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If youve been undergoing a series of miscommunications lately, that can only mean one thing: Mercury retrograde is upon us. To put astro-terminology in simple terms, Mercury moves backward from its orbit three to four times a year, resulting in a series of unfortunate occurrences. Known to be the planet that represents communication, travel and technology, Mercury allows us to convey our thoughts by filtering what we say, as well as how we absorb information from others on a regular day. With that in mind, during these unpredictable times, you may want to remain vigilant when it comes to conveying your feelings to the people you care about, or even when sending out simple texts or emails.

In 2021, this cosmic event will only take place three times, with the first Mercury retrograde starting on January 30. Below, astrologer Julia Modorsky of the Sanctuary app breaks down all the different dates you need to look out for this year, as well as what to expect based on your zodiac sign.

Aquarius offers progress that will aid the future, and tends to bring on new discoveries and sudden realizations. During Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, you will retrace your steps to come to a better understanding of these new insights. Due to the Aquarian influence, you may want to back up your tech devices or save some files as Mercury slows down consciousness here on Earth.

Find where 2629 to 1101 Aquarius is in your natal chart. This is where Mercury will appear to move backward for you, where you will be introspective for three weeks.

Introspective about friendship, community and hopes, dreams, visions of the future. Some will experience this reflection in the area of career, goals and public presence.

Introspective about career, how youre recognized publicly in the world and your goals in life. Some will experience this reflection with where they feel free in life or with their philosophies and beliefs.

Introspective about exploration (new perspectives, worlds and philosophies). Some will experience this reflection on the deeper meanings in life, intimacy and vulnerability with others, and personal empowerment.

Introspective about your transformation in your life, where you feel powerful, and diving deeper into a topic or practice. Some will experience this reflection on relationships, connections and balance.

Introspective about your partnerships, support systems and how you feel centered. Some will experience this reflection on health, personal healing, daily routine, or services they can provide that can help others in some way.

Introspective about your day-to-day, healing, your job (not career) or even your coworkers. Some will experience this reflection on creativity, self-expression and how they shine.

Introspective about your creative expression, your playfulness or romantic life, your courage and exuberance, or what really brings you to life. Some will experience this reflection on their area of home (what feels like home), family, comforts or emotional nature the core of the being.

Introspective about home, family, foundations as well as your inner world, intuition and heart. Some will experience this reflection on their ideas, voice (speaking, writing) or anything theyve been learning.

Introspective about the voice, speaking, writing, sharing your ideas, how you communicate, or the messages youve been receiving. Some will experience this reflection on where you find grounding and security in life, what your values are (including finances), your patience and your bodys natural rhythm.

Introspective about what you find valuable in life personal, spiritual, financial values, self-worth, self-care or grounding. Some will experience this reflection on who you are, your sense of self, your persona and presence or independence.

Introspective about your independent nature, connecting more deeply with who you are, and what comes naturally to you the energy you embody. Some will experience this reflection on their spirituality, psyche, psychic knowing, sleep cycle, meditation, compassionate or soulful nature, or feeling of oneness in the greater whole.

Introspective about your dreams (can literally be your dreams at night), your spiritual connection, higher self, deep inner knowing, releasing potential subconscious blockages you may feel or become aware of. Some will experience this reflection on their dreams of the future, ideals, brilliant new insights, or friendships and community.

With Mercury retrograding in Gemini, now is the time to slow down with your words, and breathe deeply and consciously. In addition, consider being more mindful and thoughtful in communication, processing and integrating what youve been learning. This will also be a great time to revisit past writings and go deeper with them, or to further your studies in an area. Feel free to reconnect with someone youve had on your mind before Mercury began to retrograde, as long as it was a healthy parting or if you just lost touch with an old friend youve been missing.

Find where 2443 to 1607 Gemini is in your natal chart to see how this can particularly influence your life.

When Mercury retrogrades in Libra, balance, weighing your options, relationships, what you love and find beautiful in life, and your sense of justice come into play. This will also be a time to deepen your connection with your partner. However, be mindful if you will reconnect with an ex. Be discerning with why things didnt work out in the past and ask yourself, Was it situational or personality? This can actually be a wonderful time for closure if needed. Additionally, this will be a great period to slow down and deeply reflect on and enjoy what you love. Keep in mind where you find support, cooperation, beauty and balance in your life.

Find where 2528 to 1007 Libra is in your natal chart.

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Your Guide to Surviving Mercury Retrograde in 2021, Based on Your Zodiac Sign - HYPEBAE

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