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This is a very high-powered book. Stressful thinking is wreaking havoc on the lives of so many in our fast-paced world. davidji offers a comprehensive course written in a language that you can grasp and apply immediately, all within the covers of one book.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, #1 New York Times best-selling author of I Can See Clearly Now

I love the genuineness and raw simplicity of davidjis powerful message. His style is inclusive and inviting rather than exclusive and elitist. Bottom line: I want to have an outlook on life just like davidji.

Laurent Potdevin, CEO, lululemon

davidji is a master teacher who illuminates a better way to be human by bringing bleeding-edge research to life and showing practical ways to change your mind-set about stress.

Shawn Achor, happiness researcher and New York Times best-selling author of The Happiness Advantage

davidjis fundamentally human approach gets at a simple truth: if we are happier, healthier, and more aware of our inner motivations, we will perform better in our jobs, be better parents or spouses, and be more present for our clients. This is true because, thanks to davidjis guidance, we have a better understanding of what peace of mind is and how to achieve it.

John W. Thiel, CEO, Merrill Lynch

davidji is a wonderful teacher who brings joy and awareness to the world.

Deepak Chopra, M.D.,New York Times best-selling author of The Future of God

davidji has written a powerful, practical, and inspiring manual to help us understand and radically transform our relationship to stress. Written with a brilliant blend of clarity, compassion, and wisdom, it enlightens the mind and uplifts the heart.I highlyrecommenddestressifyingas essential reading for anyone who wants to live a more peaceful and joyful life!

Dr. Barbara De Angelis,#1 New York Times best-selling authorof Soul Shifts

Im a huge fan and a lucky friend. I love being in davidjisgreat, robust, rich, delicious, deep, peaceful, funny, people- and animal-loving presence. Hes a wonderful teacher, anddestressifyingis a book we all need to read and embrace.

Kris Carr,New York Times best-selling author of the Crazy Sexy Cancer book series

davidji is a divine teacher and a soulful leader. In his book destressifying, he offers a practical guide to managing stress with grace. In a world where stress has become an epidemic, this book is a must-read. davidjis wisdom and tools will clear the blocks to the presence of peace we all long for.

Gabrielle Bernstein,New York Times best-selling author of Miracles Now

If Id read this book as a beginning meditator, Id have avoided a lot of false starts, perceptual errors, and backaches.Reading it now, many years into my own practice, I still found jewels that enriched and brightened my meditation and my life.davidji is a gentle, kind, patient, clever teacher whose words can help lighten your stress and facilitate your quest for greater wisdom.

Martha Beck,New York Times best-selling author of Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

davidji is an incomparable teacher. The depth and breadth of his wisdom is unsurpassed. With davidji, the Blue Courage team of police officerswho teachthousands of cops annuallyhave laughed, cried, learned, grown, and transformed. davidji has the solutions that protect those who protect us. Through davidji, hearts are healed, souls are inspired, spirits are ignited, and minds are expanded. Oh yesand lives are saved! In a modern world desperately in need of greater awareness and resilience, destressifyingis your must-read! Thank you, davidji!

Michael J. Nila, police commander (Ret.), Blue Courage founder and managing partner

davidjiis an internationally recognized stress-management expert, meditation master, corporate-wellness trainer, public speaker, and author. After a 20-year career in finance, business, and mergers and acquisitions, davidji began a new journey to wholeness by apprenticing under Deepak Chopra for ten years as the Chopra Center COO and lead educator, and became the first dean of Chopra Center University. He now travels the world helping individuals awaken to the best version of themselves; his real-world techniques and guided meditations have been used by hundreds of thousands around the globe to destressify and take their lives to the next level. davidji has a deep passion for working with those in high-stress, high-pressure situations. Through the Blue Courage Awareness Training curriculum, his teachings are practiced in some of the largest precincts and police academies in the U.S. Each week, he hostsLIVE from the SweetSpot, now in its fifth yearon Join the davidji SweetSpot Community at

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