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Human Design Coaches to watch in 2021

London, Feb. 1, 2021 // As human beings, each and every one of us is unique yet so many of us rely on universal methods to thrive in our lives and businesses, and feel disheartened when things dont go as wed hoped.

Human Design allows us to understand ourselves on a deep level and shines a light on the simple and bespoke strategies we can use to embrace our magical uniqueness and flourish at work and at home.

According to Bloom Communications, finding expert guidance and support on your journey of self-discovery and transformation is of the utmost importance take a look at our top Human Design coaches leading the way.

Danielle Eyman (@hdbydanielle)

California-based Danielle Eyman launched her business after living according to her design for 3 years a process that saw her wean herself off antidepressants, narcissistic men and friendships, leave a toxic job as a Registered Nurse and repair her relationship with her children.

She said: Ive seen the power of Human Design at work in my own life and its a privilege to see so many of my clients experience these huge shifts too. At the beginning of our journey together, many of them are at rock bottom often with no idea how they got there and they know they need to do something different if life is ever going to feel successful.

Working and experimenting with Human Design means gaining control of your mind and managing your thoughts and thats exactly what we do together with unbiased support and accountability. I help my clients align to and trust their own authority in just three weeks and I have seen results from business transformations to quitting drinking alcohol and boosting self-confidence it truly is incredible to see what we can achieve when we realign to the truth of who we really are.

Danielle is committed to making Human Design more accessible to all and works with her clients through monthly masterclasses, individual chart readings and 1:1 coaching support for women looking to truly embody and integrate the practice into their lives.

Victoria Jane (@victoriajane.hd)

Victoria Jane is a 6/2 Splenic Projector and non-specific manifestor in Human Design. Her mission is to empower growth-oriented folks to live with less hustle and more flow.

The Human Design coach and educator said: Its possible for you to live the life you desire and fulfill your dreams with ease instead of struggle. The reason that Human Design is so amazing is that it gives you a unique blueprint of how your energy works the best part is when I hear from clients who have experimented with living their design the incredible success, confidence, and fulfillment they experience.

After hitting several rock bottom moments including chronic health issues and burnout, Victoria recognised these signs from the Universe and took the leap to start her own business. Working from her home in Oakland CA, Victoria now runs the Human Design Coaching Certification and works with one-on-one clients to uplevel their career and relationships by following their human design.

Victoria added: In addition to the 1:1 work that which I love, what Im most excited about right now is the HD Coaching Cert - because Ive seen Human Design allow coaches to get their clients better results...You literally have a roadmap to how someones designed, so you can give more relevant and personalized guidance to your clients. Plus the community we have, where we are always discussing and going deep on human design topics is the best!

Kyla Derkach (@hathaastro)

Women feeling lost, stuck and hoping to discover their purpose and direction in love, life and business will find their perfect match in Palma De Mallorca-based Kyla Derkach. With a strong background in astrology and certified through the AFA, this Human Design Coach, Modern Astrologer and NLP Practitioner in training has a deep understanding of the patterns and unconscious programming of her clients.

Kyla said: I love working with bold, entrepreneurial, self-aware women who are committed to transforming anything holding them back from living their highest vibe life and making an impact on the world with their unique gifts. Keeping it real with my clients is important and my goal is to take the eye roll out of this stuff.

Kyla works with her clients through a range of consultations and programs across Astrology and Human Design, as well as her online course, Aphrodite Rising, which brings women into deeper alignment with their feminine nature. In 2021, she is launching a group coaching program and mentorship opportunities to help other women learn more about these modalities and how to incorporate them into their own businesses.

Kyla added: Ive been on a real healing journey throughout my life, which saw me pack up my party-filled, glamorous corporate life in Vancouver and set myself up on a majestic little island in the Mediterranean.

I tried many different things to stop getting in my own way you name it, Ive tried it! but it was only when I started integrating my knowledge of Astrology and discovered Human Design that things really started to shift. My mission now is to inspire others to beat self-sabotage, discover who they really are, and create a life and business they love too.

Taylor Eaton (@tayloreatoncoaching)

Washington-based Money Mindset and Human Design Expert, Taylor Eaton, is on a one-woman mission to heal societys relationship with money.

She explains: I dream of seeing our entire society shift away from the toxic patterns we currently have around money and showing people how they can harness the power of abundance for good. I want to create a new paradigm around this energy and help others to approach money in a way that empowers them.

Taylor offers private Human Design readings as well as programs and trainings that help individuals identify their unique blueprint for financial abundance, create aligned strategies for success, and shift their mindset to set them up for effortless income and impact.

Taylor adds: Learning how we are each uniquely designed to make money allows us to welcome more money into our lives with ease and heal blocks that keep money from flowing.

Ive helped countless clients scale their income on their terms and seeing them achieve this never gets old! I love blowing the old ways of doing business and money out of the water and helping people to learn to trust themselves and their own inner guidance.

Corinne Winters (@serveyourmuse)

Creative Living Mentor, Corinne Winters, uses a combination of Human Design, inner work and everyday tools to help creatives own who they are and release the pressure to conform.

Corinne said: Theres nothing more rewarding than helping clients embrace all parts of themselves, especially the things they once saw as quirky or unacceptable, and seeing how the full expression of who they are contributes to their work in the world. Thats why I advocate for Creative Living over self improvement, which implies that we have to change who we are to be good enough. My work is all about reconnecting people with the latent qualities within them originality, depth, courage, authenticity and resilience and helping them live from the inside out.

As a multi-hyphenate creative, Corinne has also spent two decades honing her craft as an internationally acclaimed opera singer, and now uses her expertise and love of teaching to help other curious and introspective people from artists and creatives to parents and entrepreneurs to navigate the same blocks that shes encountered in her journey so far.

People looking to let go of perfectionism, imposter syndrome or self-sabotage can work with Corinne through a variety of 1:1 sessions, interactive group workshops, made-to-order products tailored to their Human Design chart as well as a range of free resources.

Kendra Woods (@SoulfulSuccessByDesign)

Kendra Woods is a Human Design Business Alignment Coach on a mission to help ambitious, heart-centered, high-achieving women in business create success on their terms.

Kendra said: I spent over a decade in the corporate world and completely burned myself out so much so that I began to suffer from anxiety, bouts of depression and several physical health issues. When I finally woke up to the fact that something needed to change, I realized that my truth was that I wanted to life my life on my terms and for me and there was no other way to do that than to start my own business and create my own reality in a way that felt good for me.

The Alabama-based coach works with her clients through a range of services including high-level private coaching, courses, Human Design readings, Business Alignment Blueprints and masterclasses, all designed to help women in business to create success on their terms and in a way that is in alignment for them, creating more ease and flow. She is also the co-author of bestselling book, Girl Get Up and Win.

She added: Its such a blessing to be able to witness the beautiful transformations that my clients experience when we work together. I absolutely love what I do and Im passionate about helping others overcome confusion, self-doubt, low confidence and feeling defeated so that they can create lives that truly light them up.

Tiffani Purdy (@newparadigmbizbestie)

Florida-based Marketing Strategist and Human Design Teacher, Tiffani Purdy, helps coaches, consultants and service-providers to escape the burnout cycle and build businesses that fit in with their ideal life.

Tiffani said: Im all about helping entrepreneurs to get seen and sell their products and services with ease. When we finally drop the comparison and hustle culture and learn how to do things our way according to our Human Design, we can create businesses where we can freely express ourselves, have a lot of fun and make even more money.

Its my dream to see a world where more people have control over their lives and their income. I want Human Design With Tiffani to ultimately contribute to ushering in a new era of business where everyone gets paid well no matter what kind of job theyre doing.

Business owners can work with Tiffani in her signature program, The ENRICH Formula, where theyll learn the basics of Human Design, a therapeutic process to use and apply it in a personal development format, and how to use it to build a business that makes sense for their energetic design.

Cat Skreiner (@cat.skreiner)

Cat Skreiner started her entrepreneurial journey when she was seeking more balance in her life after becoming a new mother. Despite intending to return to her corporate role in digital for a global beauty brand after maternity life, she knew it was time to follow her true purpose in life and has never looked back.

Today, the Perth-based coach is now on a mission to help women in business to truly understand how they best operate in this world and what theyre here to do in their lifetime.

Cat said: I fuse more than 14 years experience in the Digital Marketing industry with Human Design to help my clients catapult their business success and drive massive impact through the integration and embodiment of their unique energetic gifts.

Whether Im working with female entrepreneurs through coaching and mentoring or personal readings, I use a combination of Human Design, Gene Keys and Team Energetics help them to create a business that is more intentional, aligned with their design and allows them to share their greatness with the world in a way that feels easy, fun and abundant.

Alexandra Danieli (@alexandra.danieli)

After years in the corporate and tech industry following leadership that wasnt in alignment with her values and vision, Alexandra Danieli took the leap to pursue her soul purpose supporting people in their spiritual growth and helping them to create the life they desire in their wildest dreams.

Working from her home in California, she now works with her clients through a range of private 1:1 and group coaching programs, as well as through the Ultimate Deconditioning System which she co-founded with her business partner and close friend.

Alexandra said: I work with people who are determined not to settle for a mediocre life theyve decided they want to live in abundance, confidence and have a supportive and harmonious romantic relationship. Theyre ready to finally implement the missing piece of the puzzle.

As we work together, I support them to activate their confidence, step into their authentic self, implement healthy relationship patterns, and call in the money they want to make consistently. This is about getting to know the Self on a deep level and transforming what doesnt work anymore upleveling in all aspects of life.

Leslie Collins (@wholeheartedbeing)

Leslie Collins uses Human Design, astrology and self-reflection to support her clients in digging deep to build an intricate understanding of their problems when navigating their partnerships, families, work, friendships and more.

Leslie commented: Wholehearted Being is here for anyone looking for the empowerment to show up authentically in their lives no matter who you are or what your background is. My work is focused on providing my clients with a safe and impartial support system whilst they develop the knowing, understanding and acceptance of themselves, which then equips them to show up fully in their lives.

Leslie offers counseling and coaching sessions to her clients to work on the major pillars of relating and life: Understanding, Communication, Boundaries, Confidence, Clarity and Mindset.

Leslie added: Prior to our sessions, I research everything I can about my clients Human Design, enneagram, love languages, astrology All of this knowledge helps me to be the best support provider I can be, helping them to understand why they are who they are, as well as how they interact with the people in their lives too.

Nadia Gabrielle (@_nadiagabrielle & @projectorsinvited)

Nadia Gabrielle is a multifaceted entrepreneur working at the intersection of business and wellbeing, merging her background in Design Thinking, Service Design and business building with more than 12 years of experience working in the wellness & self-development space.

Nadia said: All of my work is Human Design-informed. By looking up every single clients chart prior to working with them one-on-one, Im able to understand their energetic blueprint; their needs, strengths and areas for us to zoom in on, which makes our time together even more impactful. I work with all types, though being a Projector myself, Im particularly interested in Human Design Projectors, and offer specific Projector Coaching to integrate the mechanics, beauties and particularities of their aura into daily life and work.

Clients can work with Nadia on a 1:1 basis to build subconscious capacity and confidently embody who they wish to be in their lives and work, or in a group setting to learn proven strategic frameworks to create ease, profitability and longevity in their businesses.

Nadia also teaches regular classes on varied topics such as Human Design and the Subconscious Mind, or the Projector Aura in Business, as well as taking service-based business owners like coaches, consultants, creatives and practitioners through her annual Service Design School curriculum that teaches them to design spell-binding service experiences for their clients.

Nadia concluded: Im so lucky to get to work with so many incredible clients and students from all over the world. As a service-based entrepreneur, I get to build strong relationships with the people I work with, and seeing them have real and lasting results and making big strides in their lives and businesses is my favourite thing.

You can keep up with each of these inspirational coaches curated by Bloom Communications on their journeys by following them on Instagram.

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