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Changing Health, Attitudes and Actions to Recreate Girls, or CHAARG, is coming to UNT in January 2020. This new organizations goal is to inspire young women on campus to get active and find a passion for healthy living while still having fun.

Over 50 colleges across the United States have started their own CHAARG chapter and over 10,000 girls are involved in the community.

My goal for CHAARG is to empower women to be the best version of themselves, UNT CHAARG ambassadorAsya Pitre said. I want this organization to be an eye-opener to the world of fitness and health and give a taste of various workouts. Hopefully, girls will be able to find what they enjoy most.

Weekly workout sessions on campus will be offered with local instructors around the Denton area. Classes will vary from kickboxing, yoga and CrossFit, among others.

We want to make sure every woman feels welcomed and comfortable, no matter what fitness level they are starting at, CHAARG VP memberSabrina Ragsdale said. With you typical local gyms, the majority of the people there are men working out and this can be intimidating. With CHAARG, we are building a close-knit community and giving women the opportunity to gain the confidence and comfort to step into the fitness world.

CHAARG is also aiming to encourage college-age girls to live a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

Whether it be studying, self-care, or working on yourself mentally, I think thats the main goal for this organization, CHAARG member Uel Trejo said. We want to push people to be the best versions of themselves.

During the fall semester, the executive board will be going through training to prepare for spring recruitment and activities.

We have online training through CHAARGs website, Pitre said. We are trained by the founder and executive of expansion through modules on each specific positions responsibilities and how to effectively run the chapter to ensure the girls feel comfortable and included. For the last seven weeks, Ive been training with the other founding ambassadors at other chapters across the nation.

The entire calendar of events is set to be finished by the end of the fall 2019 semester, which will include workouts, spa days and possible coffee shop meet-ups. Weekly workouts and girly dates will be available for all members to participate in, as well as smaller group workouts planned inside the organizations group chat.

Ideas have been tossed around, Trejo said. There will be different events that people can show up to to fit their schedule. We have a group chat right now where girls can talk to each other and plan workout days together. Usually 4-5 girls go together.

Fall events will be posted through their Instagram account to help introduce members to each other. The group will also table periodically on campus.

The most important way to spread this awesome organization is by word of mouth, Ragsdale said. We are relying heavily on the smiling faces to draw like-minded girls to the UNT CHAARG Chapter.

People whove heard about us are really interested in CHAARG, Trejo said. They say its hard to find people to workout with and have that mentality with and I understand that. People are busy and they dont always have the same schedules that line up. Having a group where they want to stay healthy, it encourages them to be better themselves.

Members hope that girls on campus will join the UNT CHAARG community and take advantage of this organization.

These workouts will be surrounded by positive, motivating, and amazing girls, Pitre said. I know how difficult it can be to balance classes, work, a social life, and personal time. This organization will build great habits that will carry on in these girls lives.

Featured Image:Chemistry senior Sabrina Ragsdale (left) and biology junior Asya Pitre (right) display the CHAARG hand sign in front of the Physics Building on Sept. 17, 2019. The UNT CHAARG chapter will go live in Jan. 2020. Image by Meredith Holser

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