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Posted: August 22, 2020 at 2:52 am

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We have been doing some awesome emotional healing work in this column. Thank you for joining the experience.

Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing something called the "original wound."

Examples of this are:

a)the first time we were slighted by a sibling

b)the first time a teacher insulted our academic performance

c)the first time our parents yelled at us.

When emotional experiences like these occur in childhood, we form a self-belief.

This belief informs us if we are:

a)good or bad

b)beautiful or ugly

c)important or irrelevant

d)safe or unsupported.

However, the "information" contained in these beliefs is based solely upon your perception.

In other words, the "information" contained in this belief is not based on actual truth; it is based only on your perception which has been influenced by other peoples perceptions.

These perceptions feel true and real because they are fueled by the emotions contained in your original wound.

Perhaps you felt ashamed when your sibling slighted you.

If you felt that at the moment of this original wound, then you probably grew up feeling perpetually ashamed of yourself.

Perhaps you felt unintelligent and inferior when your teacher insulted your academic performance.

If you felt that at the moment of this original wound, then you probably grew up believing that other people always judge you because you are always inferior in some way.

Perhaps you felt unsafe, misunderstood, and unloved when your parents yelled at you for the first time.

If you felt that at the moment of this original wound, then you probably grew up believing that you are perpetually unsafe, misunderstood, and unloved.

These beliefs are held in our subconscious minds. That means that we rarely realize that we believe these things.

Even if we do occasionally realize that we hold these untrue, limiting beliefs, we still struggle to change these beliefs because they are trapped within our subconscious.

Every relationship in which we participate, how we conduct ourselves on the job, how we communicate with loved ones, and the risks we do and do not take are determined by these subconscious beliefs.

We must continually increase our self-awareness in order to break free from these old beliefs and to become liberated from the pain of the original wounds which hold these beliefs intact.

By increasing our self-awareness, we can create brand new ways of feeling, perceiving, and experiencing the world.

This column (FBN) is here to help you do that. But you have to be willing to participate in the FBN exercises in order for real change to occur in your life.

Consider these questions over the next week. Write your thoughts and feelings about them in a journal:

(Note: You may choose to do the exercises from previous weeks to build more clarity and more effectively transform your life.)

When you find yourself in a state of heightened stress ask:

1.Is my stress in this moment linked to a fear of not being safe or secure?

2.Is my stress in the moment to a fear of not being good enough or not being accepted by others?

3.Is my stress in the moment linked to a fear of abandonment or separation?


1.To which of the questions above did you answer "yes" regarding your current moment of stress?

2.Jog your memory to see if you can recall your original wound. In other words, can you recall the earliest memory in your life when you first felt this type emotional pain?

3.Write about that memory. Recall the sounds, smells, and all of the fears and emotions you felt at the time.

4.What beliefs about your value and your place in the world were formed during this early time in your life?

5.How have those early beliefs impacted the way you show up in relationships, on the job, and in your communications?

6.What risks have you or have you not taken because of these early beliefs?

After journaling, take some time to move in a healthy and relaxing way.

You may choose to dance to your favorite song, walk your favorite trail, go fishing, or exercise. Just make sure you move because movement will help you release more of the emotional pain you have been carrying for all these years.

Know that you are human, like everyone else. Every single human has original wounds.

Only the most responsible members of society actually do the work to heal those wounds.

Thank you for your contribution to our society by being brave enough to grow on a personal level.

I AM with you.

Get more information at http://www.amandablain.me or e-mail questions and comments to amandablainyoga@gmail.com.

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Feel Better Now: Part Two - Products of the Past - Olney Daily Mail

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