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Posted: April 12, 2020 at 8:43 pm

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Personal trainer Sean Hawthorne asks, if we know what to do, then why dont we do it?

Out of control. Ive owned and operated OneLife Health + Wellness Ltd. for over 17 years and for over 17 years Ive been one of the lucky few whove made a career out of a personal passion. I do what I love, with people that I really care about, all day long. Its the best job in the world and in what seemed like a blink of an eye it changed and theres nothing I can do about that. Is it changed forever? I dont know, none of us know, but lets look at we can do what I do to help with that sensation of skidding off the edge.

Before we take a look at some strategies to help in these strange times, Im giving my online course, The BRAVO Formula, away for free. By donation really, but there are no strings attached, if youve chosen now to change, excellent! Achieving goals, no matter how big or small, is part of todays tip on how to survive uncertainty and understanding and appreciating the skills of behaviour change is a big part of achieving any goal.

It doesnt matter what those goals are, rehabilitation, improved sports performance or weight loss, without learning how to change old negative habits, or how to develop new positive ones, the odds of success are exceedingly low. Losing weight and keeping it off has a success rate of between 5 and 10 percent 90 to 95 % of us determined to change our bodies fail and thats why I developed the Behavioural Reboot and Vitality Overhaul, the BRAVO Formula.

Throughout the course (and throughout my career) I use terms like influence, and Ive resisted using the word control, because as our current situation clearly illustrates none of us are in control of very much. A wrench was tossed in the works and the machine isnt working so smoothly anymore. The BRAVO Formula starts with change management, includes a great exercise routine thats not dependent on having a gym and shows you what you need to do to incorporate health and fitness into your world.

One of the pillars of the BRAVO formula is the concept of small victories, acknowledging that each win throughout the day, no matter how big or how small is crucial to our mental health and our continued success. In the course I talk about the findings of Theresa Amabile and Steven Kramer, industrial and organizational psychologists who present the results of a massive corporate study on high level job performance in their book The Progress Principle, but the idea of small steps to success is famously illustrated in the commencement speech given by US Navy Admiral William H. McRaven.

Changing the world starts with making your bed, its the small steps, those daily actions, and the acknowledgement of a win, that lead to real success and in this time of incredible uncertainty its crucial to not only maintain habits and routines, but to take the smallest actions that can lead to a feeling of empowerment and hope.

When Im feeling overwhelmed and out of control as a I do right now, its time to clean the junk drawer. Over the years of helping people with their health and fitness, this is advice that Ive shared hundreds of times. Clean that drawer, throw the garbage out, organize the pens and give yourself a sense of not necessarily control, but the ability to influence your surroundings. We will get through this, it wont be easy, its certainly not fun, but we will get through it. So, if your angst and anxiety levels are as high as mine, organize that drawer, gets some exercise, and appreciate the victory. Im off to defrost the deep freeze.

Feel free to e-mail me at sean@1-life.ca if you have any questions regarding the BRAVO Formula, or if you are looking for help setting up an in home exercise routine. Stay safe.


Sean Hawthorne is the owner and operator of OneLife Health and Wellness, Kelownas first and longest running private, personal training facility. While working in Dubai, UAE as a Contracts and Project Manager, Sean decided to leave his successful career in Civil Engineering Technology and pursue his passion for health, fitness and helping others achieve their goals. He returned to Canada in 2001, taking formal education in Exercise Science and starting his career in the field of health and fitness. Working in collaboration with their clients, Sean and his team of health and fitness professionals strive to continually improve their skills and to help everyone reach their goals.

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