Here’s How I Motivate to Keep Up With Early-Morning Runs Even Though It’s Pitch Black! – POPSUGAR

Posted: October 30, 2020 at 5:53 am

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How to Stay Motivated to Run When It's Cold and Dark

I crave my early-morning runs to get the head-clearing exercise and alone time I need for my mental health. The only roadblock is that the sun is rising later and later, and now it's pitch black when I go on my runs. For a couple weeks, I cursed the dark, gave up those runs, and followed workout videos inside instead. But I just didn't enjoy them as much and knew I needed to get back outside, even if it felt like I was running at midnight! Here are the tips I follow to stay motivated to run in the dark.

From then on, instead of letting fear sink in or giving up because it wasn't as enticing as being out in the warm sun, I saw running in the dark as a gift. There is such a glorious peacefulness I only experience while running early in the morning before the sun rises, and that alone motivates me to lace up my sneaks and head out into the darkness.

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Here's How I Motivate to Keep Up With Early-Morning Runs Even Though It's Pitch Black! - POPSUGAR

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