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What does the term ghost in the machine mean to you?

Kudos to those of you who came up with well, clearly, its the Polices best album. I dont disagree.But theres a deeper meaning to the phrase thats more relevantand less spookysoundingto todays technology-driven society.

Minds are freed up when menial tasks are automated.

Ghostin the machine was coined by a British philosopher Gilbert Ryle as a way to describeFrench philosopher RenDescartesmind-body dualismthe idea that the mind is imbued with consciousness and self-awareness, while the body exists separately, disconnected fromthe mind. Essentially,thatthe mind handles consciousactionwhile the bodytakes care ofsubconsciousaction.

What, you might ask, does this have to do withAI andcustomer service?Everything. Because AIisrapidlybecoming thebodyof customer servicethe always-on function that takes care of mindless tasks we humans would prefer not to think about.

AIisthe ghost in the machine. Andmy theory isthat theghost in the machine is the key toliberatingall of usfrom the tyranny of Industrial Age mechanisms and mindsets.

Yeah. I went there.But hear me out.

Vivala AIrvolution!

Teddy Roosevelt once said, Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

Work. Worth. Doing.

Is fixing the same persistent customer service problem over and over,ad nauseum,work worth doing? I would argue that it isnt.Yet this is the work model established in the Industrial Agedo one thing. Do it over and over and over again. It is the soul-crushing mechanization of humanity.

And thats where the ghost in the machine comes in.

AIacts as thesubconsciousthe ghost in the machine, taking care ofbusinessautomatically, without thinking. Humansrepresentthe mindthe vibrant, self-aware, conscious self.And AIwill freecustomer service agentsfrom the mundane, repetitive, mechanized model of workingtheylive with today.

Far from automating human jobs away,AIwill actually restore humanity to theworkwedo.

Focus on the whyleave the whatandhow toAI

Modern machine learning is excellent at understanding the what of a situation through data recognition. Its alsokeenly capable at understanding the howhow to win at chess, how tofindthe fastest routeto a destination.

WhereAI fails isin understandingcause and effectthe why of a situation. AI cant discern context or nuance in the way a human being can. And when your work involves interacting with humans in the way customer service does,the ability to navigatethose subtle cues and undertones of interaction is everything.

When we offloadthe what and the how to AI, we take the final step in the deindustrialization of customer service, liberating our agents to focus only on the why.And by doing so, wereplacethe monotony of the contact center withthe lively,vibrantworkofsolving high-value, highly humanproblemswork worth doing.

Introducing Agent Affinity

So, the ghost in the machine is a friendly ghost, shielding agents from the repetitive and mundane so they can focus on the work thatonly humans can do.

Happily, the offloading of the what and how to the realms of machine learning is already underway.In fact, at ServiceNow we just introduced Agent Affinity, a new feature of ourNow Platform Orlando release.

Agent Affinity allows work to be assigned to agents with established relationships or identified expertise. Now customer service can assign work items by an agents work history, related task, or account team best suited for that work. Eventually, it will be possible for a customer to be automatically routed to an agent already familiar with their issue.Talk about a great human-to-human customer service experience.

In thisage of perpetual newness, embracing AI and machine learning is the only option we have if we want to keep up with the unbelievable velocity of change.Thats whyServiceNow is already laser focused on buildingdigitalcustomer workflows that break down silos and create instant satisfaction.Explore our Customer Service Management solutionto see how you can drive loyalty by connecting with your customers in a more joyful, human way.

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