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I've been going to this studio consistently since signing up for FitReserve and every time I leave it I feel so much better than when I arrived. The teachers are so encouraging and reassuring, and the classes really are all levels - there's a great mix of students in each one. They're also the exact right balance between physical and meditative. Jennifer and Dana's classes in particular are awesome. I LOVE New York Yoga.

Dont buy a package from here. My sister bought me a 10 pack and I just got a call that it was going to expire. The expiration date was never discussed when purchasing and there was no signature that I agreed to this. NY Yoga thinks that they will keep my $300 dollars for no reason. This is not fair practice and let it be known of this scam.

Tried one class here. This was an open class- and I brought my friend who had never done yoga before. As a yoga teacher I have to say she has a good grasp on leading a class.... if you know the positions. However for the newbies she was not helpful at all. Not only that if I had not intervened my friend could have gotten hurt. It's unfortunate that so many teachers don't know anything beyond sun salutations and some handstands. Yoga is for everyone and this teacher should have shown modifications for each pose.

One of my favorite hot yoga studios in town! The teachers here are knowledgeable and encouraging. They incorporate creative flows with fun music and I always leave feeling both challenged and relaxed. The changing room has all the essentials - lockers (you'd have to bring your own lock), showers, and a hair dryer. Overall it's a great place and I'd highly recommend it!

This is an incredible place. I've gone to hundreds of yoga classes and this was the best one. It's because Cara Anselmo is an amazing teacher. I left feeling completely differently than when I went in, which is a very good thing! Cara taught with kindness and wisdom. She was opening and welcoming and helpful. She was beautiful. I highly recommend this class and this studio. Wish I lived in New York. But I will come back every time I visit New York! Thank you!!!!!

Peaceful, well-kept, quiet studio with friendly & knowledgeable front desk staff. I took Mariana's Power Flow class which was great. Plan to take her hot yoga class next time.

I started practicing with my wife at the York Ave location in September, and we love it. Classes have been great, with good variety to choose from. Our main teachers are Danielle Storm (gentle yoga) and Randi Cerini (basic yoga) and they have been terrific - ultra-positive and accommodate your needs while always teaching with a suggestion here and there. They have made us feel welcome. Now that I seem to be figuring things out, I'm starting to attend Chris Temple's class, and he's just awesome. I have learned so much and yet there is so much more room to grow, look forward to continuing. Thank you NY Yoga!

Restorative yoga=a $30 nap. Will never do it again. Community classes, which are donation-based, are not rigorous, but are better than nothing. I've never paid full price for their regular yoga classes (their prices are steep), so I can't speak to whether or not they're valuable.

Well, I've only been taking class here almost since they opened. This is a friendly studio, but more than that, the teachers are excellent, the classes are creative,and the studio is comfortable. I am, by the way, a Yoga teacher and therapist-- RYT 500-- so I know what I'm talking about. I love New York Yoga.

Clean, well kept little studio. Very peaceful vibes from this space.I've been taking Jessica's Monday night vinyasa class and after the first, I told a friend "I've never gotten so many corrections in my life" - in the best way possible! Jessica give a lot of personal attention while keeping the class moving. What I love is that each time I've gone, despite it being a "basic vinyasa" class, we try something different every class. She has an extremely calming voice and has really helped fix a lot things I've been doing wrong throughout years! Most other yoga classes I take are also downtown (NoHo/union square/ flat iron) which tend to be over crowded with mostly people in their 20s. I like that New York Yoga brings in a very diverse mix of people (age wise and also genders) and it just feels like we are trying to de-stress together on a Monday night.Definitely hit up this studio if you are UES-er!

I absolutely love Rebecca. She is a sparkling gem.

I really love this studio. It is warm, welcoming and clean. The teachers are great and the class sizes are just right. It is a bit expensive but I truly value the classes I take there!

This studio is my happy place. It has excellent vibes. The teachers and members are kind, normal people, not pretentious, snooty, or competitive. It also has the hottest temperature that I have found in all of the hot yoga studios in NYC. The music is also great. Come to an hour class and you will feel amazing about the world afterward.

I moved to the UES and was looking for yoga classes nearby. I got so lucky to find this place. Clean and cozy studio, great teachers and classes. One of my favorite is candlelight yoga. Must try!

I would give New York Yoga a much better rating except for my unfortunate experience with the person at the front desk. It was my first time at New York Yoga and I'd signed up online for a beginners class. I got to the front desk and the woman looked at me and asked if I was there for "Prenatal Yoga". For the record, I do not look pregnant. I was there for Beginner's Yoga or whatever it was called and she had no reason to assume I was there for Prenatal Yoga. While some people might not be offended by this, it offended me, especially when I said that "no, I'm here for beginning yoga" and she said "Oh, I thought you were here for Prenatal Yoga", reiterating that she thought I looked pregnant. It was just so rude. While the class was good, I've never been back.

Wonderful Yoga studio, with friendly staff members, amazing class schedule, and competitive class packages. What I most appreciate of this intimate studio is that they offer 9PM classes. I highly recommend David Radzinsky and Donnalynn Civello's classes.

I went to the 75 min Vinyasa class today.The class itself was good, but quite hard. However, the studio doesn't provide water! I forgot to bring money, and I had to borrow a cup and fill it with sink water. Not good.

'My home away from home'In 2008,..a friend of mine recommended me to do yoga, since my line of work as a supermodel and actress was a stressful one, especially coming from a small town in The Netherlands where everyone is kind and pure.My friend said:" there's a studio two blocks from your house,..go in there,.."So I went,..As I opened the door, a friendly smile greeted me at the front desk and I took my first class with Kristin Leal.I praised to the girl who greeted me with that smile at the front desk about my experience,..she told me about an annual membership. I thought, know what, this is like Holland, a wonderful beautiful environment,..I want to be part of that.That girl at the front desk, became my reason for coming there, her smile.Her smile, and her friendliness,...became my love for yoga, I forgot all about my stressful life, it was like cheers,..'where everybody knows your name'That girl grew to becoming over the years a manager of NY Yoga,..a yoga instructor at the studio.Not only that, also, ..teaches the yoga teacher training program.I always wanted to do that, my mother knew, my friends knew,..So here I come at six AM in 2016 and there's that smile again:" Good morning, Saskia" there was that girl again sitting at the front desk filling in for the front desk girl, a manager, teacher and a yoga teacher training specialist,...BUT it was like THAT the first time I ever entered that yoga studio, but now with my profound purpose in life.But at this time in 2016 I said her name like family, like a close friend and said;" Rebecca Merritt,..can I do the teacher training program?" Haven gotten to know her,..over the past years since 2008 and the community she's built and the teacher training program, and all the wonderful friends I have made, and all the wonderful practitioners and instructors,..this is like my village in Holland, pure and kindnessNamaste,..Sas

Great instructors. I'm now in my third year at NY Yoga and I continue to be happy with their facilities, staff and instructors! A great place to learn and practice yoga.

I love New York yoga. I've been practicing there for over 7 years. Always a friendly face at the desk and the teachers are amazing! They are all super talented and welcoming. I highly recommend NY Yoga!

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