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Sales Training & Coaching – KONA Group

Posted: August 28, 2017 at 4:45 pm

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Which Sales Performance Issues are Your Sales People Facing?

Receive a FREE Sales Capability Assessment for your team by contacting KONA today at, or call 1300 611 288

If you need your sales people to consistently hit target, and be seen as an industry resource and strategic partner instead of a product flogging, price quoting, problem solver, KONA Groups Hearts and Minds sales training will develop your sales people to be able to:

KONA customise every Sales Training and Coaching program to our clients business and teams, and are facilitated by experienced professionals.

We do not run generic, off the shelf, by the manual sales training courses, delivered by theoretical trainers or academics

So if you need to increase your sales, profits and performance contact us today on 1300 611 288 or email

Contact KONA to discuss how Hearts and Minds selling will change your sales peoples results.

Call:1300 611 288 | SMS:0425 200 883 |

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Sales Training & Coaching - KONA Group

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August 28th, 2017 at 4:45 pm

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Renovated Hofmann Training Facility Provides State-Of-The-Art Learning Opportunities – (AMN)

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With more than 350 factory-trained professionals on staff, Hofmann says it provides leading training and sales support for its customers. The recently renovated Hofmann training and manufacturing facility in Conway, Arkansas, provides state-of-the-art instructional classes to help shop owners and professional service technicians improve performance, productivity and most importantly, the bottom line.

Our center in Conway offers Hofmann customers a wide variety of training options to help them maximize the efficiencies of their equipment and valuable strategies to help them grow their businesses, said Ronald Racine, North American training manager. At Hofmann, we stay connected to our customers after they invest in our equipment to ensure they receive all the support and service they need to succeed in the marketplace.

As part of its long-standing commitment to the U.S. market, the Jack D. Michaels Training center in Conway, named after the former Snap-on CEO and president, provides Hofmann customers with training on automotive service equipment, customer service and vehicle repair strategies. Classes are available to direct sales agents and distributors, as well as end-users of Hofmann products. The contemporary facility includes modern classrooms, fully-equipped training garages and an engineering lab.

The Conway facility also houses all facets of equipment production, including product design, manufacturing, sales and distribution. The company has more than 200 employees in the Conway area.

Customers can learn more about Hofmann wheel service products by calling 800-251-4500 or visiting

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Renovated Hofmann Training Facility Provides State-Of-The-Art Learning Opportunities - (AMN)

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August 28th, 2017 at 4:45 pm

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Take the mystery out of selling – Florida Trend

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Imagine that youre sitting across the desk from a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. You are interviewing for a position to run all of marketing in a new division. And he asks you why they should hire you. What would you say?

Yep, that happened to me once. Heres what I said: I know how to sell. By the end of the conversation I had an offer.

All of us need to know how to sell in our careers and in our lives. This is true whether you are selling yourself, or pitching an idea or product. Buyers can be your soon-to-be boss, a colleague, the marketing team, a venture capitalist, or your kids.

This means you should hire marketers who can sell. Yet, its much more than that. Every employee within an organization has a responsibility to sell the companys products and services, its brand, and ideas too. This is true no matter the size of the company or the position of a given team member.

But, not everyone knows how to sell or likes to sell. Most people enjoy focusing most on what they love and do best and avoid tasks they dislike or do not have skills in -- like selling. Heres how to take the mystery out of selling.

Get non-salespeople who know the nuts and bolts involved. Whether its the founder, engineers, or marketers theres a really good chance they understand the significant stuff about why your products or services are necessary. Make sure that knowledge gets in front of your future customers! Force technicians* (maybe yourself) out of their comfort zone and get them use to selling their passion and skill for your company and its products.(*A "technician" is a person with tangible, hands-on skills, as named by Michael Gerber in his book, Why Most Businesses Dont Work and What to Do About It.)

Help non-salespeople learn to sell. Selling isnt only about getting a buyer to sign on the dotted line. Give your non-salespeople both the skills and appreciation for selling with training created just for them. Bring in someone who will teach basic sales principles and how to talk with a buyer when the situation calls for it. No dry and boring sales training allowed! Itll give an unexpectedly wonderful return on the training dollars you spend.

Instill a consultative selling and customer success mindset. This may be the easiest part of getting non-salespeople to sell. Technicians by nature like to explain their products and service; because they deeply understand these and also because theyre proud of how your offering helps buyers. But often, an excessive amount of nitty-gritty details are over-shared. All you have to do is channel that enthusiasm into a bit of a structured process. The key to this is helping your team understand exactly what your business sells and the outcome what the buyers can expect in terms of benefits and value. Then, on top of that, teach your team to think about customer success -- because one of the major result every customer wants is to attain something positive, maybe even his or her dream. Let your team know that ultimately their job is to help people get what they need and want. Thats how your staff will earn a buyers attention.

Baby steps are good with a heavy dose of mentoring. Have them jump on a few sales calls or do demos all day long at a tradeshow. Also, ask people in your organization to represent your business at networking events, including giving the dreaded 7-second elevator pitch. And without a lot of notice, tell them that youd like them to meet with the CEO or investors to explain a new project. Watch and listen and give positive feedback -- theyll get comfortable and start to have fun!

It's good for everyone in all areas of your business to know some sales techniques and understand the selling process. They will be more in-tune with what goes on during the sales cycle, plus be ready to jump in and help.

One persons actions can make a big impact.

Ron Stein is founder of More Customers Academy, helping business leaders build strategic messaging and positioning that cuts through the competitive noise to grow revenue. Ron has developed his own highly successful 5-step Stand Out & Sell More approach to winning new customers as a result of his twenty-five years of business development, marketing, and selling experiences. He works with a range of businesses, from startups to large corporations across industries including technology and healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services and banking. Ron conducts workshops, leads company meetings, offers keynote talks, and consults. He can be reached at 727-398-1855 or by email.

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Take the mystery out of selling - Florida Trend

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August 28th, 2017 at 4:45 pm

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McCormack Media Services | Modern Media Training

Posted: August 27, 2017 at 4:46 am

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Tracey McCormack - Founder & President

Tracey McCormack is a media and sales industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in traditional and modern media platforms. Her demonstrated expertise spans many facets of the industry including sales strategy, modern selling techniques, omni-channel marketing, cross-platform video, and social selling to name a few.

Traceys diverse media and sales background includes agency, station, and network experience across radio, local TV, national cable, cross-platform sales, Hispanic media, start-up networks, sales management, and executive leadership. She has a proven record of driving sales growth in previous positions held at at Harrington, Righter and Parsons, KNBC 4 Los Angeles, and the Univision owned and operated flagship station KMEX. As VP of Sales, Tracey played a pivotal role in launching the national cable channel Si TV (now known as FM) and then went on to serve as SVP of Licensing at Youtoo Technologies, owned in part by Mark Burnett. Tracey is certified by the IAB in Digital Media Sales.

Her commitment to the future of the media industry is exemplified by her more than 20 years as an adjunct professor at UCLA Extension. Following her recognition by the university with the Distinguished Instructor Award, UCLA Extension announced the formation of the Tracey McCormack Scholarship Fund as an endowment to provide scholarships to students interested in the areas of media and marketing. In Fall 2016, Tracey expanded her reach in educating the next generation of media sales leaders with new courses offered at the NYU School of Professional Studies.

For her work in media and dedication to training todays media professionals, Tracey has been recognized and honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Ad Relief; one of the industrys most highly esteemed charity organizations.

Tracey's Areas of Expertise:

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McCormack Media Services | Modern Media Training

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August 27th, 2017 at 4:46 am

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Four Behaviors Stopping You From Being a Corporate Sales Closer … – PR Web (press release)

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Sales Training World presents a new online sales guide featuring human behaviors and how salespeople can better understand the buyer to boost business success and improve relationships

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 25, 2017

Attracting more businesses to one's products or services is actually simpler than it appears. It doesn't require hypnotizing or manipulating the sales targets into buying. All one has to do is give them what they want. With the right corporate sales training, one will be increasing sales in no time - all while maintaining a good business-to-business relationship.

The real key to improving corporate sales is, quite simply, an understanding of the human behavior. Fundamentally, all human beings have the same mental triggers that usually drive their actions. To fully understand and influence potential clients, one needs to know what those mental triggers are and how to effectively utilize them in a corporate sales message.

In this new online guide, sales expert Ryan Dohrn of Sales Training World outlines four typical psychological behaviors that may block one from closing an otherwise successful corporate sales deal, and explains how to alter sales tactics to appeal to humans' natural instincts, beliefs and desires.

In this piece, available online now, Dohrn covers the following behaviors:

He then explains how to understand and appeal to these behaviors to improve sales and business-to-business relationships.

In order to make it huge in corporate sales, one needs to have asales process and stick to it. Carefully analyzing the human behavior enables one to create a repeatable process can help one learn and grow with each client they come across. Thats the key to sales success.

This piece is published on Click here to read and learn more now!

About Ryan Dohrn:

Ryan Dohrn is an award winning corporate sales coach and offers corporate sales training to thousands of corporate sales executives each year. He is also an international motivational speaker and the author of the best-selling sales book, Selling Backwards. He has performed sales coaching for companies in 17 unique industry sectors, from media to tech to aviation, and is the owner and Publisher of an online portal for sales training success.

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Four Behaviors Stopping You From Being a Corporate Sales Closer ... - PR Web (press release)

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August 27th, 2017 at 4:46 am

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To Succeed You Must Become a Knowledge Junkie – Entrepreneur

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A junkie can be defined as anyone suffering from an addiction. Ill be the first to admit, I exchanged one addiction for another. My drug addiction nearly cost me my life, but my addiction to knowledge -- which is power -- helped me save my life.

I was 25 years old when I went to drug rehab and finally made a commitment to have success as a salesman. I knewto become successful in sales I needed knowledge, so I invested $3,000 in a sales training program that gave me the knowledge I needed to start making more sales and 10X my annual income.

Related:8 Success Habits Learned Building a 7-Figure Business by Age 17

Selling is hard if you havent made a commitment to it, but the truth is anything is hard without a commitment. It doesnt matter what industry you are in, if you arent committed to it, you will suffer. Being committed means you write down your goals and train daily to be better at whatever you do.

Anytime I am having trouble getting what I want in my life, in my career, in money or in my relationships, I askWhat is it that I do notknow?It doesnt matter if its more quality time with my kids, more income, more freedom, security, confidence or whatever it is I want, the first thing I look for is to become clear about my desire and then look for what I don't know.

Don't give up on what you want, get the knowledge that you are missing.Make this your steadfastformula!If you really want something, butyou aren't getting it, then just know withtotal confidencethat it is merely something you do not know. Determinewhat that is and get the knowledge. This has worked for memany times in my life to get me what I want. If you don't commit to this formula you actually start creating dumb reasons for giving up on the things you deserve.

Related: No Matter How Much Experience You Have, There's Always Something New to Learn

When you knowsomething

1. You canpredictoutcomes successfully.

2. You willacquiretrue confidence.

3. Others willagreewith you because they see you are knowledgeable.

Add knowledge to desire,like you would wood to a fire,and sooner or lateryou will achieve your dreams. But know this: There is a shortage of people who fully understand how to sell others on their dreams. You need to sell others on your dream to help make it a reality.

Do you know how to sell? Come to 10XGrowthCon 2018 and let me help you double your sales, and even 10X your sales.

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To Succeed You Must Become a Knowledge Junkie - Entrepreneur

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August 27th, 2017 at 4:46 am

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Column: Mindset embraces sales skills and talents – Chicago Tribune

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To realize the full potential of sales skills and talents begins with the mindset of each salesperson. Self-improvement experts, motivational speakers even those in executive leadership and management roles sing the virtues of a positive mindset.

Years ago one of my coaches, David Herdlinger, constructed a great and simple visual. He drew a quadrant and left top corner he wrote the word "Knowledge." In the top right corner of the quadrant he wrote the word "Attitude." The lower left corner had the word "Skill" and to its immediate right was the word "Habit." Herdlinger named this simple quadrant the "KASH Box."

Then he asked this question about failure in business, sales and even personal lives: Is failure the result of a lack of Knowledge or Skills or poor Attitudes and Habits?

How much training and development be it for sales, customer service, leadership or management is about acquiring new knowledge and skills? Yet if failure is due to poor attitudes and habits, why isn't there equal if not greater emphasis on developing great attitudes and habits? Aren't these attitudes and habits the foundation for success?

Mindset is the desire or lack of desire to put into action one's skills and talents. For some this mindset may be called "grit" for others we hear the phrase "positive mental attitude." Whatever we call mindset, the end result is the same that being forward progress even under adverse situations.

Many people have the necessary skills and talents to be successful. However sales and business success still eludes them. My husband, who is now a retired entrepreneur, captured the essence of the KASH Box mindset with this statement:

"It is not a question of do I know it, but rather of one 'Do I want to do it?" He then went on and said, "If I want to do it, I will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills."

So the question returns to you. Do you want "to do it" to:

Increase sales?

Increase commissions?

Increase repeat business (customer loyalty)?

(Fill in the blank)?

P.S. There are now four months remaining in 2017. If you are not satisfied with your business or sales results, maybe it is time to do a self-check in about your own mindset.

Leanne Hoagland-Smith is an author, speaker and executive coach. Her weekly column explores issues that impact the bottom line of firms with fewer than 100 employees. She can be reached at 219-508-2859.

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Column: Mindset embraces sales skills and talents - Chicago Tribune

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August 27th, 2017 at 4:46 am

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Sales Training Programs Illinois | Dale Carnegie Training

Posted: August 23, 2017 at 7:43 am

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Online Training

A Managers Guide to Sustainable Employee Engagement

This program focuses on the business value of engagement and the important role a manager plays in employee engagement. Managers will learn and practice the steps to take to lead a team of fully engaged employees and to sustain those high levels. In this six-hour, three session Live Online workshop, participants will commit to and practice the proven attributes, actions, and behaviors they can implement to build, strengthen, and sustain a fully engaged workforce.

Analyze Problems and Make Decisions

This 3-hour Live Online workshop highlights several different problem solving tools and methods for gathering and analyzing data to make the process efficient and interactive. Decisions often need to be made quickly or under pressure which can lead to stress on individuals and teams. Learn to apply practical principles that can minimize stress that impedes sound decision-making.

Appeal to Buyer Motives to Close More Sales

In this interactive, one-hour webinar, you will learn how to gain commitment more easily by conducting the early phases of the sale skillfully. Over-emphasis on closing can feel like a manipulative technique to the buyer and can strain the relationship. The key is to build the relationship throughout the sales process by appealing to buyer emotions and motives. Doing so will improve close ratios and lead to more successful sales.

Attitudes for Service

In this Live Online workshop, you will discuss taking 100% responsibility for customer service. Each time an internal or external customer comes into contact with you, your attitude is showing. You will apply Dale Carnegie principles and identify ways to maintain a friendly, low pressure and high service environment that makes customers want to come back to you in the future.

Build a High Performing Virtual Team

What does it take to build and manage a successful virtual team? Dispersed workforces are todays norm, and while virtual teams can be similar to traditional ones, leaders can no longer rely on only face-to-face communication and team building methods to build a productive virtual team.The digital age is changing the way we work, play, communicate and think. It is an exciting frontier that rewards those that step up to the challenge and develop new levels of competence. While it may seem difficult to keep pace with technological changes, the abundance of new, user-friendly tools actually make it easier to lead and collaborate across distance than ever before.This Live Online webinar introduces the tools, attitudes and actions leaders need to encourage maximum performance in team members.

Building Your Power Team

Building a team can be both a challenging and productive experience when a leader has the skills to capitalize on the strengths each person brings to the team. Different generations provide diversity and bring a unique mindset, work style, and communication style. Qualifications, skills, and knowledge are definitely important; however, the ability to relate to others, establish rapport, and demonstrate a positive attitude can only be determined through an interview. Asking behavior-based questions can help you differentiate candidates and choose the right person for the team. Once each individual is hired, the first 30 days are critical to successful on-boarding, as your team will need to trust you and believe in you in order to follow you.

Coaching for Improved Performance

This workshop provides effective coaching techniques and other tools to help close the gap between expected performance and actual results. After completing this session, participants will coach for improved performance by following a step-by-step process and use the appraisal meeting to focus on future growth and training for others.

Compelling Sales Presentations

This 3-hour Live Online workshop is designed for sales people who want to increase their close rates through more effective presentations. The program provides an overview and flow of a sales presentation and highlights the ideas that people need to know and practice to get started. In addition to sales presentations, it emphasizes how we should present ourselves in any situation. It is especially useful for people involved in consultative selling.

Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Confident, Assertive, In Charge: Developing the Attitudes of Leadership - Live Online

FOUR-SESSION SEMINAR -- Now you can learn to tap into your latent power, unleash your inner attitudes of confidence and enthusiasm and build your visibility in the organization at Confident, Assertive, In Charge: Developing the Attitudes of Leadership. Take that first step in transforming yourself from a follower into a leader- right from your desk.

Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Create Your Work-Life Breakthrough

In this session you will explore useful tips and actions that can help you regain your sense of balance.

By analyzing our current levels of energy and focus in each aspect of life work, family, health, community, spirituality, social life, and finances we can determine how satisfied we are with each, identify potential stressors, and plan a course of action based on what is truly important to us.

Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Cross and Up Selling

Cross-selling and up-selling create value for both you and your customers. Opportunities to help guide customers to make better buying decisions arise when you ask the right questions, make appropriate suggestions, and present options in a manner that does not seem pushy.

Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Cultivate Power without Being Intimidating

Part of successful organizational leadership is having the ability to assert the power of your position without intimidating others to the point where they are hesitant to take initiative. For staff members to respect you, they need to feel that you are approachable and able to keep your emotions in check. By applying Dale Carnegies principles, and by gaining the willing cooperation of others, you become a catalyst for beneficial outcomes for your colleagues, customers, and yourself.


In today's leaner and faster business world, managers are expected to do more with less. It is more important than ever for managers to effectively delegate projects and tasks. This program will give you the tools to develop valuable team members by building productivity and engagement, while maintaining accountability and control.

Disagree Agreeably

Left unresolved, disagreements with others can waste time and energy, and also negatively impact productivity. For many, the normal reaction is to avoid disagreements in order to maintain a peaceful work environment. Yet we can gain so much from those with whom we disagree if we can learn to view these situations as learning opportunities, and deal with them in an agreeable and professional way. In this webinar, you will gain insights into your personality and reactions when dealing with differences of opinion surrounding your "hot buttons." You will learn to give others the benefit of the doubt and how to practice expressing yourself in a way that promotes acceptance, agreeable outcomes, and improved productivity.

Dream Big, Focus Small: Achieve SMARTER Goals

In this fast-paced, one-hour Live Online webinar you will learn how to create such SMARTER goals for personal and professional success. You will see why it is important to both dream big, but then focus small, to overcome common obstacles. And youll walk away with ten tips that can be key to achieving results and improving your performance.

Getting Results Without Authority

Getting Results Without Authority is part of the Keys To Success Webinar Series. In this Webinar, you will learn the characteristics you need to have, and actions you need to take, to get maximum results from people who dont work directly for you. Youll learn how to influence others by building authentic trust, credibility, and respect, thereby gaining their willing cooperation when you need it most.

Goal Setting and Accountability

Successful leaders and managers take an active role in goal setting and hold their people accountable. But doing so in a supportive way is critical for the members of the team to feel that what they do makes a difference, keep engagement levels high, and ultimately achieve optimal results. This two-hour Live Online workshop will help you instill in your team the importance of individual, team, and development goals, and create a culture of high performance. You will learn tips to build employee engagement that drives positive outcomes, and best practices for holding individuals and teams accountable to the agreed upon goals.

How to Cold Call and Build New Customers

If you're like most sales people you can think of a million excuses not to cold call because - let's face it - you hate it. The rejection and sense of failure are tough to take. But cold calling is necessary to success since new business often accounts for as much as 50% of your production. Take the stress out of cold-call days and improve your hit ratio.

How to Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact - Live Online

FOUR-SESSION SEMINAR -- Have you ever been awed by someone who always seems to know what to say and how to say it in any situation? They know how to communicate with diplomacy, tact and confidence; and now you can acquire these same skills at this new seminar. Gain the skills you need to deal with all kinds of people- right from your desk!

How to Present Online

Successful organizations today must communicate quickly and effectively across geographic boundaries. Presenting online is often the best solution to get information and training to the people who need it most, when they need it. If you are tasked to be the next online presenter in your organization, this session will help you shine!

How to Win Friends and Influence Business People - Live Online

FOUR-SESSION SEMINAR -- Based on the classic teachings from the book How to Win Friends and Influence People, thislive onlineeventfrom Dale Carnegie Training will show you ways to achieve enlightened interpersonal effectiveness. You'll gain a holistic perspective by looking at what triggers you, and how your attitude affects communication outcomes.

Kickoff to the Dale Carnegie Live Online Experience

Our online learning environment is designed to be engaging, interesting, informative, and above all, interactive. We want your experience to be great, so that you can apply useful Dale Carnegie principles in your work and personal life. This FREE, 30-minute, interactive session introduces you to the Live Online experience, tests your audio connection, and teaches you how to use the many learning tools used in Dale Carnegie Digital webinars, workshops, and seminars.

Lead Change Effectively

In this two-hour Live Online workshop we will examine the challenges of change leadership and the mistakes that often result. We will incorporate principles for leading organizational change, leading individuals during times of change, and managing our own reactions to change. Out of this discussion, you will create a draft of a change leadership plan. By creating and following through on this plan, you can take a more organized approach to leading organizational change.

Leading Across Generations

Leading a team of diverse generations can be an incredibly rich and productive experience when you have the skills in place to capitalize on the strengths of each generation. This program provides insights and tools to help you turn the attitudes and skills each generation brings to the table into powerful performance drivers. You will learn the approaches that will most often help you lead members of each generation, resulting in an engaging and productive work environment for everyone.

Leading Virtual Teams

TWO SESSION WORKSHOP - Overall, virtual teams are very similar to traditional face-to-face teams. After all, people are people. We may communicate today with different tools and greater speed, but Dale Carnegies advice on how to communicate, lead and work efficiently remains priceless across the ages. This two-session Live Online workshop will help equip leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead virtual teams to new levels of effectiveness.

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Nothing can destroy productivity, derail projects and make you look bad faster than workplace conflict.Whether it's the kind that smolders just beneath the surface or it's become open warfare, conflict can paralyze your group, department or entire company. And, unfortunately, the unpleasant task of resolving conflicts falls on your shoulders. But now there's help.

Managing Customer Expectations

It is a simple truth: customers continue to do business with organizations that deliver on what they promise and who have treated them fairly. You have far more potential to develop long lasting relationships and future business success by managing customer expectations in a consistent way. Acquire the tips you need to set, monitor, and influence customer expectations for greater business impact.

Managing Workplace Stress

See the rest here:
Sales Training Programs Illinois | Dale Carnegie Training

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Versal for Sales Training

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Supercharged sales start here

Create and deliver online training and get reps up to speed fast

(A few of the amazing companies that trust Versal for online training)

Keep in touch viaTwitter | Privacy Policy

2017 Versal Group, Inc.

Empower collaboration

Invite everyone to teach and learn from one another, in groups or company-wide.

Create content

Draft text, import photos and embed videos to teach basic concepts.

Control access

Set courses to private and invite learners, or open them to anyone.

Follow learner progress

Monitor success analytics and review assessment results.

Mobile and embeddable

Integrate modules into websites, blogs, or LMSs. All content is mobile-optimized.

The pace of business today is faster than ever. Products change, sales processes are revised, and it's tough to keep everyone in the loop.

Versal is a deceptively simple online course creation and delivery solution. Develop super-effective sales training modules (built-in interactive exercises, assessments and more), and deliver via Versal or embed in existing systems. Do it yourself, or let internal experts take the lead. No coding required, mobile-ready.

It's training at the speed of sales. Try it today!

Add interactivity

Build and customize interactive exercises, quizzes, slideshows, message boards etc.

Maintain control

Administrative oversight and permissions ensure great learning experiences.

Import materials

Embed PowerPoints, PDFs, and Google/Word docs directly in a course.

Check out this live sample course!

( the three bars to view the table of contents)

Versal product features

Ideal for training hundreds or thousands of employees, customers, partners or resellers

Supercharged sales start here

Versal is a daily eLearning platform, designed for the modern sales force

Versal has revolutionized the speed at which I can create and edit teaching materials for my eLearning business.

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Versal for Sales Training

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August 23rd, 2017 at 7:43 am

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Home – Natural Training

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Since 2005 we have been training sales teams from all over the world with our award winning sales transformation programmes. We build customer sales training programmesthat fit you like a glove because we absorb your company culture, your team dynamic and understand the natural style of each individual.

Unlike traditional sales training, we dont lock you into our system or bend you to our rules. We are unique in that we start with you. This makes your learning development much more bespoke it looks and feels culturally aligned. Want to know more about our approach?

A rigid methodology can be a straight-jacket when solving specific problems, so we prefer a flexible, ideas-led approach. With years of senior-level experience, our trainers can focus a teams natural strengths, fire their imaginations and ultimately change their behaviour.

We transform your people over time which gives you the greatest chance of changing behaviours into habits. Little and often, serving up learning in easily digestible chunks, not bogged down in theory. See the Natural Difference.

We want the best outcome for you and your team, so we ask you to give us targets to measure the results of the training, such as making you more money or helping you to influence others.

Best of all we have an audited return on investment of 20:1. Call us today to understand how we can drive real results for your sales team more outbound telesales activities, more effective client meetings, and more new business revenue than ever before.

The rest is here:
Home - Natural Training

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August 23rd, 2017 at 7:43 am

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