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Posted: September 12, 2020 at 3:54 am

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Now that the kids are back in school, whether in person or remote, you might be looking for some motivation to get back on track after a carefree summer filled with indulgences when it comes to food choices and physical activity with less structure.

However, you might be feeling a bit stuck after a spring of quarantine already had you deviating from regular workouts and reaching for food choices that werent ideal due to pandemic-related stress.

Robert Matthews, executive director and owner of Pottstown Athletic Club, has some words of motivation for you.

Self-care is critical, he said. Our whole role is to try to get the family in shape and into fitness.

The facility offers everything from adult karate and Dragon Warriors to weight lifting and CrossFit.

We are just starting boxing later in the fall and we are starting to get members to train now to get ready for it, he said.

Matthews invites adults to come in for a free week to try out the club. For those of you who might find themselves tied down during the day with kids at home due to remote learning, you can take advantage of workouts after school hours.

We have 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. classes and weekend classes, he said.

If you need to have the kids in tow, Matthews encourages bringing them as long as you can manage them in class. If they are 8 years of age or older, they are welcome to join you in your workouts. That way you can have your children be a part of your new commitment to fitness.

If the parent is coming into training class, our rates for family are $100 a month and I dont care how many family members you have, he said. We try to encourage kids to get on the floor with their parents.

At a non-profit fitness center, Pottstown Athletic Club offers reduced rates and a free week to try out the club.

We can offer rates cheaper because we get donations from large health organizations, Matthews said.

When it comes to determining what it is you wish to pursue once on the fitness floor, if you are looking for results, Matthews said CrossFit stands out among its variety of fitness offerings.

I have been doing this for 30 years and there is nothing like CrossFit, he said.

At Pottstown Fitness Club, you dont have to be intimidated if youre new to it. Each person moves at their own pace and according to their own ability.

Our primary goal is safety first, Matthews said. Once you are able to move safely and consistently, then we can dial in the intensity.

The club offers free workouts open to the community seven times a year. They offer a great way for about 75 to 100 people to come together and get access to the club so they can learn what they are all about while paying tribute to a good cause.

We just had one on Labor Day, Matthews said. The next one is on Thanksgiving. They come in and do a 20-minute workout and then are on their way we make them earn that turkey.

Family fitness: Motivation to get moving this fall - The Mercury

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