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Posted: April 11, 2020 at 6:44 pm

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No matter where you are in the world, chances are, youre locked up at home. Everyone everywhere in the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Most places are dealing with it through lockdown which requires people to stay at home as much as possible.

So, if youre stuck at home, you probably need something to help pass the time, right? Youve probably gone through the entire Netflix library at this point, too. What else could you do, then? Well, now might be a great time to jump into a new podcast.

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Here are six podcasts from varying genres that could help keep you entertained.

Roman Mars is the creator of the hugely popular radio show called 99% Invisible. In it, he discusses the subjects of design and architecture in great detail. However, hes one of many stuck at home around the world. So, he decided to apply his design knowledge to things that he can get his hands on around the house and talk about them. Its a fascinating listen and gives a lot of context to mundane, household items.

This is a podcast that should be on everyones playlist, whether theres a quarantine or not. Neil deGrasse Tyson is great at communicating complex concepts of astrophysics anyway, and nowhere is that more apparent than in Startalk Radio. You dont even necessarily have to listen to the newest episodes, either. Even his older episodes are filled with fascinating information.

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Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt are the hosts on this one. Reply Alls concept is very simple, too. They scour the internet for amazing stories that no one has covered and told people about them. Theyve also started taking calls from their listeners recently and they Livestream it all on Twitch.

If you liked studying history in school, youll love especially love this one. If you didnt, give it a listen anyway. Dan Carlin is an engaging storyteller and listening to him highlight some of historys lesser-known events is quite illuminating.

Sticking with the historical theme, Behind The Bastards does what its name suggests. It analyses the lives of some of historys most brutal rulers and shines and light on their motivations. Its not just the more popular names like Adolf Hitler, either. There are sure to be some names in here that you wont hear anywhere else.

For the film buffs reading this, Unspooled is the perfect podcast for you. Youve likely seen many movies throughout this quarantine and want to talk about them with someone. Unspooled will fill that hole in your in heart, with comedians Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson going through the American Film Institutes top 100 movies.

If youre looking for even more podcast recommendations, head on over to The Ladders list.

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The Best Six Podcast: Will Give You Motivation To Utilize This Quarantine - - Trending News Buzz

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