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Sexual wellness is having a huge year already. Brands are flocking to the sexual wellness category as its ever-increasing popularity grows. The sexual wellnessmarket is really dominating at the moment, with the likes retailers like Goop selling everything from vibrators to stimulation gel in their Between The Sheets section and Free People stocking items for their sexual wellness sales. CES, a huge tech conference held yearly banned sexual wellness technology products last year, and just a week ago, according to CNN, sex technology was on full display. The trade shows organizer estimated there were roughly a dozen sex tech companies includingDame, Lovense, Ohmibod, Pulse, and MysteryVibe presenting their innovations at CES and trying to make female sexuality and pleasure less taboo.Maybe its time to flip the script on female sexuality?

And if it wasnt proof enough, They Call Her Alfie, a skincare brand who just last year released their Love Gel, is selling out of said item in troves. So much so, women are buying the They Call Her Alfie Love Gel in bulk because they finally have something that works. Love Gel empowers women. Love Gel isspecifically for women who have trouble in the bedroom.

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By applying Alfiesamazing Love Gel, made with the same revolutionary technology as the other products in their line, the skin absorbs and retains ingredients faster and longer. This makes the effects happen quickly and lasts longer (i.e. more time in the bedroom). Love Gels uses include helping solve a number of bedroom blunders. This includes fueling sex drive, protecting you from infection, reducing the friction of condoms, and more. Which in turn makes you less anxious, less worried about performance. You feel like you have a safe space to enjoy sex freely.

It helps to hydrate (hello wetness) and delivers more blood flow to the clitoris. The woman will also have a very heightened sexual experience this way. Made with the same technology as other products inAlfiesrevolutionary line, the Love Gel stimulates, soothes, and rejuvenates for your best sex ever.

A study was done at the University of Groningenthat studied multiple couples having sex concluded in the factwomen, turning off fear and anxiety is key, while men need to know they will be physically stimulated. Were definitely listening to the hype. For the first time in history, women are being empowered through science, technology, and brands like They Call Her Alfie.

Image: They Call Her Alfie

When asked about the revolutionary product, Bianca says Alfie is different. The brand invests the time to fully develop its technology. They also have clinically proven studies to ensure the product delivers. In the case of theLoveGel, as thelocalizedarea has a thinner dermis. We are wellaheadof the pack in not onlyintimacyrelevantresults but alsocumulativebenefits when used frequently.

With women becoming more and more empowered every day, she hopes that the tides have turned. With female health being studied more, the acceptance of LGBTQIA+ communities recognition, and more, we see change. However, Bianca wants more empowerment. She believes that the stigma around sex needs to be considered mainstream. By creatingLove Gel, she can assist many in their personal relationships with themselves and others.

If youre interested in learning more about They Call Her Alfie and their Love Gel, visit the websitehere.

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Women Are Buying This Female Sexual Empowerment Product In Bulk - Sporteluxe

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