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Posted: February 13, 2021 at 10:54 pm

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If mediation is not part of your morning routine then things need to change. Why? Because of the fantastic benefits of morning meditation.

Dont worry, you dont need to be a particularly disciplined person to incorporate morning meditation into your day. All you need is some time and patience to do it a few times until it becomes a habit until you are eager to get up and do morning meditation. Remember, the effects of meditation extend throughout other important areas of your life.

Science is behind this claim, not only peoples experience. Mediation can reset your body and change your brain in the long run. Here we are going to talk about some amazing benefits of daily morning meditation that might even surprise you.

For men, during meditation, released cortisol can increase testosterone levels which means you will have more energy during the day. If you do a workout after meditation you will be full of energy. Also, in your daily activities, you will feel less stressed and more rested. You will have the energy to tackle any task, deal with any issue, and conquer the world.

All the Amazing Benefits of Morning Meditation

Meditation will give you more sensitivity to your environment and others. With meditation you become more present, you dont run from one thing to another, but you appreciate the moment. We often are not in the mood to have sex because our mind is somewhere else, thinking about things we didnt do or things we have to do tomorrow. Often sex therapists understand that some of their clients are not in the mood not because the magic is gone but because they are too stressed, creating a sense of business while not doing enough at the same time.

Meditation can activate your parasympathetic nervous system which leads to a deep state of relaxation during the mediation. If you wake up tired and meditate for 20 minutes, you will get the energy boost that you need. This can further reduce your coffee intake, which doesnt necessarily mean that you dont need your morning coffee at all. It simply means that you wont have three or four cups of coffee during the day.

Meditation will help you focus on one task at a time. We all know that multitasking is overrated and not productive at all. Moreover, it leads to a busy mind and an increased level of stress. The busy mind works on one thing then gets interrupted and does a second thing. The busy mind jumps from one task to another that needs to be done while doing something completely different.

This is something that we all heard about meditation and something that we already mentioned. Why lowering stress is so important to us? It seems we never dealt with so much stress as we do today. There are so many different sources of stress in our lives and relieving stress is very important in todays world. Mediation is a tool that you can employ to deal with stress better and to change the way you react to it.

In the world of meditation, our inner and outside world are so strongly related and connected. Numerous studies proved that those who dont sleep enough and stress a lot are more likely to reach for junk food compared to those who deal with stress better and sleep better. Once you become focused, present, and centered, your cravings for doughnuts and fast food will be replaced by a craving for healthier food. This happens due to a lower level of cortisol which is crucial for the food choices we make.

Probably the most important benefit of daily meditation is becoming healthier. Mediation is not a substitute for medical treatment but its a part of a healthy lifestyle. It helps you deal with daily stress known as the silent killer. Meditation helps you relax and take care of your body and invite other healthy habits into your life. It has been shown that meditation can reduce pain.

To become a healthier and better version of yourself embrace a daily practice of meditation and start today. Good luck and stay safe.

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Amazing Benefits of Morning Meditation - Gildshire Magazines

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