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Posted: February 13, 2021 at 10:54 pm

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I struggle with anxiety. I used to think I was alone, but now I know I'm in the company of more than 40 other million adults in the United States. My anxiety is the kind that starts with a little thought in my mind and gradually grows until my heart races, my chest tightens and my mind spirals down a rabbit whole of what ifs.

For years, my therapist suggested meditation as a way to calm my mind. But as a working mom, the thought of taking a few minutes to stop everything, when my laundry list of to-dos felt a mile long, made me even more anxious. So, I never tried.

But recently, I came across Netflix and Headspace's new meditation series, Headspace Guide to Meditation. The series is an animated look at the benefits of meditation and the purpose behind the practice. Featuring eight 20-minute episodes that focus on different techniques, like how to deal with stress, how to be kind and how to deal with anger, the series explains the science behind meditation followed by a short meditation session.

Each episode is an immersive meditation experience that took my daughters and me on a visual journey through the mind. The vibrant colors combined with the calming blue hues of the cartoon provided a sense of ease and comfort; it made taking deep breaths in and out feel mindless, when in the past, it's taken so much thought.

My goal with this was to start each morning with one of the meditation episodes. That hasn't happened. There are days we get a late start in the morning and rush to eat breakfast, get dressed and sign on to virtual school. On those days, we watch the episode later in the afternoon. And then there are some days when we just forget.

In the past, this would give me anxiety; the idea I set a goal and didn't fulfill it the way I envisioned. But surprisingly, what I've noticed is when I think about not accomplishing this goal, I go back to some of the techniques I've learned from the episodes we've watched, note my feelings, and move on.

By taking the time to learn about the meditation process instead of diving right in, I gained a a greater level of understanding as to why meditation is so beneficial, no matter how it's done. Here are a few tidbits I've gathered:

I'm not a meditation expert by any means, I'm simply an at-times overwhelmed mom looking for ways to ground my family and felt drawn to this mediation series. Even though the way we are practicing doesn't look like I pictured it to look before starting, I'm sticking with it. I just took the next step in my meditation journey and downloaded the Headspace app.

Now, my goal is still to practice every day, but I don't think that will happen right away. I don't even know if I will practice every week. What I do know, is it's a practice and I'll grow and as I go.

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This Netflix meditation series calmed my anxiety and kicked off my family's meditation journey - Motherly Inc.

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