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Three members of the Sixers organization have tested positive for the coronavirus, the team announced Thursday.

The team released the following statement:

The Philadelphia 76ers, in consultation with medical experts and the NBA, received the recommendation that certain individuals from the organization, including players, coaches and specific basketball operations support staff, be tested for COVID-19. The tests were secured and processed privately.

Threeindividuals have received positive test results for COVID-19. All other tests results are currently negative. We have reported this information to state and local health authorities as required.

Pursuant to CDC guidelines, the individuals are in self-isolation and will be monitored closely by medical professionals.

The health of our players, staff, fans and community is paramount, and we continue to be guided by medical experts at this time.

We extend our gratitude and appreciation to the public health and medical communities for their tireless efforts during these challenging times, as well as to our fans and partners for their support.

A team official told NBC Sports Philadelphia last Thursday that players, coaches and select support staff had been advised to start a temporary self-quarantine.

NBA team facilities will reportedly be closed to players and stuff beginning Friday because of the coronavirus pandemic, while players wont be allowed to travel outside of North America.

In addition to the three members of the Sixers organization, the Utah Jazz's Rudy Gobert andDonovan Mitchell, the Pistons' Christian Wood, Kevin Durant and three other Nets players, the Celtics' Marcus Smart,and a member of the Nuggets organization have tested positive for the coronavirus. Two Lakers players have also tested positive,according toShams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium.

The 2019-20 regular season was suspended last Wednesday night minutes after the Sixers win over the Pistons at Wells Fargo Center.

We have great leadership in the NBA, GM Elton Brand Brand said at the time. Its important that the fans, players, coaching staff, our staff here at the Sixers remain healthy. Were doing everything we can. We believe in the leadership of the league.

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Were all probably going to remember where we were and what we were doing last Wednesday night, when the NBA season stopped minutes after the Sixers beat the Pistons at Wells Fargo Center.

Center Kyle OQuinn shared his experience in a piece in The Players Tribune, recalling how he received the news that the 2019-20 regular season was suspended.

We hadjustfinished playing when the decision came down, OQuinn writes. "This coronavirus is a little more serious than we thought, someone on our staff said as we walked off the court. Well give you a call later tonight and let you know the details. When guys started showering, the p.r. people and [Elton Brand] came in and [were] like, Uhh, we have an update now. The seasons cancelled.

While the season isnt cancelled, OQuinn, his teammates and fans have nobasketball to keep them occupied because of the coronavirus pandemic. Three members of the Sixers organization have tested positive for the coronavirus, the team announced Thursday. In the NBA, the Utah Jazzs Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, the Pistons Christian Wood, the Celtics Marcus Smart, Kevin Durant and three other Nets players, and a member of the Nuggets organization have also tested positive.

OQuinn explained that hes been directed to stay in Philadelphia for the time being.

Just for the safety of my family, I stayed with the team, he writes. The team said theyll direct us on the moves we can make as they know more. So I wish I could run home to my family, but I cant.

As the league waits and determines what might be next, OQuinn said hes become a professional YouTube watcher. Hes been watching some of his own highlightsincluding when his 15-seeded Norfolk State team upset No. 2 Missouri in the 2012 NCAA Tournament cooking, doing yoga and reading. OQuinn has asked himself what hed do if basketball was permanently taken away.

Its a new level of self-awareness, he writes.

Hes also thought about what things might look like if the season does resume, as well as how hed feel if it doesnt.

Were we forming a championship team, or would we have fallen short?Thats the biggest cliff-hanger for me if the season doesnt come back and theres a chance Ill never know. It felt like we had really turned a corner and were getting everyone back healthy. Damn. Maybe its better not to think about it. But Ihaveto think about it because that was our goal in the preseason, right?

OQuinn ends the piece with a message separate from basketball.

At the end of the day, none of that matters anymore, he writes. It starts with one person at a time. Talk to your kids, and let them know the importance of hygiene. Just take care of one person at a time, one household at a time, and hopefully, well get through this together.

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The Allen Iverson Experience was captivating regardless of the medium live on television, in the newspaper the next morning, hearing from teachers about the West Coast game that went past your bed time.

But it was best in person, no question.

I was there on Feb. 12, 2005, when Iverson scored a career-high 60 points in a Sixers win over the Magic. The victory improved them to 25-26 in a season that would ultimately end with a first-round loss to the Pistons, but those are the kind of boring details you have to look up years later.

It was all about Iverson, as it tended to be during those years. I remember, as a 10-year-old kid,trying to do the math throughout the night of how many points he was on pace for. As Iverson kept flying down the floor with the baggy shorts of that era flapping around his knees, bouncing off big bodies and knocking down free throws, I had to keep recalibrating.

The subplots and opposing players and emotions from when I was around that age have stuck with me. During the 2002-03 playoffs, I was fascinated by the Hornets gargantuan Robert Tractor Traylor and the Pistons lanky Tayshaun Prince. I watched Ben Wallace take free throws hours before tip-off and attempted to decipher how an All-Star could be so poor at one part of the game.

The Sixers lost Game 6 of their second-round series against the Pistons in overtime in that 2002-03 season. Iverson couldnt get a shot off at the end of regulation, Chauncey Billups was clutch in OT, and I got a good-natured speech from a random fan as we walked out of the arena. He said what I'd just witnessed being so close, building hope, failing at the decisive moment was what I should expect as a Philly sports fan.

I dont remember the exact words, but the gist of it was memorable. It felt like Id shown a willingness to suffer and deserved the truth, and that was oddly comforting believe me, the guy was actually very kind. I was hooked on the idea of being thereas much as I could, whatever the circumstances.

Heading into that 2005 game vs. the Magic, I wondered how Jameer Nelson would fare against Iverson. This was Nelsons second game back in Philadelphia after four decorated years at St. Joes, and though I understood he was a rookie and a bench player Orlando started Steve Francis, who scored 32 points I was excited about the minutes when Iverson and Nelson would match up.

With all due respect to Nelson, who finished with 10 points and eight assists, he ended the night as just another guy who tried very hard to stop Iverson and couldnt.

Consulting the box score and highlights now, I could give you more detailed analysis. Only six of Iversons 60 points came from three-point territory. A 23-year-old Kyle Korver made the Sixers only two other threes and was establishing himself as an elite specialist and draft-night steal. Korver, Andre Iguodala and Dwight Howard are the only players from that game still currently active in the NBA.

Sixers head coach Jim OBrien used just three bench players Willie Green (now an assistant coach with the Suns), Aaron McKie (Temple head coach) and Marc Jackson (NBC Sports Philadelphia analyst). Its interesting to see how much the NBA has changed in 15 years, and to track the paths of everyone who was part of the game.

Thats all secondary, though. There was a single-mindedness to the whole night that was thrilling, and its the thing Im least likely to forget. Everyone staring up at the big screen after a free throw to track Iversons pointtotal, everyone wanting him to have the ball in his hands and knowing he would, everyone grateful they were there and unconcerned with the game, the season and life outside of sports.

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