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Posted: March 29, 2020 at 2:41 pm

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You may be unmotivated now that you are a student at Zoom University, location: your bedroom. However, this does not mean that it is time for your drive to falter.

Although we are forced to do our classes online, we cannot become lax about our school work. The semester is still going, full speed ahead, and for most classes, the syllabi have not changed very much in regards to the amount of work we are doing.

This means that it is imperative that we get ourselves together in order to actually accomplish things while at home. Here are a few suggestions on how to better your chances of getting back to somewhat of a normal school schedule.

Get into a routine

When we were at school, we had a set routine in place. We went to our classes physically and had certain things we did at specific times of the day. However, now that we are at home, while our classes may be at the same times, we likely have much more free time.

That being said, it will not do us or our mental health any good to sit in bed all day just doing school work or sleeping.

This may be the only things we feel like doing, but we have to take the initiative to get into a routine. This will add some variety to the day and hopefully make it so that the days dont all just lump together.

I suggest waking up at a reasonable time, as you probably already have to do this because of classes, and setting aside specific times to do things.

For example, from 9-12 you may do your school work, and then from 2-3 you may decide to take a walk around the neighborhood or do some form of exercise, and later from 4-5 it may benefit you to do something that isnt school related to enrich your mind such as reading or making art.

Avoid the bedroom

Although this is easier said than done, Ive found that I am much more likely to get things done at home if I stay away from my bedroom.

In our minds, our bedrooms are where we sleep and are in a restful state. This is not the type of environment that we need to be in when trying to be diligent in doing our school work.

If possible, going to a different area of the house will help when it comes to motivation. You will no longer be in the sleep mindset and will be more likely to do your work rather than be tempted to take a nap.

Also, if youre unable to go to a different room, at least try to get out of bed. If you have a desk, that is obviously a prime spot for school work, but if not, even sitting on the floor is better than sitting in bed.

Get dressed

This one may seem the simplest, but it can end up being the hardest of all.

It is incredibly easy to stay in our pajamas all day now that we dont have anywhere we actually have to go. However, getting dressed will nine times out of ten make you feel better and more motivated to get things done.

Once again with the sleep mindset, although we are comfortable in our lounge clothes, they cause our minds to believe that we are going to sleep soon.

Your clothes do not have to be uncomfortable, but simply dressing in what you would have worn to regular in-person classes will have a substantial effect on your motivation and drive toward school work.

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