Fitness experts offer healthy advice on shedding 10 lbs.

Posted: February 17, 2012 at 4:08 pm

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As warmer weather and swimsuit season is quickly approaching, many throughout the country are hitting the gym to get in shape and shed some unwanted pounds.

Nashville's News 2's Lauren Murphy consulted with health and fitness experts who offered healthy ways to lose 10 pounds.

Health officials said one of the best ways to ensure weight lose is to get a good night's sleep each night and skip that extra cup of coffee to help boost energy.

"People will reach for food or for another cup of coffee. They would just be so much better off if they would just get that recommended eight hours of sleep," explained Maryanne Brockett, a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at 5 Gym in east Nashville.

Another way to help shed the pounds is split meals with friends or co-workers and to eat slowly. Experts say it takes around 30 minutes for a person's brain to register satiety and that by sharing a meal won't be quite as detrimental to a diet since you are only consuming half of the calories.

Experts also suggest that brushing your teeth can help cure a craving.

To help ease mindless eating, health officials suggest painting your nails, organizing your desk or other activities to distract yourself.  

Brockett told Nashville's News 2 that it is ok for a person to indulge occasionally.

"Instead of having that one cookie when you really, really wanted it, you're going to eat that whole bag [if you deprive yourself]," she said.

Another tip to help shed the pounds is to substitute soda and alcohol for sparkling water.

"I'll put a lime in it and you'd never know the difference," said Mark Magnuson, who has successfully lost 13 pounds of fat and kept it off.

Brockett said she encourages everyone to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

"Your body is made up of water," she explained, adding, "If you don't have enough, none of [your body] functions correctly. It also helps stave off hunger so you really need to get at least 64 ounces."

Melony Barnett told Nashville's News 2 she successfully lost 10 pounds by enlisting in an exercise partner.

"It's kind of become a competition," said Barnett. "We try to outdo each other!"

Another tip that Brockett offers to those working out is to keep it fun.

"If you get bored, you're going to quit, so you always need to change it up," she explained.

According to Brockett a few other ways to shed pounds include instead of emailing co-workers drop by their office, during commercial breaks of your favorite television show perform quick workouts focusing on different areas of your body and keep healthy snacks available.

The fitness trainer also said many health and fitness magazines offer workout plans online and to place a photo of you looking your best on the refrigerator so you will be reminded of how healthy you were at that time.

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Fitness experts offer healthy advice on shedding 10 lbs.

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