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Posted: March 23, 2020 at 2:52 pm

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MILTON, Vt. (WCAX) The impacts of the coronavirus outbreak can take a toll on a person's business as well as mental health, but thanks to technology, some local businesses are reaching their clients and keeping the peace.

These days spiritual well-being is almost as important as an internet connection.

Lonnie Poland runs Experience Yoga out of her Milton home. Right now, she can't lead any in-person classes. So like many instructors nationwide, she's taking her sessions to the web.

"We don't just do this for fun. This is our practice and it's important," says Lonnie.

This week, she led a meditation class of nearly 20 people on the video conference app Zoom.

"This is what I do, I come to my mat and it feeds me and so to be able to see everybody's faces, there was joy. We could feel it, we connected and that alone, was beautiful," says Poland.

Chrissy Lefavour, the owner of Grateful Yoga in Montpelier, has figured it out. She's livestreaming classes on her social media platforms.

"It calms your nervous system and when you calm your nervous system and you come to a place that you can move away from the symptoms of stress, then you will build your immune system. You will build your resiliency. So, it's very important," says Poland.

Keep calm and meditate on... online that is.

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