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*Are you someone whos interested in secretive and occult subjects? Then you may already know the meanings behind military or government secret handshakes.

You might also be into things like astrology, tarot card readings, or other new-age things. But have you heard of numerology before? As you may guess, this has to do with numbers and their roles in our lives.

What is numerology? And is numerology real? Well tell you everything you need to know about numerology in this article.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the belief of a connection between certain numbers and the events that happen in our lives. This is because numerologists believe that each number has its own energy, or vibration.

Today, the term vibration is also used when describing the power held within other new-age items, such as crystals and essential oils. If youre into new-age things, then youll probably notice this term around a lot.

Is Numerology Real?

We can define numerology, but is it real? For that question, the answer is up in the air.

For most people, they think recurring numbers in their lifetime are just a coincidence, and that the mind chooses to see a pattern. But for others, they do believe that numerology is a real thing.

As far as we know, its something akin to religion. There are people on polarizing sides of numerology, but theres no concrete evidence of it not being real.

For most people, its something fun to look into, but not a serious belief. They treat it as theyd treat astrology; while its fun to get readings, they dont really let it run their lives. In your case, it may be ideal to do so as well.

Pythagoras, the Father of Western Numerology

If youve tried to research numerology, then you might have come across the Pythagorean numerology chart. And if youve taken high school math, then that name probably sounds familiar.

Thats probably because youve learned the Pythagorean theorem. This is an equation that lets anyone figure out the lengths of any side of a triangle, provided that its a right triangle (it has a 90 degree angle). The equation goes like this: a+b=c, with c being the hypotenuse, or the longest side of the triangle.

Although this is a theorem, its actually a widely accepted equation, as its been proven to be true in concrete terms. Because of this, you might think anything else Pythagoras came up with is concrete as well, such as the Pythagorean numerology chart. Hes considered the Father of Western Numerology, after all.

Both Pythagoras and his followers highly believed in the powers associated with numbers. This was why he came up with his triangle theorem. He also discovered how music had mathematical properties to it as well.

But when it comes to his numerology chart, its probably best taken with a grain of salt.

Pythagorean Numerology Chart

When it comes to the Pythagorean numerology chart, each letter in the Latin alphabet is assigned a particular number from 1 to 9, with 3 on each number except for 9 (there are only 2 letters here).

To get your name number, youd add together all of the numbers associated with each letter of your full name. Then, you add those digits together. If that results in a number that has more than one digit, then you add them together again.

You keep doing this until youre left with one number. That is then your name number.

If you ever get your name changed, then youll have to recalculate this number.

Calculating Your Life Path Number

Another way to get the number your life is associated with is to calculate your life path number. This is a simpler method, as you just add up all the numbers in your birthdate. Then, you do the same calculations as with the name number, until you reach one single number.

What Life Path Numbers Mean

Now you know the numerology basics on how to calculate your name or life path number. But what does this mean, exactly?

For instance, if you get a number 1 as a result, youll want to know the life path number 1 meaning. Well, number readings in numerology are pretty similar to the ones you get in things like astrology.

For example, people who have the number 1 as a life path number tend to be full of life, energy, and passion. They also love to discover new things.

Other things linked to your life path number include your family, health, and love life.

Do note that although you reach one number that dominates your life, its most likely not the only one that influences how it goes. You can think of the other ones as supporting numbers, such as your birthdate, social security number, and other important numbers you collect throughout your lifetime.

You may also keep running into certain numbers in your lifetime. If you keep seeing recurring digits, then you might want to pay attention, as this may be lifes way of catching and directing your attention to something important.

Impress Your Friends With Your Newfound Numerology Knowledge

So what is numerology? Its the fascinating study and belief that links numbers to certain things happening.

Whether or not you subscribe to this belief, you have to admit that its a pretty interesting concept. So the next time you meet up with your friends, youll have some fantastic information to share with them. And who knows, maybe youll get someone else down the rabbit hole with numerology!

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