MIT Blackjack Guru Launches Personal Productivity Platform tenXer

Posted: June 8, 2012 at 3:19 am

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tenXer, the technology company redefining personal productivity, today announced the launch of the tenXer platform, designed to revolutionize human capital management from the bottom up. Using measurable metrics to power game-like and social motivation systems, tenXer produces dashboards, leader boards and activity streams that are all designed to make employees better at their jobs, regardless of industry.

tenXer CEO and Founder Jeff Ma is the inspiration for both the movie 21 and the book Bringing Down the House by acclaimed author, Ben Mezrich. Ma created the concept for tenXer last fall when he saw a huge opportunity in the human capital management industry. tenXer focuses first and foremost on the everyday individual worker; the employee opposed to upper management. The company built a proprietary, data-driven platform that enables employees to better understand and improve their work performance, allowing them to be more intrinsically motivated and therefore more productive.

Ma has been a pioneer in the use of data in both the gambling and sports industries, and his recent book, The House Advantage, takes these lessons to the business world. After selling his most recent company, Citizen Sports, to Yahoo!, Ma has been fascinated by the concept of how data can be used to motivate people and change their behavior in the work environment. tenXer takes advantage of the shift toward cloud-based services that already collect large amounts of data about what people are doing at work. Accessing this data is becoming increasingly easier and tenXer is the first company to turn this data into motivation.

We are building a platform that allows any employee to easily analyze and understand their daily work habits, said tenXer Chief Executive Officer and Founder Jeff Ma. We believe that this is the backbone to creating a real revolution in human capital management. In our opinion, the feedback loop at work is broken. It is too infrequent, too subjective and too opaque. Our goal is to use measurable metrics to power instantaneous, objective and transparent feedback.

When many executives look at their financial reports, they too often look past one of the largest expenses payroll. Getting smarter productivity out of their workforce is paramount. But often their efforts are ineffective because they are top down and seen as overheard or are too subjective, explained Kevin Compton of Radar Partners, an investor in tenXer. This is exactly what Jeff Ma and his team of tenXers have set out to fix. They are building a powerful tool to help all of us become better at what we do by using objective metrics and intrinsic motivation.

Motivation comes in the form of graphs, charts and activity streams which allow the user to analyze their past performance and see how their current performance is tracking toward their future goals. In addition, the user is able to see how they rank versus their peers in a variety of different lead boards spurring healthy and fun competition.

Currently, tenXer integrates with workforce tools like GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Jira, Google Mail/Calendar and Phabricator. The company plans to quickly add non-engineering tools like Twitter and Zen Desk.

About tenXer

tenXer is the company redefining personal productivity by building a platform that allows any employee to analyze their daily work habits. tenXer has raised money from investors including Radar Partners, True Ventures, Google Ventures, Webb Investment Network (Maynard Webb), Social and Capital Partnership (Chamath Palihapitiya) and Founders Fund Angel Brian Singerman. tenXer is privately-held and headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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MIT Blackjack Guru Launches Personal Productivity Platform tenXer

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