it to the next round. Of course, still with no guarantees, I was then assigned another producer who basically interviewed me every week for the next 6 weeks. She would ask me to send in certain paperwork or for me to send my sample pitch or even one time I had to do a 10 min video talking about myself and my business. I did it in 2 takes, I wanted it to be as authentic as possible! Every time I had about 5 days until I had to get them what they were asking for and I dropped everything and got them everything they asked for, even before they needed it. Once I made a decision to go for it, there was no stopping me and I wanted to show them I was reliable, and they could count on me in the process as well. I think that is a very important piece that a lot of people forget about. Will you be easy to work with?

I know that Producers have tons of people to pick from, you have to make sure they know that you will do your part and that they can be confident in their choice if they choose to pick you. I eventually got a call and heard the words I was waiting for, Krista, we would like to offer you an opportunity to pitch your product in the Tank! OMG, I FREAKED OUT! Seriously, I couldnt believe I had done it, I couldnt believe it was happening and I just screamed and cried and screamed some more. Several of my family members came running to my office to check on me and my producer, who I loved, just giggled on the other end of the phone. She said that was one of the best reactions she had ever heard.

Im sure the actual presentation was pretty nerve wracking. What did you do to calm and steel yourself to do such a great job on the show?

I calmed myself the same way I do anything challenging. Before I went in, I first said lots of prayers and then second, I put in headphones and listened to some angry girl power music, then right before I pray again! Mindset matters and nothing gets my mindset in the right place then when I am all jacked up on Pink, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson and Jesus! LOL

Once you are in the Tank though all that was out the window. You dont see cameras; you just see 5 people and an opportunity of a lifetime. After your initial 1 min and 30 second pitch, its a free for all and I am a firm believer that you never rise to the occasion, but you fall back to your preparation. I was confident that I prepared more for this moment, then I had ever prepared for anything in my life and that I could hold my own, that helps with nerves a lot. For 3 months prior I studied every single day. I watched every Shark Tank Episode, wrote down every question asked, then would write them on a 35 index card with the answers that pertained to my business on the back. I added new cards every night to my pile and brought those cards in my purse everywhere I went and those times that I used to pull up Facebook while in the carpool line or a line at the store, or where ever, I brought out my index cards instead. I studied hard and didnt stop until the morning of my taping. Preparation produces confidence and confidence helps you do anything!

So what was the outcome of your Shark Tank pitch. Were you pleased with the outcome?

When my Shark Tank episode first aired, I did more business in the next 2 months then I had done the entire previous year before so financially it was a huge success right away. My episode was very well received by the audience, and I am so thankful for that, and I got hundreds of emails from strangers telling me that I inspired them. It was the most incredible feeling. I will never forget the kind words that were shared with me in those emails and the personal stories of struggle from some. Since then, I have made it a priority to give back, volunteer more, and continue to inspire as many people as I can.

What are your 5 Important Business Lessons I Learned While Being On The Shark Tank? (Please share a story or example for each.)

It just so happens when I speak, I talk about the 5 Cs. These are the 5 things I have learned and by practicing these 5 Cs it has helped me grow as a business owner and leader.

What advice would you give to other leaders to help their team to thrive and avoid burnout?

I like challenge, I need it to keep me going. I have a whats next type of personality. However, in teaching my Team Building Workshops I have learned that although most people need something to look forward to or work towards, they are not always financial goals. I highly recommend if you are working in a team environment to make sure you fully understand who your teammates are and what they need. Everyones needs and wants are different and recognizing what they are, will help them enjoy their jobs. If you are always pushing your own agenda, and your own needs and wants on to your people, burn out is almost inevitable. Proper communication, understanding and acceptance of who your people are, are key.

You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger.

If I could inspire a movement it would be a Stop believing everything you see on Social Media movement. Social media is awesome in so many ways but we need to understand it has its downsides too. I know so many people that can go on it and depending on the day it makes them feel really bad about themselves or their life. That makes me sad because on Social Media, people usually only share the good stuff that happens to them, very rarely do you see a I sure sucked today post. Well, even if people dont post about it, we all have sucky days, yes, even the most successful people you know make mistakes and have challenges and struggles both personally and professionally. There is no such thing as perfect and even if there was how boring!

Can you please give us your favorite Life Lesson Quote? Can you share how that was relevant to you in your life?

Be real and be vulnerable. You may not fit in but you were designed to stand out!

Some people follow the yellow brick road to get to their OZ while I have always been one to swing from the trees and branches to get to mine. It has served me well in life to follow my own path, not the path that others set for me. Your path may be different, and it may not be the easy path but as long as you are being true to yourself, you will succeed!

We are very blessed that some of the biggest names in Business, VC funding, Sports, and Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US with whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this if we tag them

Yes, lots of them but Kevin Plank who owns Under Armour needs to meet me. His headquarters are in Maryland, which is right across the bridge from where I live, and he started his business out of the trunk of his car. His story is amazing, and I think about what an incredible business he has all the time. I think one day there is a possibility we could do business together, I know I am reaching, but I am supposed to reach right?!

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Krista Woods: Here Are 5 Important Business Lessons I Learned While Being On Shark Tank - Thrive Global

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December 24th, 2019 at 2:49 pm

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Mediafly Boasts Record Year With Remarkable Customer Growth, Appoints Three New Advisory Board Members – MarTech Series

Posted: December 18, 2019 at 9:41 pm

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Sales enablement technology provider doubles employee count, revenue and partnerships

Mediafly, a provider of sales enablement technology, content management and advisory services that create interactive, value-based selling experiences, announces significant company growth in 2019, additions to its newly formed Advisory Board and plans for additional expansion in 2020.

In 2019, Mediafly made its second acquisition in company history by acquiring UK-based sales enablement pioneer, iPresent. With iPresents capabilities, Mediafly increased its addressable market to meet the needs of companies of any size while also expanding its global footprint. In addition to the acquisition, Mediafly announced several product updates, including a brand new platform interface and Mediafly Workspaces, Story Mapper and Tool Builder, allowing users to customize in-app experiences on their own, without incremental coding resources, including custom ROI calculators. Earlier this month, Mediafly introduced Mediafly Insights, its next generation content usage reporting and analytics capabilities. Mediafly also announced its partnership with Mindtickle and Lessonly to introduce Mediafly Readiness, providing users with one central location for real-time contextual online sales training and coaching.

Marketing Technology News: Users Reveal Top Five SMM Vendors of 2019 for User Satisfaction Through SoftwareReviews

This year, Mediafly doubled its employee count, revenue and partnerships, and tripled its customer base, surpassing 125,000 active users on the platform. The continued growth led to the companys sixth consecutive appearance on the Inc. 5000 List of Americas Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

In 2019 we worked on piecing together the building blocks for Mediaflys significant growth. For us, this means evaluating and assessing where our strengths and weaknesses lie to improve our teams across the organization while ensuring were not only meeting but exceeding the demands of our customers, said Carson Conant, CEO and founder, Mediafly. This year weve seen our revenue double quarter over quarter, and our teams are performing at an all-time high. Ive never been more excited about the future of Mediafly than I am right now. 2020 is the year we bring sales enablement to the masses.

Mediafly also appointed three new additions to its Advisory Board, including Jason Lovelace, Chief Sales Officer at SPINS, Latane Conant, Chief Marketing Officer at 6sense, and Sanjay Kini, Chief Customer Officer at 6sense. Each member will provide valuable guidance and insights in growing Mediaflys sales, marketing, customer success and teams.

Jason Lovelace, Chief Sales Officer, SPINS, will provide his veteran sales experience to Mediafly by working directly with the companys sales teams. Previously, Lovelace served in a variety of executive roles during his 18-year tenure at CareerBuilder, including President of Enterprise Sales, President of CareerBuilder Healthcare and VP of Corporate Marketing. As CMO of 6sense, Latane Conant empowers marketing leaders at companies like Aprimo and Impartner with effective ABM technology, predictive insights and thought leadership to help ensure marketing programs result in deals, not just leads. Prior to 6sense, she was CMO at Appirio. Kini brings 20+ years of experience previously working for Responsys/Oracle, Intellibank and more, building customer rosters and leading solutions consulting teams. Now as the CCO of 6sense, Kini leads the customer success team in ensuring customers achieve their business objectives.

Marketing Technology News: MindTouch Enhances Salesforce Integration for an Improved Customer and Agent Experience

Mediafly is taking the necessary steps to accelerate its business while ensuring each customer has the level of support they need, regardless of where they are on their sales enablement journey, said Jason Lovelace, Chief Sales Officer, SPINS. While other companies in the space seem to be convinced sales enablement is a complex and high risk commitment best suited for enterprise, Mediafly uniquely understands the opportunity to make enterprise-grade sales enablement easy and accessible to every company regardless of revenue or employee count. Under the strategic direction of Mediaflys executive leadership team, the limits to what this team can achieve simply do not exist.

While rapid growth sometimes comes at the cost of culture, Mediafly received recognition from Crains Chicago as a Best Place to Work in 2019 for the second consecutive year. According to a 2019 Mediafly employee survey, 98% of respondents agree Mediafly is a great place to work and 96% of respondents have strong relationships with their colleagues. Transparency and purpose also ranked high in the survey, with more than 94% of employees understanding the strategic direction of Mediafly and their teams role in the companys strategic direction.

Marketing Technology News: Ameriprise Financials New Customer Relationship Management System Helps Advisors Deliver Best-in-Class Service

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Mediafly Boasts Record Year With Remarkable Customer Growth, Appoints Three New Advisory Board Members - MarTech Series

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Allego Wins 2019 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Award for Best Advance in Sales Training Online Application for the Second Year in a Row…

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Allego, the modern sales learning and readiness platform, announced today it has won a coveted Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology award in the Best Advance in Sales Training Online Application category. Allego was recognized with a bronze award for its success in elevating sales readiness with its modern learning solution. This is the second year in a row that Allego has been recognized in the same category.

@Allegosoftware recognized by Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards for Best Advance in Sales Training Online Application for the second consecutive year!

The industry recognitions that Allego has received from prestigious organizations like Brandon Hall Group during the past 12 months validates our employees hard work and commitment to driving innovation at every level of the organization, said Yuchun Lee, CEO and co-founder of Allego. Since the beginning, our top priority has been to make it easier and more efficient for customers to empower their sales teams so reps are more confident during every customer conversation. We are extremely optimistic about furthering this mission as we head into 2020.

Marketing Technology News: TruFactor Intelligence-as-a-Service Now Available on AWS Data Exchange, Powering AI and Machine Learning At-Scale

This recognition from Brandon Hall Group is yet another testament to Allegos commitment to investing in technology that promotes the kind of agile learning needed to succeed in todays fast-moving world. Earlier this month, Allegos modern sales learning and readiness platform was recognized by Best in Biz Awards as an Enterprise Product of the Year Sales Software for the second consecutive year. Prior to that, the company was selected by Chief Learning Officer magazines 2019 Learning in Practice Awards for demonstrating Excellence In Technology Innovation. Additionally, Allego prides itself on providing an enjoyable and meaningful work environment for its employees, which was validated when it was named a Boston Business Journal (BBJ) Best Places to Work honoree in 2019.

Winners of Excellence in Technology Awards are at the forefront of technology innovation. Our program evaluates not just the solution itself, but the benefit to the human capital management function, the business and the customer. That is the ultimate differentiator whether the technology has a positive business impact. Technology Award winners pass that test with flying colors, said Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer of Brandon Hall Group and head of the awards program.

Marketing Technology News: Matillion Advances Speed And Simplicity Of Data Integration With Release Of Matillion Data Loader

An Excellence Award also validates the vision of the technology development team, the wisdom of the companys investment in the solution, and the value the technology brings to the end-user, said Mike Cooke, Chief Executive Officer of Brandon Hall Group.

Allegos modern sales learning and readiness platform combines training, practice, coaching and knowledge sharing into one app, using mobile, video, and peer collaboration to reinvent traditional learning for the dynamic needs of todays sales teams. With Allego, sales teams onboard faster, deliver the right messaging, rapidly adopt best practices, coach, practice and learn more effectively and frequently, and collaborate with peers and the home office. More than 200,000 sales professionals across financial services, technology, life sciences and other industries use Allego to ensure they have the skills and timely knowledge needed to make the most of each selling situation.

Marketing Technology News: Syncsort Completes Acquisition of the Pitney Bowes Software and Data Business

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Allego Wins 2019 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Award for Best Advance in Sales Training Online Application for the Second Year in a Row...

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Milwaukee Tool expanding in Menomonee Falls; will hire 870 workers by 2025 – WDJT

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MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Gov. Tony Evers, alongside senior leaders of Milwaukee Tool, local government officials, and region economic development officials announced Tuesday, Dec. 17, the company will expand its footprint in southeast Wisconsin with a new campus in Menomonee Falls.

Gov. Evers also announced Milwaukee Tool will expand itsImperial Blades manufacturing operation in Sun Prairie.

According to a news release from Evers' office, the expansion will create 870 new jobs by 2025. Milwaukee tool expects to invest over $100 million to construct and outfit the Menomonee Falls location, which will complement thecompanys current Global Headquarters campus in Brookfield.

Milwaukee Tool will also invest $7.5 million to expand its Imperial Blades subsidiary in Sun Prairie.

Our state is extremely grateful that Milwaukee Tool continues to expand and invest in Wisconsin, said Gov. Evers. From the companys name to the quality of its tools, Milwaukee Tool demonstrates that Wisconsin products and Wisconsin workers are the best not only in the nation but in the world.

About Milwaukee Tool

A Wisconsin-based subsidiary of Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd., Milwaukee Tool was founded in 1924 and is a global leader in delivering innovative solutions to the professional construction trades that offer increased productivity and unmatched durability.

The company moved from Milwaukee to Brookfield in 1965, and over the last decade has redeveloped 190,000 square feet of former manufacturing space to accommodate research and development, product development, proto-typing, packaging design, marketing, sales, training facilities, and administrative offices. In 2017, Milwaukee Tool completed construction and took occupancy of a new 200,000 square foot, four-story office building on its Brookfield campus, and will take occupancy of a new 116,300 square foot building across Lisbon Road in January 2020. The company has grown employment at its Brookfield campus from just over 300 jobs in 2011 to over 1,400 this year.

Milwaukee Tools global leadership continues to make a big impact on jobs growth within not only Wisconsin, but also the rest of the United States. The company currently employs over 4,100 people nationwide.

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Milwaukee Tool expanding in Menomonee Falls; will hire 870 workers by 2025 - WDJT

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Power Teams: Focused on Retaining and Training –

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Rob Ellerman

In the early 2000s, Rob Ellerman, already an established REALTOR, began building his real estate team.

His first four hires? Still on the team today.

My slogan is, Train them so everybody wants them, and treat them so theyll never leave,' Ellerman explains. Our retention rate is probably the best in our city.

Probably the best understates things. As a group of 110 professionals, The Rob Ellerman Teamaffiliated with ReeceNichols Real Estate, based in the Kansas City metrohas little to no turnover. According to Ellerman, his culture is made to retain. The Rob Ellerman Teams structure and support, for example, allows for the growth of teams within the team, as well as access to comprehensive, in-house training, so agents have the knowledge and skills to succeed.

Its working. In 2018, The Rob Ellerman Team garnered $338 million in sales volume and 1,119 transactions, and is consistently one of the countrys leading real estate teams.

Members of The Rob Ellerman Team

Suzanne De Vita: Rob, how did you establish your real estate team? Rob Ellerman: I started in real estate right out of college in 1996, and worked by myself for 7-8 years. I saw things falling through the cracks, so I hired a buyers agent. Shes still with me today, which is something Im pretty proud ofIve got my first four hires still with me. My slogan is, Train them so everybody wants them, and treat them so theyll never leave. Weve got about 110 people total, including staff. We have an office manager, who is our transaction coordinator; we have a director of Marketing, and she oversees two others in marketing; and we have a lead coordinator and a trainer, and a director of Expansion. We have offices in Lees Summit, On the Plaza, North of the River, Overland Park and Leawood, Kan.; in Springfield, Mo.; and in Pensacola, Fla., and Des Moines, Iowa.

SD: How do you determine who fits with the group? What criteria do you look for? RE: Culture is a big thing for us, and reputation. We dont want to take on part-time agents; we want full-time agents that can go through our 13-day training process. Im proud that we have great people on our team. Our retention rate is probably the best in our citywe just dont have people leave that often. Im happy to take care of my agents. Weve done things for agents that a lot of team leaders do not in order to help them be successful or get through bumps in life. Everything I do is agent- and client-focused. If I can break-even on Zillow, for instance, and give all my agents a bunch of business, its worth it for me.

SD: How did you develop your training? RE: Every year, I look at my business and ask, Where am I weakest? For a long time, I could always point to something that I was in charge of, because I was in charge of everything! I knew I needed a trainer. I had a process, but it wasnt nearly as elaborate as what my trainers come up with. The hard thing about training a team is you spend an enormous amount of time trying to teach them everything thats involved in real estatefrom contracts to dotloop and e-signature, to opening a lockbox, to sales training. To start a team on your own, it takes hours and hours of one-on-one time, which can lead to flat or lower sales for that persons business. On our team, we bring people in and send them to our trainer. Our team leads can focus on their business while we train.

SD: You have teams within your team. How does that work? RE: I allow the agents to form their own groups underneath the team, so instead of having an agent grow out of the team, I let them start their own. My agents run their business under our umbrella, so they can list, sell, get a builder and a development, etc.they can do it all.

SD: What are your goals for 2020? RE: Its hard to say We want to do $370 million next year and for me to break that down over 110 agents, so were looking at growth and expansion. I look at profitability of each area. My goal for next year is to have our expansion offices do super well. In Des Moines, were going to be building homes with our builder, Summit Homes, and I expect that to be very successful. In the Kansas City metro area, we still have a shortage of home inventory, and I dont see that changing a whole lot next year. Our new-construction developments are going to help with that shortage.

SD: Having led a team for 20 yearswhat did you wish you knew when you started? RE: I would have started off differently. Instead of the first buyers agent, I would have gotten a paperwork assistant to handle the transaction coordinator piece of things. I would also know how to leverage my time better, so I could step out of selling quicker and grow the team, versus trying to keep going on the sales side.

Suzanne De Vita is RISMedias online news editor. Email her your real estate news ideas at

Follow this link:
Power Teams: Focused on Retaining and Training -

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December 18th, 2019 at 9:41 pm

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Advertising Sales Summer 2020 Internships New York, NY job with NBCUniversal, Inc. | 408340 –

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Location: New York, New York Function: Operations & Strategy Specialty: Operations Level: Experienced (Non-Manager) Duration: Full Time Salary Description: competitive

Internship Opportunities Commonly Available Include (but are not limited to):SalesMarketingStrategic PlanningResearch & AnalyticsClient PartnershipsDigital Partnerships Daily responsibilities and projects may include (but are not limited to): Supporting sales planning and Account Services management from learning to build media plans to assisting with inventory and quality assurance checksCreate effective and efficient targeting segments for social media campaignsCollaborate with marketing team to develop custom presentations for clientsAssist with ideating multi-platform marketing solutionsDevelop insightful and actionable research used in setting sales strategy

In pursuit of an Associate, Bachelor or Graduate degree at an Accredited Institution and be able to provide documentation to confirm your degree progress. Current class standing of sophomore or above (30 credits) Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above Must be 18 years of age or older Must be authorized to work in the United States without visa sponsorship by NBCUniversal Needs to be able to work on-site in New York, NY

Internships at NBCUniversal are paid and do not require course credit

Deadline: Interested applicants are encouraged to apply by February 14 , 2020.

Summer Program Dates: June August 2020

Desired Backgrounds: Advertising, Sales, Marketing, Economics, Consumer Insights, Operations Research or Business, with a desire to learn about different areas of the Advertising field Desired Characteristics: Strong written and oral communication skills, organized, detail oriented, team player Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite is strongly recommended Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, SPSS, or other tools is preferred. Previous internship experience or on-campus leadership

The NBCUniversal Internship Program is an experience like no other. We offer diversity of opportunities, with unique internships across our iconic portfolio of brands. Through unparalleled access to the best in the business, hands-on training & one-of-a-kind networking events, our interns have the chance to influence change. Our interns are ambitious, innovative and savvy; they shape the way we do things. Here you can contribute as content creators, problem solvers & innovators. Here you can learn the power and possibilities of media and technology. Here you can go far.

NBCUniversals policy is to provide equal employment opportunities to all applicants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, gender identity or expression, age, national origin or ancestry, citizenship, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, veteran status, membership in the uniformed services, genetic information, or any other basis protected by applicable law. NBCUniversal will consider for employment qualified applicants with criminal histories in a manner consistent with relevant legal requirements, including the City of Los Angeles Fair Chance Initiative For Hiring Ordinance, where applicable.

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Sales and Marketing are NOT the Same Thing – Printing Impressions

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E Ryan T. Sauers Author's page

Ryan T. Sauers has spent 25 years leading and/or consulting with printing, graphics, promotional and visual communications related organizations. Ryan is President of the independent consulting firm, Sauers Consulting Strategies, founded in 2010.

Key areas of focus of the firm include: sales training, marketing strategy, personal branding, leadership development and organizational change.

Sauers is a frequent national speaker and columnist. He has been recognized as one of the top 80 CMOs in the world and achieved the top designation of Certified Marketing Executive through Sales and Marketing Executives International.

Sauers is an adjunct university professor teaching leadership and communication courses to current and aspiring leaders. He is a Certified Myers Briggs, DiSC and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner (one of few in US to achieve all 3 rigorous certifications related to human communications, personality & behavior).

Sauers is working on his Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership and hosts a radio show in Atlanta (Marketing Matters). He is author of the best-selling books Everyone is in Sales and Would You Buy from You? More info at:

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Sales and Marketing are NOT the Same Thing - Printing Impressions

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5 Ways To Reach Peak Performance As An Entrepreneur In The New Year – Forbes

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If you want to become a more productive entrepreneur, doing more usually isn't the answer. Here are ... [+] five ways to prioritize what you spend your work time on, and how to get more out of those hours each day.

Theres an old adage about what its likerunning your own businessyou only have to work half a day, and you get to choose which 12 hours they are. While the work load often comes in waves, anyone whos tried their hand at entrepreneurship can attest to the truth of that statement.

It can be surprising for an ill-prepared entrepreneur when they find out just how much work actually goes into getting a business up and running. Many might not be able to manage the additional workload and stress that comes along with being responsible for your own income each month.

With an estimated 50% of businesses failing in the first five years,a lot of those failingscan be attributed to mistakes by founders. Things like not having a sustainable business model, the wrong go-to-market plan, or not accurately anticipating cash flow needs often find their roots in overloaded and overstressed founders that unintentionally let the wrong things slide.

If you want to be a peak performer and focus on whats most important for your business, youll need to build strong habits and take advantage of the tools you have at hand. To shed some more light on this topic, I recently spoke withSam Taggart, founder of theD2D Experts, to gather some of his recommendations for achieving maximum productivity as an entrepreneur.

Many entrepreneurs and CEOs insist on planning for their day during the morning. But the Ivy Lee method, pioneered in 1918, suggests a slightly different approach. At the time, Charles M. Schwab was the head of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, and he was a highly driven CEO that was always seeking new methods of increasing productivity.

When Schwab contacted consultant Ivy Lee and asked him for assistance, Lee simply asked for 15 minutes with each of his executives. Schwab would pay nothing unless Lees conversation workedbut if his executives saw a boost in productivity, Schwab would pay what he thought it was worth.

Lee gave the executives a simple plan to write out the six most important tasks for the next day as they finished up their work during the eveningranking them in order of importance. When they came to the office the next day, theyd tackle them in order of priority and push any unfinished work to the following day.

Schwab and his executives tried this routine for three months, and he was so delighted that he paid Lee $25,000 for his recommendationover $400,000 in todays money. Not bad for a few 15-minute conversations.

Lees method works for a few reasons. For one, its simple enough to stick to and form a habit around. Writing out your to-do list the night before also helps declutter your mind and leave work at work, so that when you come back in the next day, youre ready to start immediately. Finally, the six-task limit forces you to pare your activities down to just the absolute essentials.

Experiment with this productivity method yourself for a month and see if the results measure up. If it was worth $400,000 to Charles M. Schwab, it could work wonders for you too.

Stanford University did extensiveresearch on multitaskingin 2009. They found that far from being more productive at certain tasks, heavy multitaskers actually performed worse across the boardeven in areas researchers expected them to outperform their more focused peers. Most striking is that multitaskers werent able to slow down and focus on a single task at hand.

Were so focused on doing everything, that we often do nothing, says Taggart. If you constantly keep switching tasks, you dont realize how much time youre wasting just getting back into the groove. Setting uninterrupted time aside for important tasks is crucial to your overall productivity.

If youre a compulsive email checker or are constantly dealing with distractions, it might be time to turn over a new leaf and try to forge a more distraction-free work environment for yourself. Create some time away from the hundred things that can make you less productive and really focus on your most important work.

According toone Salesforce survey, 51% of top-performing sales teams focus on customer retention over simply aiming for more immediate sales. If youre in B2B, that divide is even more pronounced, with 79% of business buyers saying its critical their sales contact be as a trusted advisor who adds value to their business.

I do a lot of sales training, and one of the things Ive noticed is a lot of salespeople just dont come across like they care what their prospects are saying, explains Taggart.

Youd be shocked how often I go in and record someone on a sales call and theyre just straight up talking over the person, not listening to what they say. Its a mindset thingtheyre more focused on what they can get out of it than building a relationship, even if that relationship is brief.

Peak performance means making the most of the people you already have a foot in the door with. That means viewing your prospects as mutually beneficial relationships, rather than just seeking to get as much as you can out of the sale.

Anyone whos worked a day in their life knows there are some hours where you just breeze through your to-do list, and others when youre struggling to finish even the most simple of tasks. Did you realize that theres a threshold in the day, after which point your time is all but wasted at work?

That threshold is likely a little different for everyone, but you need to be aware of it. A paper byJohn Pencavel of Stanford University published in 2014makes it clear that hours and output have a nonlinear relationship. Above about 49 hours of work per week, productivity began to plummet dramatically during the study. Pencavel also noted that a rest day made for a more productive remainder of the week.

Ive come to learn this lesson in my own work over the years, too. As a blogger, I can usually sit down on a Monday morning and write a blog post thousands of words in length without ever stepping away from the computer, yet by Friday my thoughts just dont flow as easily.

Working a lot when youre an entrepreneur is understandable, and sometimes unavoidable. But dont neglect to get your rest whenever possible. Use your downtime to intentionally supercharge the hours you do spend on the clock.

It can be easy as an entrepreneur toattempt doing it all yourself. It had to be me, you justify to yourself. Someone else mightve gotten it wrong.

However, learning how to hand things off, either to teammates or the right automation tools, will unshackle your working hours. It allows you to focus only on the tasks youre best at, instead of spending time on work youre ill-suited for.

Learning how to hand off aspects of your job is one of the keys to being an entrepreneur, says Taggart. No one in this line of work can do it all themselvesthere arent enough hours in the day. The stress will destroy you. Entrepreneurs use every resource available to them, and that includes people just as much as it does technology or money.

Becoming a peak performer takes a lot more than just these five pieces of advice. But if you methodically apply them in your day-to-day work, you may find that youre capable of greater output than you ever imagined. Just be sure youre not engaging in work behavior that runs counter to achieving your most meaningful goals.

Create new, productive habits and pair them with pursuing the right idea this new yearand youll be well on the way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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5 Ways To Reach Peak Performance As An Entrepreneur In The New Year - Forbes

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Tesla has announced major overhaul of sales and delivery teams – Business Insider

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Tesla has begun the process of merging the roles of its sales and delivery employees, four current and former employees told Business Insider. The employees asked for anonymity due to a fear of reprisal from the electric-car maker.

Announced internally in October, the initiative, called One Motion, is designed to give each customer a single point of contact when buying a vehicle, the current and former employees said. That means one employee would handle sales, paperwork, and delivery. (At Tesla, a delivery can involve driving a vehicle to a customer's home, or guiding a customer through the final stages of the buying process at one of the company's delivery centers.)

Screenshots of an internal website viewed by Business Insider that include information about One Motion list the following six steps sales and delivery employees should take with potential customers: "connect & understand," "build value," "ask for the sale," "checkout," "support," and "delivery."

"You are the primary owner of the customer's experience up to and beyond the moment they become an owner," a video published on the website and sent in a text to Business Insider says.

The merger between Tesla's sales and delivery departments was in its beginning stages as early as July, when a former salesperson said delivery employees at his location were receiving training to sell cars.

"We've been told in no uncertain terms that we are one team and we will all be doing the same job," he said at the time.

But the transition is not yet complete. A current delivery employee said she has not yet received formal sales training, and a current sales employee said she has yet to deliver any vehicles this quarter. Both employees said they aren't sure how One Motion will be implemented.

One current and one former salesperson expressed skepticism about One Motion, saying it's better to let employees specialize in the tasks that are best suited to their skillsets.

"In practice, it took half, if not more of my productive time and tied it up in paperwork, scheduling, vehicle walkthroughs, customer complaints," the former salesperson said. "Essentially, they took somebody that could have dedicated 100% of his time to selling cars and basically chopped that time, effectively, in half."

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment.

Unlike other automakers, Tesla owns and operates its own stores, rather than outsourcing sales to third-party dealerships. The demands placed on the company's delivery department have grown over time, as Tesla has set quarterly delivery records in eight of the past nine quarters, and expects to do the same in the fourth quarter of this year.

Tesla has in the past recruitedemployees from a variety of departments to deliver vehicles at the end of a quarter, suggesting that the company's delivery staff has at times not been large enough to handle peak workloads. In one case, CEO Elon Musk even asked for assistance from Tesla customers.

Combining the roles of sales and delivery employees is just the latest change in what has been a tumultuous year for Tesla's sales operation. In February, the company said it would close most of its stores, though it partially reversed that announcement a few weeks later when it said it would close only low-performing locations.

Tesla has also changed the compensation structure for its sales employees multiple times and shifted from Salesforce to a proprietary customer-relationship-management system.

Are you a current or former Tesla employee? Do you have an opinion about what it's like to work there? Contact this reporter You can ask for more secure methods of communication, like Signal or ProtonMail, by email or Twitter direct message.

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Tesla has announced major overhaul of sales and delivery teams - Business Insider

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How to Build And Scale A Successful Sales Team – Built In

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When scaling a sales team, it's incorrect to assume that hiring more salespeople will equal more revenue.

First, the duties of each role and how success will be measured should be well thought out and documented. Based on that, new hires must be placed in positions theyre well suited for in relation to their skills and ambitions. Furthermore, new applicants should fit within the culture of their sales team and the company as a whole.

But this only scratches the surface when it comes to building an all-star sales team. We heard from 18 sales managers who shared how they grew their teams while positioning employees for career success.

Kevin Kearns, senior vice president of Grubhubs restaurant network, said the food delivery platforms sales team is all about recreating success.

By documenting and repeating certain key processes like seeking specific traits in applicants and developing a playbook of best sales practices the sales staff is able to hire talented individuals and set them up for successful futures at the company.

Whats your blueprint for building a sales team? How did you identify these keys and how have they made an impact as you build a team?

In the past year we doubled our sales organization. Our goal is achieving both efficiency and effectiveness throughout the sales organization. For efficiency, we have removed barriers that get in the way of selling time, eliminated red tape to get deals done and set metrics that our teams need to achieve each day.

For effectiveness, we have streamlined our sales process to be consultative and value-focused, created a detailed playbook based on best practices of our top sellers and built a recognition program that keeps our teams energized each day. To round it out, we have built a culture of excellence, which includes recognition programs celebrating top performers and specific performances, and created a sales council that address areas of opportunity on behalf of their colleagues.

We executed a discovery process and identified key areas of opportunity across areas like sales process, market coverage and many others. We identified issues in each category and prioritized our action plans based on what had the biggest impact. We also structured our management team to be primarily focused on rep development.

"Hires now get a full month of onboarding and hands-on coaching...

When scaling, how do you ensure your team doesnt lose the elements that made it so successful in the first place?

Instead of hiring the way we always did, we needed to figure out how to bring on talented individuals at scale. To do that, we evaluated the traits of our best sellers and created a hiring profile and interview process that was replicable and increased the likelihood of a great fit. Once on board, instead of ad hoc training and shadowing, we reinvented the training process to be more effective. Our new hires now get a full month of onboarding and hands-on coaching, which is significantly more robust than in the past. We also invested in our trainers, all of whom have been successful sellers at Grubhub. The data shows our new hires are more productive than ever and we have reduced turnover in the first six months.

In terms of culture, we bring all new sellers into our headquarters to observe first-hand the winning attitude of our team. We then pair sellers with mentors that exhibit the habits of success within our team. Finally, we constantly reinforce the cultural attributes that make our team great: teamwork, professionalism, high performance, effort, fun and customer obsessed.

Director of Sales Development Brian Mullin said Sprout Social wants its sales team to do more than meet quotas. The company wants staff to feel like they have a voice, and feel comfortable making their opinions heard.

To that end, Mullin said employee feedback at the social media management platform is incorporated into everything from training to building company culture.

Whats your blueprint for building a sales team? How did you identify these keys and how have they made an impact as you build a team?

Building a successful team starts with identifying key traits your top performers exemplify. We articulate a vision for our people that inspires them to do their best work and reach for more than they thought was possible. Every person on our team has a unique reason for choosing Sprout to start or continue their career, but regardless of the reason, that commitment is something we value and show gratitude for.

"We base our hiring processes, training and culture off of the feedback from our employees.

When scaling, how do you ensure your team doesnt lose the elements that made it so successful in the first place?

The strength of our culture is foundational to why our people love coming to work everyday and its important that our individual contributors feel like they have a voice in the decisions we make as a business. We focus on encouraging feedback across all levels of the organization. When team members are able to openly share their thoughts and ideas, it promotes trust, drives innovation and strengthens their commitment to doing their best work. We base our hiring processes, training and culture off of the feedback from our employees if they arent bought in then its all for naught.

ReviewTrackers VP of Sales Jeff Pearlman said despite aggressive hiring goals, the customer feedback software platform only brings a new salesperson onboard if all hiring managers are a hell yes. This ensures that they only hire top performers who are highly self-motivated.

Whats your blueprint for building a sales team? How did you identify these keys and how have they made an impact as you build a team?

It all starts with hiring the right people. We look for people who are curious, collaborative and competitive. Our culture avoids micromanagement at all costs, which means the people we hire must be autonomous and highly self-motivated. To build on those strengths, we make sure we have the right training and support system in place so that every rep has the correct tools and training to succeed. We also have a scaling compensation plan that rewards over-achievers as well as a clear career progression plan to make sure the team knows exactly how to earn promotions.

Most of this was identified by myself and my sales management team based on successes and failures in previous roles. For example, in one of my past jobs I saw multiple top performing reps who had exceeded their quota be placed on performance management for not making enough calls. These double standards never made sense to me, and they were a driving force behind how we look at metrics.

"Our culture avoids micromanagement at all costs, which means the people we hire must be autonomous.

When scaling, how do you ensure your team doesnt lose the elements that made it so successful in the first place?

The key is to make sure we have the right support system in place. When we started our hiring push this year, we evolved our training model from a scrappy, startup-based new hire training model to a comprehensive curriculum, which included several weeks of training from multiple leaders from across the company. We are also fortunate to have a great group of individual contributors who are highly competitive but also help each other and share sales best practices. This model allows new reps to have mentors while they continue their ongoing training.

When it comes to hiring, we follow the mentality of its either a hell yes or its a no. This is hard to do in a tough market with aggressive hiring goals but as long as we stick to this, we know we will bring on the right people and not sacrifice our culture.

VP of Sales in the Americas Dan Costanzo said building an atmosphere of trust and continuous learning at pricing softwarecompany Pricefx is the key to sales success. And that goes for sales leaders as well as new account execs.

Whats your blueprint for building a sales team? How did you identify these keys and how have they made an impact as you build a team?

I look for self-empowered individuals who demonstrate a sense of urgency and a passion for delivering value to customers. In doing so, they reap not only personal success, but also a high degree of professional satisfaction in being part of a collective effort felt by customers, colleagues and the market. The best way to identify these characteristics is by gaining a sense of candidates professional values and personal initiative.

"The best way to learn and grow as a professional is through learning from my peers.

When scaling, how do you ensure your team doesnt lose the elements that made it so successful in the first place?

Ensurethat candidates are well-grounded in the values of the founders. I have always believed that the best way to learn and grow as a professional is through learning from my peers, so building an atmosphere of trust and continuous learning is very important to me.

As the VP of Sales at Chowly, which integrates third-party delivery platforms with restaurants, Tom Lawton does his best to pay attention to his individual team members. This means understanding understanding what motivates them individually and collectively as well ashearing what changes theyd like to see to sales protocols.

Whats your blueprint for building a sales team? How did you identify these keys and how have they made an impact as you build a team?

While I dont believe there is a cookie-cutter blueprint to building and scaling a successful sales team, I do believe there are key factors to ensure the team has the opportunity to be successful.

As a sales leader, creating a strong collaborative culture is the first thing I set out to do. You spend more time during the week at work with your team than you do with family and I am very intentional in building a team environment that supports that. After building that cultural foundation, you learn what motivates individuals and teams, so you can identify which levers to pull in certain situations. This could mean additional bonus incentives for a given time period, or collaborating with marketing on a specific message we want to spread to drive additional leads.

Next, I really drive home understanding the science and art of sales, like knowing how many touch points, conversations and scheduled pitches it takes to close. Combining that with what you say, how you say it and your mindset throughout the entire sales process brings the formula of the science plus art to life.

I believe that while hiring is very critical, retaining your sales reps is even more important.

When scaling, how do you ensure your team doesnt lose the elements that made it so successful in the first place?

I believe that your team carries the culture as you scale. Ensuring that you never stop learning and continue to take in as much feedback from your team as possible as you scale is important. Every time we onboard someone, we ask for as much feedback as possible to ensure the next time, we get better as a leadership team.

I want to ensure everyone has a voice as we grow. We hold quarterly meetings on any sales-bible rule changes the team would like to vote on. We create certain criteria but ultimately, the team adjusts the "settings" so we have 100 percent buy-in and alignment across the organization.

While hiring is very critical, retaining your sales reps is even more important. From managers and directors to VPs, I want to make sure that when we hire someone, we give them every possible chance to succeed.

A quarterback cant succeed if theyre told to act as a teams punter. BigTime Softwares Senior VP of Sales Michael Morrison believes that putting people in positions where they can succeed based on their skills is key to building a successful sales team.

In order to do that, he said its first necessary to determine the specific skills needed for success in each role.

Whats your blueprint for building a sales team? How did you identify these keys and how have they made an impact as you build a team?

When I build a sales team, I always start by researching and quantifying targets. Understanding who prospects are, where to find them and how to best engage with them is essential to organizing the most effective team.

Based on over 20 years of experience in sales, I believe the second step is putting the right people in the right roles by establishing the critical skills and competencies for each position on the team. This ensures that you are hiring, training and evaluating talent based on the most relevant criteria.

The final step is execution and iteration based on the key performance indicators of the business. Are team members achieving their goals? Why or why not, and what can leaders do to help?

"A formula of regularly celebrating wins while learning from losses helps to foster an open and transparent culture.

When scaling, how do you ensure your team doesnt lose the elements that made it so successful in the first place?

This is accomplished by putting people first. Whether its training or hiring, you must establish practices that ensure that you hire individuals based on the right criteria and that you are providing them with the environment and the resources to be successful. This, along with a formula of regularly celebrating wins while learning from losses, helps to foster an open and transparent culture where people can contribute, develop and grow as the organization scales.

Commercial Sales Manager Jordan Gorosh and other leaders at TripActions encourage their sales teams to put both themselves,and the customers, first.

Gorosh said users of the business travel booking platform are a priority and striving to meeting their needs is a foundational value. However, employees are also pushed to invest in their own professional needs by advancing their skills through the companys continual learning framework.

Whats your blueprint for building a sales team? How did you identify these keys and how have they made an impact as you build a team?

The DNA of any sales team is built on its people and we place a strong emphasis on making sure each person is a cultural fit for the organization. Our core value of putting the user first is tied intrinsically to our sales team, and its leaders cascade that value throughout the team early and often. As weve grown and scaled our team to match that growth, keeping our users top-of-mind ensures were finding the right people who will own our mission and beliefs.

"We center our teams around the concept of continuous learning...

When scaling, how do you ensure your team doesnt lose the elements that made it so successful in the first place?

We center our teams around the concept of continuous learning, accountability, real-time feedback and personal reflection. Each TripActions employee is trained to use our debriefing and continual learning framework to ensure that no matter how fast were moving, were taking the time to learn for our own sakes and the sake of the business.

Have you ever struggled to find your keys, with no recollection or roadmap to even narrow down the search (did you leave them in the kitchen or on your desk)? Onna helps you find what youre looking for, no matter where it is, within a digital landscape. We recently spoke with Russ Grant, VP of revenue, about why understanding how they support businesses is key in growing their sales team.

Whats your blueprint for building a sales team? How did you identify these keys and how have they made an impact as you build a team?

There is no blueprint, unfortunately. Each company needs to understand its market, buyer and internal team, and base their hiring plan off of those audiences. We serve such a huge potential market. Near-term, we are focused on building value for mission-critical applications for legal, compliance and IT teams and companies.

Building a team at our stage is truly about diversity. Different approaches to the sales process, ways of thinking about the industry and team interaction all play into our hiring decisions.

"Training, onboarding and culture are all constantly a work in progress.

When scaling, how do you ensure your team doesnt lose the elements that made it so successful in the first place?

Weve set out with a plan for scale. How do we support a business a thousand times our current size? This helps us make decisions in context and set expectations for the amazing people were bringing on.

Training, onboarding and culture are all constantly a work in progress. We dont pretend to have a perfect mold. Were also building an international team, so we have to simultaneously look for ways to integrate and enable every employee for success. Even if its a new role, we ask employees what they feel they need to succeed.

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