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Posted: January 22, 2016 at 1:40 pm

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Its long been said that a Positive mental attitude is fundamental for a person to build a business.

So it becomes a very important part to know how to develop positive attitude in business and Ill share some positive mental attitude tips to your in order to achieve it.

But, before that, I want to clarify

Id say, the difference between a positive mental attitude and a negative mental attitude, is the way of thinking consists of certain emotions.

What does it mean?

If youve followed me and this blog for a while, you might have seen the emotional chart in my previous blog posts like the one I talked about state of consciousness.

When the way of your thinking consists of negative emotions like lack, hatred, worries, anger, doubt, fear etc.

Its a negative mental attitude.

Alternatively, when your way of thinking is based on positive emotions like appreciation, love, joyous, hope, eagerness etc.

Then its a positive mental attitude.

When I first started my business online, I was literally getting in with bare foots, knowing nothing about online marketing, knowing nothing about how long itd take to build this business

but knowing nothing is not critical

I could learn, I could study, I could imitate other successful marketers, and I worked damn hard

But, it didnt really working out for me.

It was getting worse:

I was in debt but I didnt see any results in my business.

I didnt know why and I was so frustrating

Until I watched A LIFE CHANGING VIDEO like this

It was like shocked by a powerful thought in my mind and I realized that all I was thinking was lack, fear, anxiety

And what I really needed to do is to nurture my mind to possess a positive mental attitude.

When I took back the control of my mind and the way of thinking Things changed.

My marketing strategies didnt change, the messages I sent to my prospect didnt change, but my results completely changed.

It was like a paradigm shift in my life.

My business started getting results, debt cleared, frustration vanished.

Some people around me said it was my luck coming back

but as I think back when my mental attitude changed, my emotions changed, my feelings changed, and everything surrounding me changed

And Im certain that its all about how to develop positive attitude.

To develop a positive mental attitude, you have to first know how to allow yourself to think of good feeling or positive emotional thinking.

Heres the deal:

When I say allow yourself, I really mean it.

You have to ALLOW yourself to feel good.

This is because I found that most of the time people get into a negative mental attitude is simply because they didnt let go the negative emotions

And the longer they dwell on the thought, the more they think they need to feel that bad.

But our mind SHOULDNTwork in that way.

There is literally a part of our brain called Reticular Activating System(RAS) which would direct our actions and emotions to what we think about most frequently.

And the worst is:

The more you think about certain thoughts, these thoughts will become your core beliefs.

So, the positive mental attitude tips Im gonna give you here is:

Always let go of your thoughts.

And I know that sometimes its hard to put down all your thoughts and BE POSITIVE immediately

so, another positive mental attitude tips Im gonna give you here is


Emptying your mind is powerful because whatever strong negative emotions you are going through right now, once you put down all your thoughts and empty your mind

You just simply go back to PEACE.

Just a static peace of mind.

When you ALLOW yourself to be in this peace of mind, you are giving yourself the power to choose what you want to experience next.

So, the next positive mental attitude tips is:

Consciously and deliberately choose what you want to experience.

This trick is extremely powerful to me especially when I was in a down time

Whenever I realized that I have any negative emotions about something, I could instantly redirect my thought to what I really want to experience about this thing.

And the more I do it, I can feel there is literally a momentum of energy, a flow of relief in my stomach to my chest.

You feel good with this flow of feeling, and when you feel good You SEE things differently.

When you feel good, you can appreciate others and things.

When you feel good, you can think and act positively.

And when you feel good, you are in the static of positive mental attitude.

These are 3 quick positive mental attitude tips I wanna share with you.

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3 Positive mental attitude tips How to develop positive ...

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