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Posted: September 26, 2020 at 9:50 am

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People find weird ways to self-motivate. Some use the practice of self-rewards while others trust the judgement of the wide and wise universe.

Placing a bet with the universe is something almost everyone does, whether they believe in spirituality or not. Something like, if A happens, then B will happen. Or when you have to make a choice in life, say choosing between subject C and D and you might place a completely arbitrary bet with the universe to make a decision?

If yes, then youre not alone. A number of people on Twitter are finding this tweet about such random bets very relatable.

A user named Shreya asked Tweeple if they ever place random bets with the universe like if I can throw this pen into that drawer Ill get an A on my assignment?

She asked if it was just her who did that.

Turns out, no, she definitely isnt the only one. Soon after her tweet, hundreds of people replied how they felt exactly same. The tweet received over 4,000 likes.

Many reciprocated their own versions.

One user wrote, This is how Ive gotten through every MCQ exam ever, if the person in front of me looks to the right in the next 10 seconds the answer is C. this may not be the best idea for exams but if the universe is on your side, who cares?

Only way I make decisions, if this ball of paper lands in garbage then, I will get increment at work, another response by a user who put all their faith in their aiming skills.

This superstitious user also used the universe bets for clues about exam. Putting the phone on charging then whatever % will be it charged at the time i will see it will be my % in exams. God how stupid I was

Here are some more reactions-

Cant say thats safe but okay.

Those who are rooting for their favorite IPL teams should listen to this advice.

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Twitter Remembers Placing Random Bets with Universe to Motivate Themselves, Everyone Can Relate - News18

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