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Posted: October 30, 2020 at 5:53 am

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Election Day is a few days away and some new voters exercised their voting power by casting their mail-in ballots or heading to the polls in person.

Whether theyre Gen Z voters, new citizens or those who want to finally express their civic duty, the Asian Journal spoke to several Filipino American voters about what issues motivated them to participate for the first time.

Charisse Arboleda, 41 Employee | New York

Voting method: Mail-in ballot and dropped off at Brooklyn Board of Elections

On speaking out: Trumps incompetence, racism and treatment of women and people of color are the main reasons for my determination to speak out through my vote. This governments COVID-19 response (or lack thereof) and Trumps attacks on scientists and Dr. Fauci are some of the most disturbing issues that came up when the pandemic started. I believe Biden/Harris align most with my values.

On motivating others: I convinced a friend to register to vote a few months ago and sent her a link that was easy to follow so she can do so. I also donated to a few campaigns in swing states like SC, AZ, KY. I called a close friend in AZ to ask if shes voting. She said yes and voting for Biden.

Jon Jon JJ Augustavo, 35 Filmmaker | Los Angeles

Despite being eligible to vote in previous election cycles, this is Augustavos first time voting in a presidential election after seeing the current administration. The filmmaker is using his platform to help get out the vote and has directed a video for MoveOn adapted from Carlos Bulosans poem, If You Want To Know What We Are.

Voting method: Mail-in ballot

Participating for the first time: A feeling that the current person in power does not represent what I stand for as an American. The person in charge goes against everything I believe I was promised and taught this country was supposed to be. A common decency and care for your fellow American, white, brown, immigrant, legal/illegal I always believed as Americans we fought for one another no matter what, but this president is only creating division. Honestly, Yang and Bernie were my first choices but at this point Im [with] anyone that aint Donald.

Maisha Mason-Belden, 50 Stylist | Los Angeles

Voting method: Mail-in ballot

On the issues: Issues like [the] national economy, especially post COVID, freedom to practice my religion, response to civil disobedience, and public health insurance / issues are all [at the] top of my priority list. And it seems that the candidate that aligned most with my values is the Republican candidate[But] I am very confused [by] both parties. It seems like they both just want power and position and [are] not at all concern about what the people really need. My decisions are based on my personal life experiences. Mason-Belden has since voted, but did not reveal her final choice.

Julienne Buenaventura, 18 Student majoring in dance | Queens, NY

Voting method: Drop off absentee ballot at early voting site

Motivation to vote: The climate crisis, COVID response, justice for the BIPOC community, womens rights (abortion, funding of Planned Parenthood), LGBTQ+ rights. Joe Biden aligned most with my values. I converse with my friends/family or in school about current events, I watched clips of the debates on YouTube, and recently Ive been getting a lot of information from reputable sources on Instagram.

Orly Medrano, 52 Hospitality employee, Uber driver | Washington, DC

After 16 years of living in the United States, Medrano became a citizen this past July during a naturalization ceremony attended by Vice President Mike Pence. One of his sons is an Army medic at Fort Carson in Colorado, while the other is a cargo specialist in the Army Reserve.

Voting method: In-person on the first day of early voting

Making a choice: I just observed whats been going on and listened to news on TV and social media. I was excited to vote for the first time and I voted [on] the first day of early voting in Washington DC. I encouraged friends to do the same by posting on social media. I voted for the re-election of President Donald J. Trump because I believe in the issues of law and order, upholding the Constitution, and the economy.

Elijah Paschal, 18 Freshman at Cal State University, Long Beach

On exercising voting right: There is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than seeing a group of people band together in hopes of achieving a common goal for the betterment of our future. Taking part in the most important election in the history of this country has shown that every vote will and does matter.

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