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Posted: February 11, 2020 at 3:49 pm

without comments many people it is a way of life. To others, it is a like a four-letter word! Which way do you look at it? If exercise is a part of your daily routine, you probably have loved ones or friends that you truly care about that really need to be a little more active. With February being National Heart month plus the month of LOVE, read ahead to see how you can encourage those people close to your heart to take better care of their bodies.

So, how can you do this? About every magazine that you pick up, there is an article on weight loss or some type of exercise. There are TV channels specifically geared to fitness and exercise. You are able to YouTube all sorts of routines that you can exercise to on your phone or computer. Gyms and workout facilities are constantly offering incentives to join. Its hard if you are a regular exerciser to figure out why in the world a person doesnt want to improve their health.

I have been in this business long enough and have heard all of the excuses. What are or have been the barriers in the past that have hindered exercising? If it is lack of time, help organize and plan a routine for your loved one. Meet up on your way home from work at a gym. Wake up a little earlier in the morning to take a walk together. Give up a favorite activity to make time for some physical activity. You must demonstrate sincere care and support.

Has there been some lack of motivation? Be there for them and encourage, encourage, encourage. Be careful not to nag or constantly harp on them. Suggest activities that they enjoy, are fun, and excite them. Being too enthusiastic and overaggressive can backfire. Be a role model and insure that you will be with them every step of the way. If joining a gym or fitness facility, make sure it is convenient and has user friendly equipment that will keep you both coming. Reinforce the idea that persistence will produce results, although gradual at times, but they will come.

Don't let your loved ones compare themselves to others. Focus on their personal accomplishments. Set realistic goals that are achievable. Make sure you acknowledge their gains and triumphs! Reward them with healthy gifts not a calorie-filled dessert. Looking good for vacation or special family events such as reunions or weddings are great incentives.

Share what has worked for you and educate about the benefits of exercise if you need to. You may be close to a young person with a diagnosis of a heart problem, Type 2 diabetes, or asthma or are overweight. They might be unaware of the benefits of exercising. Take them to a professional to help relay the message of the benefits of physical activity. Tell them you want them to enjoy a more active, fulfilled life which can be attained if they start working out.

During this month set aside for love especially, dont hold back in trying to motivate a loved one or friend to add some physical activity into their life. By encouraging them to make their lives more active, you are hopefully adding years for a longer, healthier life together.

Julie Kirk is a fitness instructor at Great River Health Fitness. Her column appears in Living Well the second Tuesday of each month.

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