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Scripts Among Her Glass Walls By Kyemma

OMAHA, Dec. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak, is the premise first-time author Kyemmas mystical book, Scripts Among Her Glass Walls, is focused on. Readers will be taken on a motivational and spiritual journey that will illustrate the beauty of self-realization of their ever-evolving souls. The passages within this devotional demonstrate the authors soul while inspiring the reader to find the voice within.

In the book, Kyemma honors her soul, which shines through the soulful stories she beautifully tells. She admires the experiences individuals have gone through, whether they are good or bad, and amplifies the lessons that can be learned. Those who have read the book will absorb how to love and embrace the person they were born to be by focusing on the souls eye that leads them to their peace. Kyemma influences readers to go on a self-reflecting journey that will lead them to a spiritual awakening they have been longing for.

I decided to write Scripts Among Her Glass Walls to help people who need a voice to be mindful that everything they are searching for is within, said Kyemma. I wanted to remind individuals that the journey through life is within. It's imperative that everyone is in tune with their own soul journey, letting them know that it is always important to honor your soul regardless of your past or present state of mind. For, the soul leads and the eye follows. We are never lost, and the journey of life is just beginning.

Kyemma strives to ensure individuals are motivated by what they love and lead from the heart because that is the start and endpoint of their lives. Readers will experience the many facets and dimensions that life has to offer through the souls eastern eye.

Scripts Among Her Glass Walls was written in various places, from New York to the heart of Nebraska. It was revised on multiple occasions to meet the authors soul calling. The book was completed in Shiraz, Iran, where it comprised a prelude of the second book. Her second book will be released by early 2022. All of Kyemmas books are written from her soul and lead from her eye. The eye is the heart. Each book reflects the love within the authors soul and allows readers to think beyond the cusp of mankinds ordainment.

Ultimately, Scripts Among Her Glass Walls is an ode to help, love and guide individuals into their divine truth that has always been within.

Scripts Among Her Glass WallsBy KyemmaISBN: 978-1-4808-5782-7 (softcover); 978-1-4808-5781-0 (eBook) Available at Archway Publishing, Amazon and Barnes & NobleAudiobook coming soon

About the AuthorKyemma shares her passion for helping and inspiring others, which is evident in her debut book, "Scripts Among Her Glass Walls." As an author, she shares the real answer to life, which is within the eye of soul. The eye is your heart, according to Kyemma. She has been writing since she was five years old. Kyemma has a background in marketing with a B.B.A. from Berkeley College and educational leadership with an M.Ed from Northcentral University, and has a passion for writing philosophical idioms. Kyemma lives and travels between The Middle East and Midwest. Kyemma plans to write more books, which flow from the eye of her soul. Her work consists of Eastern Philosophy and Mysticism to appease the soul; ready to take you on a journey of soul. A prelude of her second book, "Parables Of Her Soul," can be seen in "Scripts Among Her Glass Walls." Kyemma will wear designs by Persian Bahrain Designer Samar Murad; for the collection, Samar Murad Collezione. The designs align with Scripts Among Her Glass Walls.For more information refer to KYEMMA.

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Author Celebrates Self-Realization and The Beauty of Souls in New Motivational Guidebook - GlobeNewswire

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