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Posted: May 2, 2020 at 11:44 pm

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They can sometimes veer into cheesy territory, but most of the time, theres nothing like a handful of positive quotes to offer motivation and inspiration, especially when youre trapped at home or feeling isolated or demotivated because of the coronavirus crisis. Whether you share positive quotes in a text, as a social media post caption, or as a spoken mantra, these uplifting, motivating words and sayings are sure to bring good vibes to any situation.

Just like love quotes can put your affections into words better than you may be able to on your own, positive quotes can share the encouragement youre looking forwhether for yourself or someone elsequickly and cleverly. Like New Year quotes or fitness motivation, theyre all about boosting confidence and increasing good energy. No matter what challenge you or your friend is facing, a few uplifting words can make that trial feel less insurmountable and more accomplishable. The positive quote that speaks to you the most can even become a mantra, something you repeat to yourself day after day to keep your spirits up even when life gets tough. (Depression and anxiety quotes can also help with spirit-lifting when needed.)

Positive quotes can be long or short, depending on your need and platform. (Short letterboard quotes are easier to set up, but long ones can be more satisfyingand theres no wrong choice.) Send these motivating quotes in a text, use them in an Instagram caption, or simply send your favorite quote to your old office buddy: However you share these positive quotes, theyre sure to do the trick.

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53 Positive Quotes to Inspire and Motivate You - Real Simple

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