All the pervy questions you’ll have to answer if you want to apply for Big Brother 2020. – Mamamia

Posted: October 4, 2019 at 9:44 am

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Big Brother is back, baby.

The mystical world of turkey slaps, bum dances, cheating spouses and weird sleep disrupting games will be joining us in our lounge rooms once again in 2020.

Given the OG Big Brother house was recently incinerated, were super keen to see where the new digs will be but first, the new owners of the reality TV show (Channel Seven) have to find them some willing participants to chuck into the fishbowl.

Remember in 2005 when the Logan brothers went in as one and had to get in the nude to change spots? Ah, mems. Post continues after video.

You can apply to be on the show here, but to save you the trouble of filling in a few pages of boring details to get to the juicy bits, weve fake applied for you and wowza, are the questions intense.

We also thoroughly enjoy that we no longer have a name, we are a number, applicant: b5213a-1-774105.

It felt a little bit like we might actually be applying for ASIO, except the questions arent trying to find out if wed be suitable spies, theyre mining us for every little bit of juice in our backstory.

Heres what they want to know:

So if and when you get past the 90 questions stripping you bare of every last secret in your life, where to then?

Well, its likely youll have to send in a little video introducing yourself and then if you get past THAT stage, you get to go back to drama class

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All the pervy questions you'll have to answer if you want to apply for Big Brother 2020. - Mamamia

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