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Empowered, Healthier and Happier in 2020!

By Edita McQuary

Generally it is women who are the caretakers we take care of family, friends or neighbors and at times putting our own health and personal caretaking last on our to do list.

The New Year is a good time to review and take stock of our own health and wellbeing, make changes for the better and resolve to take care of ourselves. Curves Aptos is just the place to help you get started on a new you.

Curves is a facility offering an all-inclusive standardized workout regime in just 30 minutes. You dont have to struggle figuring out the machines of the circuit as coaches train you one-on-one and are always assisting you.

Curves coaches believe in empowering members through positive encouragement when correcting form, compelling you to work at your optimal ability and celebrate your successes.

Curves is a great place to work out with lots of encouragement, said Jane Amaral, a member for more than 15 years.

Owner Annette Hunt just celebrated one-year of ownership and her team of qualified coaches, Charlotte Carreira, Laurel LeBaron and Corrie Matheison, are eager to help women make lifestyle changes to improve their health, lose weight and look and feel better. All staff have been Curves-certified, trained in the purpose and function of the circuit, and are knowledgeable about the body and nutrition.

Annette Hunt

Annette comes from a very active family where she was encouraged to try different sports as a young child. She enjoys jazz, tap, and ballet dancing, bicycling, and competitive swimming.

Annette was a Jazzercise instructor for six years before she purchased the Curves franchise. During this time she learned the skills of instructing others on body mechanics, proper movement, and modifications based on individual needs.

Annette is a firm believer in low-impact, high-intensity movement to keep and maintain a strong core and correct body alignment.

Along with her B.S. degree in Dietetics from U.C. Davis, she is uniquely qualified to teach the fundamentals of how to create and maintain a healthy body.

She is a vegetarian, has enjoyed optimal health throughout her life and wants to teach others how to make the right choices to live a long, healthy life.

Annette also offers the Curves Complete Dietary Program with one-on-one weekly nutritional coaching to support those interested in losing weight.There is also an online component which provides recipes to create a simple and creative menu plan based on individual preferences.

The first phase of the Curves Complete program is a jumpstart to weight loss. The next phase is designed to continue to lose weight safely, while protecting your muscle mass.

The third phase provides lifestyle maintenance for continual weight management. One member said she went from 190 lbs. to 157 lbs. in two years, and has kept it off!

The entire Curves facility and program is designed for any age, any athletic ability and it is inspiring to see our community of women work out together, as we have members ranging between 22 and 88, said Annette. Our younger members find our older clientele inspiring as they can see the difference in those who are active and taking care of themselves verses those who arent.

Of the 300 current members, the oldest is 88 but she looks and acts an easy 10 years younger. She is an inspiration, Annette continues. The youngest member is 22 years old, attending school and working full time. Curves is the perfect choice for her as it is such a quick and efficient workout.

Curves is not a quick fix workout regime. The program focuses on a lifestyle change with modifications to all exercises for those who need it.

For instance, one member with a recent valve replacement wanted to increase muscle tone, balance and flexibility. And at 72 years old, she now feels like a new woman. Other members have decreased their blood pressure or their blood sugar medications, improved bone density, reduced anxiety, blood pressure and diabetes.

Member Debra Kerr uses a small portable oxygen tank while exercising at Curves.

I have been coming to Curves for several years now and it has been very empowering now that Annette has taken over this last year, said Debra.She can get me going and keep me going. She is very professional and hands on while she is in the circuit doing the movements with us. My physician has told me to keep moving and Annette and the Curves staff are the perfect solution for me.

Thanks to my daughters who gave me a membership on Mothers Day, it helped motivate me to get back to my normal weight and improve my strength, said 15-year member Mary Jo K. The social interaction gives me mental health, strength and the Curves coaches inspire me.

Curves North America (US and Canada) franchises are women-owned and operated and are strong in supporting important organizations such as Second Harvest Food Bank, Alzheimers Research and Breast Cancer Awareness, just to mention a few.

Annette said at the Aptos facility they dont discuss politics, religion or sports. We are only interested in improving womens health, she said.

Over the past year, Curves Aptos has contributed $2500 towards Alzheimers Research; $5000 in services towards our local schools and non-profit organizations, $1000 towards Second Harvest Food Bank; and impacted more than 450 families with the Christmas Adopt-a-Family Stars Program.

We want to empower our members through cardio and strength training and to help support and give back to our community along the way, Annette said. I am a local girl, and want to support my community as much as possible.

Its 2020, and if you havent already, let Curves Aptos help you take control of your life and feel the empowerment of a healthier, stronger and happier you!

Join Curves Aptos today!

Curves is located at 7000 Soquel Drive, Aptos. To contact them, call 831.688.2348, Email: [emailprotected], or visit,

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