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Posted: November 16, 2020 at 7:55 pm

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The dreading of annual performance reviews is well underway for most people in organizations. It is understandable that subordinates feel anxious.

After all, to a great degree, they are at the mercy of their bosses, who sometimes subscribe to the curious notion that you dont want employees to feel too confident lest they expect extraordinary increases in compensation, etc.

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Dr. Paul P. Baard is an organizational psychologist, specializing in motivation, with Fordham University, a former senior line executive in the television industry, and the lead author of a book on leadership and motivation. He and Veronica Baard, a former managing director responsible for HR at a major international investment banking firm, head up Baard Consulting LLC, a firm in the greater Boston area, focusing on motivation, conflict reduction, and team building. Questions are welcomed at pbaard@baardconsulting.com.

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Dr. Paul P. Baard's Motivation Matters: The art of giving and receiving critical feedback - The Union Leader

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