This Hall elementary school has unveiled new hiking trails and outdoor classrooms – Gainesville Times

Posted: August 22, 2020 at 2:52 am

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Theres research that shows that being in the woods reduces anxiety, reduces depression symptoms, she said. We want to just help the kids, and we thought that being in nature would help a lot of what our kids are going through. Our big thing is teaching them mindfulness.

Bouras saidChicopee Woods has a large population of trauma-needs students, and thatdaily trail walking will helpthemreduce their anxiety and increase their happiness,self-esteemandself-awareness.

Hitzgessaid the extra time outside will also provide students with opportunities to take mask breaks, with the large outdoor areas giving them the capability to stay at least 6 feet apart from each other.He said that while the spread of COVID-19isstill a major concerncoming into the start of the school year,spending as much time outside as possible should help cut down on cases at Chicopee Woods.

Im hoping that the offshoot is we have less prevalence of transmission,Hitzgessaid.Im not a doctor, soI cant say thats going to work for certain. It may not prove to be the panacea, yet at the same time, it may provide us, Im hoping, a reduced transmission.

Hall CountySchoolsSuperintendent Will Schofieldsaidin a statement that the district is grateful for the support of our community volunteers and sponsorsin helping to completeprojects like the new walking trails and outdoor classroomsat Chicopee Woods.

When schools and communities pull together, work together, amazing things happen that benefit students,Schofieldsaid. These outdoor trails and classroom spaces will engage our boys and girls and provide them with an opportunity to get fresh air, learn together and develop physically, emotionally and academically.

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This Hall elementary school has unveiled new hiking trails and outdoor classrooms - Gainesville Times

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