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What are we kicking around in our virtual newsroom these days? The digital editors at will compile the best from the daily e-mail exchanges amongst our on-air personalities, insiders and producers from both Arbella Early Edition and Boston Sports Tonight so you can get a sense of whats on our minds.

Dave Cherubin, Producer (9:36 a.m. ET) -- Could Brady leaving Patriots have the same motivational impact on Bill Belichick as drafting Jimmy Garoppolo had on Tom Brady? Brady is praised for being such a big self-motivator and he also reminds us of it and how he was picked 199th. What about Bill as the ultimate competitor? People are talking about this team having a .500 or less record this year. But Bill's so competitive. It could be a big reason why this team could make the playoffs. How big an accomplishment would that be?

Anthony Chasse, Associate Producer (10:53 a.m. ET) -- Id just like to know what a motivated Belichick looks like vs. the Belichick weve seen. The guy already seems like he works harder and takes his job more seriously than any other coach in sports.

Danielle Trotta, host, Boston Sports Tonight (2:56 p.m. ET) -- Excellent excellent read Michael Holley. Seems like theres tremendous pressure to get this draft right not that other years you dont but without Brady any weaknesses are even more exposed. He covered up a lot of cracks -- ones Jarrett Stidham cant even see yet, much less help hide. But what is the confidence that Bill Belichick can draft and develop receivers and have them excel this year, next year and beyond - when to Holleys point the last time that happened was over a DECADE ago! Even if Bill can spot the talent is he still capable of developing them? Those are two different questions ones I hadnt considered before Holleys piece.

Tom Giles, host, Boston Sports Tonight (3:27 p.m ET) -- We've always thought of Bill as this demanding football coach devoid of emotion. And I think that's probably true when it comes to communication. But, like Brady, he's motivated by proving people wrong. Proving he can still win, regardless of what's in front of him. Holley points out the draft - I'd also point towards game-planning. I expect that most of the Patriots wins next season will be U-G-L-Y. Limit the mistakes and attack the opponents' weaknesses. I think we're primed to see those constants, in addition to the type of creativity that's effected the rule book moving forward.

Michael Holley, host, Boston Sports Tonight (3:30 p.m. ET) -- Bill Belichick is notorious for befriending overwhelmed team builders and then trading with them. He used to call Al Davis Coach Davis, playing to the old mans ego, and then he raked him for a couple of trades (including Randy Moss). Unless Bill OBrien has a policy against making deals with Bill, hes getting a phone call next. If Belichick sees anything of value in Houston, hell target OBrien and get it. OBrien is loopy as a GM.

DJ Bean, host, Boston Sports Tonight (3:36 p.m ET) -- Biggest thing for me with Holley's piece is that Bill the GM officially has to wake up. What's he gonna do, coach better? Short of that thing that happened in that one Super Bowl, Bill hasn't messed that up in a while. It's intriguing how little Bill has done so far this offseason, so the draft is gonna be where it goes down. The man's gonna be trading, whether it's moving down to get a pick to make up for the second they traded away or swapping picks for a roster player a la the Texans trade we saw Thursday.

Robert Kraft: Owner of the New... York Mets?

It sure sounds crazy, but one New York Post columnist is lobbying for the New England Patriots owner to purchase the Mets from the Wilpon family.

Ken Davidoff published a piece Friday morning commending Kraft for lending his Patriots plane to deliver N95 masks from China. Along with the 1.4 million masks he brought home to Massachusetts, he also brought 300,000 masks to New York.

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Davidoff mentions Kraft's incredible gesture in his argument for the 78-year-old to "save" the Mets franchise.

Yes, Kraft should ride his wave of New York love all the way to serious discussions with the Wilpons, whose efforts to sell the Mets to Steve Cohen unraveled worse than Rich Kotites tenure as Jets head coach. The 78-year-old Kraft could be just the savior the Mets and their emotionally weathered fans need.

Last week, in case you somehow missed it, Kraft arranged for the purchase of 1.4 million N95 masks for his home state of Massachusetts and then another 300,000 for New York, sending the Patriots plane to China to procure them, at a time of dire need in the battle against COVID-19. What a gesture. As The Posts Mark Cannizzaro wrote, Kraft has earned family status here.

Imagine if he built on that profound generosity by turning the Mets into the Patriots of Major League Baseball. He wouldnt be a mere family member. Hed be the godfather of every National League household from New Haven to Trenton. Appreciate what Kraft would bring to Citi Field.

Is Kraft buying the Mets actually likely to happen? No. But it's still an interesting topic for discussion. After the Steve Cohen disaster that unfolded over the winter, Mets fans are looking for hope anywhere they can get it. And if there's one owner who can bring hope to a stagnant franchise, it's the six-time Super Bowl champion owner himself.

Julian Edelman isn't too happy about one of Nick Wright's more recent takes.

TheFOX Sports analyst suggested on FS1's "First Things First" last week that the Patriots could use Edelman in a trade to acquire the Detroit Lions' No. 3 pick in order to draft Tua Tagovailoa. Of course, that didn't sit so well with the Pats wide receiver who finally clapped back on Twitter in a since-deleted tweet.

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"Nice hairline bro Julian Edelman (@Edelman11) April 11, 2020"

This isn't the first time Edelman has been brought up in trade discussions this offseason. After Tom Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last month, there was speculation that maybe Edelman would request a trade and follow his quarterback to Florida.

Everything regarding an Edelman trade is strictly speculation at the moment, and if there are plans to trade him we probably won't know it until the week, or day, of the NFL Draft.

However, it's unlikely Bill Belichick lets his top receiver go after losing his star QB -- Jarrett Stidham is already going to have a difficult enough time taking Brady's place.

But, anything can happen as we've seen in the past.

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