Flowing on the River of Peace Meditation

Posted: October 1, 2014 at 7:56 am

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If sitting on a cushion bend your legs in. If sitting on a bench or chair, plant the soles of your feet on the floor or ground for balance. Either way, fold your hands in your lap or place them palms down or palms up on your thighs. Keep your back erect, close your eyes.

Say a prayer or positive affirmation. If you have a request, now is the time to make it. The silence of meditation will be for listening for information that may surface up in your consciousness.

Breathe in deeply and slowly release your breath. Then begin even, regular cycles of breathing, such as one count to inhale, and one count to exhale. Keep up this pattern throughout the rest of your meditation, without actually saying the counts.

Even and regular breathing is like a river of peace that washes through you and carries you along on its gently ripples, flowing gently and supporting all your efforts. For this meditation pay attention to the swelling breath on the inhalation, and observe it ripple from you as you breathe out.

Continue to watch the rippling effect of the tide of breath and align your thoughts with peace, by taking peace in on the inhalation, and releasing peace to the world on the exhalation.

Finish your peace meditation with thoughts of gratefulness for what you have, and wishes of peace for others. Take a deep inhalation, slowly exhale, open your eyes, stretch out, and go forth peacefully.

I invite you to join me in a daily world peace cyber group meditation. Click the article here to read about it.

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Article by Susan Helene Kramer


Flowing on the River of Peace Meditation

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